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Notes from Editor and Submission Guidelines

Are this guidelines fair?

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    Though I know that this guide is virtually dead, if you come across it and want to submit this may be useful. I'm very picky as an editor and I won't accept submissions that don't meet standards, mainly because people don't read the approval PMs, with the exception of minimal errors that don't deserve a rejection.


    Basically, everything that meets the standards is good. However, don't forget:


    Use proper grammar/spelling. Don't use "instant message language"; write like if this was a report for your job or school. Take it seriously; submissions are not forum posts. Don't submit personal opinions.

    Quotes have to be interesting and short. Let's say, "Short and Sweet". As a documentary, there aren't many relevant quotes, though if you find something that's important I'll accept it. Also, don't forget the format of the quotes:

    Speaker: (action/indication) text


    * Please don't forget that the colon isn't in bolds.
    * Please note that the actions/indications don't have capital letters (this sounds a bit trivial and, in fact, it is. I won't reject quotes that fail to meet this requirement, but please avoid it)

    As a documentary, there isn't really a lot of good trivia to add since there aren't really goofs. However, if you find a lack of continuity in the history (such as an officer speaking in a snowy day when it was hot at the beginning), you can submit it. Don't forget, a lot of strange things can happen when you edit a film.

    There almost aren't allusions in this show. Rarely, an officer or person may do a reference to a certain piece of media; you can submit that. Ideally, the sub should quote what the officer said and/or have a descriptive header.

    Please don't forget:
    * Notes are off camera tidbits. Any on-camera thing goes on TRIVIA
    * Neither notes nor trivia say the main and obvious plot of the episode. Notes give information about the PRODUCTION OF THE EPISODE and/or CAST/CREW CHANGES.

    In my opinion, as I said before, the summaries written by the previous editor (seasons 1, 2, 2/3 of S3, a couple of S4 episodes) are OK. Only submit a new one if you feel that you can do a CONSIDERABLY BETTER job. You can also edit the summaries if you are fixing spelling/grammar mistakes, but I won't allow trivial contributions such as changing a period for a comma or just capitalizing some names that don't need it.

    I'm not a good recap writer, so I won't submit a lot of them. It takes me about 1 hour minutes to write a good recap. However, if you can submit GOOD recaps, I'll accept them. Don't forget:

    * Recaps should be very detailed, explaining everything that happened in the episode.
    * People tend to make grammar/spelling mistakes in recaps since they are long (it's my case too). Please avoid them or simply don't submit a recap if you make too many mistakes.

    If you want examples of what is acceptable or not acceptable please send me a PM and I'll be glad to answer your questions. Don't be afraid, I encourage you to do it.
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    You're to picky, but, I guess thats what makes you a good editor!
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