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  • Privetdan00014 is a clueless wannabe. Animalia has it's charm.

    As a professional animator in feature film, I can say that privetdan00014 knows nothing about the animation industry and sounds like a talentless wannabe living in his mum's basement, playing battlefield online (hence the military wannabe handle privet dan or should that be privvy?) I know someone that worked on the show and there were alot of juniors on board, the animation while terrible in the early episodes vastly improved towards the final episodes and many got their start on the show to become good and great animators. The stories are original and there are some interesting ideas in there combined with colourful, magical characters that many young kids will enjoy. Leave the commenting to the people with talent Private Dick as they can expand their critique beyond the words 'dumb' and 'lame'. I'm just amazed you didn't use the word 'gay'.
  • What in the world is this?

    Seeing this show on Nick (that's where it airs in our country) already makes my eyes blind! At the first time I saw the commercial for this, I was like... WTF?

    The character design may not be cheap but the animation is pathetic, and it's not funny! Was it supposed to be funny? Well, the comedy is dry. Anyway, the show has a pretty fair story, that I don't get much. It's about 2 kids in a place called Animalia, some forest or kingdom that is inhabited by anthropomorphic animals and blah... blah... It's pretty much original, yet lame. Voice-acting is fine, animation is dumb... I'm not impressed (at least it's not as terrible as "Ratatoing". Yes, Rata-toing not Ratatouille), I'm just happy that this show doesn't air much in Nick. Ha!