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Ahumm PBS Encore/PBS Family PULLED Animalia off the Air,see it's OVER WITH!

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    Boy some people i'll tell you,never know when to call it QUITS!!! after A Great Advocation and Movement for almost 10 Months now. I have finally found out that the 1's I Adocated an Supported through my Advocate Group A.E.S.O.P. Animorphic-Inter-Species Equal Support Of be put in Authority,Appointee and Postion have Kept their Affermandoms an Promises they made with me over my E-mail to me, that if they got the Appointees an Postions of Head ships in PBS Family and PBS Encore were I live in Ohio an Across the U.S..

    They would AXE and PULL Animalia Off the AIR! an so they have as of Dec 26, 2010 PBS Family has Axed Animalia OFF THE AIR!! and replaced it with 1 hour of Author. and then after that PBS Encore has Axed and Pulled Animalia off PBS ENCORE On Dec 31, 2010 the last day of the Year. MAN THis was A REASON to Celebrate the New Year in. i mean no Animalia in the YEAR of 2011 YHEA!! You know it!!

    anyways I am asking again in all do respect that someone here, that keeps this Animalia Board changes the Info on Animalia being A Returning Series. an please change your status to say ANIMALIA Is A Completed Series/Ended Series. as it misleads the Public to think it is still airing All New Episodes to A All New Season. Which it isn't thank God/Jesus.

    Im Glad an Thankful PBS Family and PBS Encore for Working withMy Assoication an Group A.E.S.O.P. an Removing Animalia off U.S. Airwaves. God bless you,Keep you an your families PBS Family/Ecore from Abstursting and Removing this CGI Cartoon Animalia that is Pro-Same Race and Anti-Iter-RacialAgenda and Messaged off the Air for GOOD.

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