Sources on Wiki/all other Sites. an even Graeme Base comfirmed Animalias Ended.

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    So why is this Forum Still not SAYING Animalia is A Ended Series. is Ego/Arrogance an Pride for the hope it returns for more A 3rd Season/more Seasons. by the 1 that put up this Animalia board. the reason that no one will update this Status of Animalia Info.

    or do they feel it is A Waste of time to do anything for this Piece of Large Crap/Waste/Trash/Anti-Inter-Species/Anti- Inter-Racial Agenda/Code/Message Applied/Drivenlike I do. if so that is Understandable an I Agree Completelly with you on that.

    but still Animalia's info needs to say that Animalia Ended in January 23, 2010. if you needed that info 1st,to update,there it is. because that is the Day Graeme Base said it Ended on PBS KIds an also Graeme Base said Animalia never completelly finhished it's run on another station in 2007 on Animania with them only airing 1 season of Animalia.

    because Animania Axed and Cancelled the 2nd Season Order of Animalia (so Graeme Base told me that was false info wiki said about in completing it's run in 2007 November- 2008 November with 1-40 Episodes/it was only 18 Episodes that aired on Animania, from November 2,2007- November 2008. shortlly before Comcast Axed and shut down Animania in December 2008. )

    so again I am asking kindlly please dont mislead people Animalia is A Returning Series. tell them the Truth an Swallow your Animalia Ego and Arrogance/Pride you can do this,I have many of times in my life over refusing to say A Cartoon was completed,so you can to, please. thank you.

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