Season 1 Episode 61

Baloney & Kids/Super Buttons/Katie Ka-Boom: The Driving Lesson

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM May 02, 1994 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • PBS usually doesn't have a network ID until the end of the show after the funding credits, so a funder logo (such as a CPB spoof) should have taken place at that time.

    • In the scene where Dot says, "Imagine our delight", her right foot is black instead of white.

  • Quotes

    • Baloney: (Sings the "Imagine" song) "I" is for "Imagine", "M" is "Me", "A" is for the letter A, "G" is for "G", "I" is for "Imagine", "N" is for "Nice", "E" is for "Egad, I said Imagine twice."

    • (To the tune of "This Old Man", also the same tune used for Barney's ending song "I Love You")
      Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: We love you!
      Baloney: I love me.
      Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: He's as dumb as dumb can be!
      Baloney, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: But we found a way that we can get along!
      Baloney: I stand still...
      Baloney, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: For the anvil song!

    • Baloney: Great idea! Let's play Astronauts in Outer Space! (bounces around, pretending to be an astronaut) Hello Mission Control! (laughs)
      Yakko: Hello Baloney! Our sensors show that you're out of oxygen.
      Wakko: Goodbye.
      Dot You'll be remembered as a hero.
      Baloney: (chokes) Maybe we should stop pretending!

    • Baloney: (singing) I hold up a mask, lingee lingee loo! You guess who I am, lingee lingee loo!
      (puts a paper plate over his face)
      Guess who!
      Wakko: Is it...Abraham Lincoln?
      Baloney: Hehe...No.
      Dot: Could it be...Nancy Kerrigan?
      Baloney: Hehe! No...
      Yakko: Is it a big fat polyester dinosaur who's the color of an International House of Pancakes with a paper plate over his face?
      Baloney: No. It's me, Baloney!
      Warners: You're kidding!!

    • (After the second verse of the anvil song, and Baloney, somehow, survives another anvil falling on him.)
      Baloney: Yay! Lets do it again!
      Yakko: Now, it's getting scary!

    • Baloney: You're silly!
      Yakko: Boy, that's the pot calling the kettle black...

    • (after the other children leave)
      Baloney: Looks like it's just us!
      Dot: Imagine our delight...
      Baloney: "Imagine"?! Why I'd love to imagine!

    • Prince of Props: Free us from the lumpy thing!

    • Yakko: Now it's gettin' scary.

    • Wakko: It's unstoppable!
      Yakko: Call in the National Guard!
      Dot: Or Tonya Harding's bodyguard!

    • Baloney: Now why don't you make masks and I'll guess who you are?
      Yakko: Um, because we'd rather have lunch with the Princesses of Props?

    • Wakko: Are we being punished?
      Dot and Yakko: Yes.

    • Yakko and Wakko: Hellooooo, Princesses of Props Nurses!

    • Yakko: Well, it's been fun, friend, but we've gotta get back to Planet Reality now.

    • Baloney: Let's hug!
      Yakko: Why don't you just go ahead and imagine that too?

    • Baloney: Wanna sing the "Imagine" song?
      Yakko: Ahhh, not really. Is that cute girl coming back?
      Baloney: Cute girl? Goshums, Yakko, I don't know what you're talking about.
      Yakko: There's a shocker.

    • Announcer: Baloney and Kids is brought to you by this station and other stations that lack clever programming.

    • Yakko: (sings) An anvil's black and shiny...
      Dot: (sings) It's very heavy, too...
      Wakko: (sings) So watch out, my chubby friend...
      Yakko/Wakko/Dot: (sings) Or one will fall on you!
      Baloney: On me? Great song! Let's sing it again. I lovey-dovey-loved it!
      Yakko: (sings) It's made of solid iron...
      Dot: (sings) It weighs a ton or two...
      Wakko: (sings) We know you'd like to meet it...
      Yakko/Wakko/Dot: (sings) It wants to meet you, too!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • SBS, the "Stupid Broadcasting Service," is an obvious parody of PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service.

    • For those who are unfamiliar with what this is a spoof of, Baloney the Dinosaur is a parody of Barney the Dinosaur, whom had his own popular PBS series debuting in 1992.

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