Animal Precinct

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Animal Precinct

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In New York City today, police officers are asked to navigate a gamut of diverse cultures, languages and beliefs to serve the eight million people that reside in America's biggest metropolis. Within this mosaic, however, is a large population in need of protection that is often overlooked; the city's five million animals. Unlike their human counterparts, these animals are protected by a small group of law enforcement officials who, until now, have done their important work in obscurity. Animal Precinct, narrated by Michael Madsen, chronicles the drama, emotion, triumph and tragedy of the work of the agents of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal's (ASPCA) Humane Law Enforcement Department (HLE), the only law enforcement group in New York City solely devoted to investigating crimes against New York's animal population. From inside the HLE's headquarters, Animal Precinct allows viewers to accompany the agents as they investigate some of the thousands of crimes that are reported to them each year. Led by Dale Riedel, a former New York City police commanding officer, Animal Precinct chronicles the work of HLE agents. These investigators all possess a passion to prevent animal cruelty and punish perpetrators that serves as the driving force behind their work. Their cases include the infiltration and destruction of dog fighting rings, the closing down of cockfighting facilities, and the arrests of perpetrators who are starving and abusing their animals. To do their jobs effectively, the agents must combine their investigative skills, compassion, tact and street smarts while dealing with people who are often uncooperative, unsympathetic and, at times, violent. All of their abilities, and more, are on display throughout Animal Precinct.


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AIRED ON 2/4/2008

Season 6 : Episode 22

Henry Ruiz

Henry Ruiz

Special Agent H

Richard Raheb

Richard Raheb

Special Agent for Humane Law Enforcement

Annemarie Lucas

Annemarie Lucas

Supervisory Special Investigator for Humane Law Enforcement

Michael Madsen

Michael Madsen


Timothy Stack

Timothy Stack

Special Investigator for Humane Law Enforcement

Adam Gankiewicz

Adam Gankiewicz

Special Agent for Humane Law Enforcement

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  • great show for pet people!

    A show about people helping hurt animals and catching the bad people - and it is not scripted! I love this show because it makes me aware of horrible things people are capable of. I love that there are people who spend every day helping animals in need. The show is graphic, but not overly so. It is also sad, but usually ends up with happy endings for the rescued animals. I watch this whenever I get a chance.moreless
  • A Show For Pet Owners!

    I've become especially fond of this show, not just as

    a pet lover and animal person but also as a person who

    once worked in a humane society. Sort of a cross of

    "Cops" and "Animal Kingdom," this show is one of THE

    shows to watch on Animal Planet along with "Animal

    Police," "Most Extreme" and "Croc Hunter." Much like

    several other fans of the series, I too have become

    quite a fan of Annemarie Lucas among the other

    officers on the show. On one level, the series does show

    the plight of dogs and cats, but on the other, it's a

    study of human behavior and how people treat animals

    and their own pets. This is an interesting show that

    reveals the true side of man's inhumane treatment of

    animals and for me, it's a very sobering reality.moreless

    this is an awsome show ever ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    for one thing i love seeing animals having a second chance of having a better life in the world. second, i love that when the BAD ppl get arrested for it. my favorite officer is annmarie lucus. she is the best. I LOVE IT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !moreless
  • The heroic adventures of New York City's ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement patrol.

    The city that never sleeps is also home to millions of pets. Someone must keep them safe, a task that falls to the HLE officers profiled on "Animal Precinct."

    The agents rescue abandoned dogs, corral feral cats, scoop up snakes hiding under houses and bring abusive pet owners to justice. The show is adroit in following the officers' respective personalities. It's also unflinching in following the stories wherever they may lead: it is sadly not uncommon to discover that dog owners have let their pooches wander foodless in an alley, or that some less-than-decent citizen has taken out his or her temper against a defenseless animal. However, the HLE agents strive to bring the best out of every situation. They will not rest until every animal is given the best care possible, and every owner gets what's coming to them.

    Stories to make you cheer, get angry, and be grateful these people are out there.

    One to see as often as possible.moreless
  • This is one of my favorite shows.

    Animal pricinct is an informative show that talks about the problems with animal cruelty in New York City. The animal cops help pets in danger and make them adoptable. This is why I like the show. Because its an informative show helping animals through out New York. It acually helps the homeless pets around the world.

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underdogs, shock value, undercover cops, real police work, quest for hope