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Animal X

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Animal X is a phenomenon, a television show, and a Natural Mystery Investigation Unit. The case studies in Animal X are carried out by my two investigators – Daniel Searle and Natalie Schmitt. The world of Animal X investigates strange and unexplainable sightings of creatures that are yet to be recognised by the scientific world. We investigate strange and unusual animal behaviour and phenomena from around the globe. The team is committed to getting to the bottom of the most baffling cryptozoological mysteries and cracking the cover ups encasing many of these strange and sometimes mythical beings.

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Season 3 : Episode 8

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  • I like shows about the wierd

    Like I said I like any of the paranormal. I'm not a believer, but wish one of these shows would find one of the things we grew up hoping wasn't under our bed, wasn't going to abduct us, or not swimming with us.

    I've seen very convincing footage for the creature(s), from lake champlain. It looks serpentine-like, forty or so feet in length, and only a couple dozen yards away. Lake champlain is right out my door. I don't go in. Boo.moreless
  • The host needs to stop referring to his viewers as "My darlings". It's a little creepy to refer to people as darlings.

    The show has good ideas for stories, but the researchers should try to get a new look, not the gothic style that they’re sporting now. As for the host the only gripe I have with him is referring the viewers as "My Darlings........a little too creepy to call everyone that.
  • An interesting premise ruined by poor camera work and annoying hosts.

    The first time I was flipping though the channels and caught Animal X, I have to admit that I was excited. A series dedicated to mythological creatures? How cool! I envisioned episodes on the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, La Cupacabra ... all the great animals from the pages of the cryptozoology handbook. However, it didn't take much more than a few minutes of the first episode to see that I was going to have to look elsewhere for the show I wanted.

    Hosted by bug-eyed and overly excitable Bill Kerr, Animal X is unintentionally funny with its fast and unlevel camera shots, dissolves, and spooky music. The show attempts to use a scientific approach by using wildlife cameraman Daniel Searle and animal behaviourist Nathalie Schmidt to "research and investigate" the topics at hand, but the end results are always unclear (go figure, unclear results when hunting for Bigfoot?). After an hour, you may not know anything new about the "creature" being discussed.moreless