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This Anti - IR Cartoon Animalia is not coming back. so say it ALREADY!!!.

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    As you can plainlly see ANIMALIA IS THE POSION Of PBS KIDS and even POrchlight Entertainment?!!!. An After 3 Years Since this Animalia Forum was put up NO ONE is even REPLYING and POSTING. ANYTHING nore IS THis CArtoon Proving as you SAY in your Summary and Intro to Animalia - that this is A "POPULAR CARTOON" YOU LIE!!! AS I See by no one POSTING ANY POST AFTER 3 YEARS SINCE ANIMALIA AIRED ON U.S. PBS KIDS TV on January 5, 2008 and since the 1st Station that ever AIRED on ANIMANIA IN November 2, 2007 (O an by the way ANIMANIA WENT BACKRUPT SHORTLLY after airing ANIMALIA in DEcember 2008,that says alot how bad this Cartoon is Apathizied/Hated from even the Boradcasters on both Stat an Cable an Anntena).

    I can see that All I have Affirm alone on this so far CONFIRMS that unlike you say about this ANIMALIA being Popular is far from it. ALSO ANIMALIA IS ONLY40 EPISODES!!! an it's A COMPLETED SERIES!!! even wiki states this. SO Kindlly please Update your page Animalia Forum Adm. from Return Series to Ended Series - Started - January 5, 2008-Ended January 23, 2010. thank you.

    as ANIMALIA FORUM here Is Perfect Defence to my CASE. that Most PARNETS know the Hidden Anti- Inter-Racial Agenda an ANTI- Racial Agenda in Animalia. an Had the Spirit Sence and Common Sence not to let there Kids watch it. AS THIS CARTOON TALKS DOWN ALSO TO THE AUDIANCE. AN SAYS TO "SAY THE PERSON THEY WILL EVENTUALLY CHANGE,THEY NEVER WILL CHANGE,SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGESO MUCH". IN ANIMALIA TOWARDS THE TRYING TYRANNTICUS TIGER (that represents the Trying and no so perfect,kinda badKIds at home mostlly) "THAT YOU JUST CANT STAND IT ANYMORE!!!"

    I had to turn off ANIMALIA my TV off PBS KIDS after to much of this way AIMED AT TYrannticus TIger on A EPisode Basis on ANIMALIA. An I Could SEE the RACIAL and ANTI- INTER-RACIAL AGENDA UPON ARRIVAL of POSION and VENOM getting SPIT AT theKIDS of RAcial Famlies and the INTER-RACIAL PARNETS KIDS From Episode 1 to 40. I mean just look at the CharaterTyrannticus Tiger Getting CALLED SATAN,THE BAD GUY an SAYING THat Tyrannticus Tiger will never CHANCE BY everyone from ALEX to FUSHIsa FOX. an Speaking of Fushisa Fox THis is were THE HIDDEN ANTI-INTER-RACIAL AGENDA AN LAW WAS Being Applied and IMparted by thisAREA.

    An I Seen it Right Away. AS In this whole ANIMALIA SERIES since I will say Episode 5. That We could tell that Tyrannticus Tiger Loved Fushisa Fox Secretlly. an Episode 20 Only proves that more,As Tyrannticus looks at Fushisa's Picture after Fushisa Fox walks out on Tyrannticus Tiger. after again once again hearing now that statement YOUR NEVER GOING TO CHANGE. AN YOU LOST MORE OF YOUR AUDIANCE HERE. AS YOU DONT GET THIS IN A PIXAR ANIMATED FILM. AN THEY KNOW THAT ALREADY. SO IT TURNS THEM AWAY. anyways it's there.

    An I Have been leading A Underground moment in Porchlight an with some of the Main head Authorities at PORCH LIGHT ENTERTAIN an PBS TO AX AN CANN ANIMALIA of the AMerican an WORLDWIDE AIrwaves an it is WOrking as MANY have already Shut down MOST PBS KIDS STATIONS ON Anntena (Google Al Gerome says Drop DEAD PBS an PBS KIDS) an my 1st ACTion was Getting COmcast to SHUT DOWN Rainbow Connections 15 Channles Package with ANIMANIA being the 1st. that Carried Animaliain the U.S. Financed an Funded to be the 1st to Air Animalia in the United States!!! by Ewan Burnett an Co. so this is getting Nationwide an Worldwide Attention I have been E-mail with my Underground movement. that has also people in Porchlight Entertain and PBS KIDS an at PBS an Others that ALSO BELIEVED AN ATTAIN an KNew about this ANTI-INTER-RACIAL AGENDAEwan Burnett an Co. APPLIED and ALAWED IN ANIMALIA!!!.

    so their not Stupid and An they see it to. so in closing I could go on all day. but I will give you some food for thought. Tell ME you cant see the STAY WITH YOUR OWN KIND MESSAGE IN ANIMALIA. WHEN ALL the SAME SPECIES OF ANIMORPHIC ANIMALS OUR HAPPYLLY MARRIED (THE ELEPHANTS) or GEt ENGADGED OPENLLY (THe RInnos,in episode 36) BUT in the END WE SEE THE ONLY ONE THAT DONT get Together is the Inter-SpeciesPair (Inter-Racial intent by Eclipse Anti-Inter-Racial Agenda through Tyrannticus Tiger and Fushisa Fox Applied by Actions an Words) Tyrannticus Tiger and Fushisa Fox. (for more Info join A.E.O.S.P. or look on my FAcebook Page I reroute A.E.S.O.P.) but Episode 40 WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW. THat was What INSIDE JOBS On Animalia I Know an People that work with me inside Jobs at Porchlight Enertainment in Headships an Mid ships of Authority an at PBS KIDS.

    says That People at Porchlight Entertainment an Writters an2 Excutive Producers an all the Womenfrom Writters to Voice Actors Called the CRY of the 40th Episode of Animalia - What The World Needs Now. because of the EXPOSING inside an REVEALING an AFFIRMING. that the Concepter an some of his Team of Animalia. was PUSHING A COVERED UP ANTI-RACIAL an ANTI-INTER-RACIAL AGENDA IN ANIMALIA. BY not ALLOWINGANY AFFECTIONS and LOVE an COUPLESHIP and Engadgement happen BETWEEN TYrannticus Tiger an Fushia Fox. as they told me. that the 40th Episode is TAken from the Song WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE. NOT JUST FOR SOME BUT FOR EVERYONE!. Meaning Tyrannticus Tiger and Fushisa Fox. Google what is going on with PBS an PBS KIDS GEtting Drop an Dish an Direct TV DRopping PBS for A REAL EYE OPENER and SPirit and Heart Alerter for this.

    Shadegriver an Aliner and Founder an KING CEO an President of A.E.S.O.P. - AnimorphicInter-Species Equal Support of Purposals. Started after Brain Sapaniki the Advocator for Inter-Species Couple SONIC/SALLY in 1997 and in the Admoration an Inspiration of SONIC and SALLY FOREVER FACEBOOK PAGE start in 2009 last year.

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