Season 1 Episode 34

Clown and Out/Bubba Bo Bob Brain

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Nov 04, 1993 on FOX



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    • Mr. Clown: Happy birthday, nice puppy boy.
      Wakko: Clown! (slams the door in the clown's face)
      Mr. Clown: That hurt my face.

    • Mr. Clown: (singing) When the Whippoorwill / Whippers in the wind / The wind can whipper back...
      Martian Kids: Oh, nice and chubby, baby!
      Mr. Clown: I like it here!

    • Wakko: Bye-bye, Mr. Clown!
      Mr. Clown: Freungugenlevenschild!!

    • Mr. Clown: Hey, little birthday boy! I got my little clown car! Froylaven! Froylaven!

    • Mr. Clown: A puppy! Hello, I'm a puppy, barklevenwoof!

    • Mr. Plotz: ...A clown is my friend.
      Dr. Scratchansniff: A clown will not bite me und throw me in the basement.
      Mr. Plotz: A clown will not bite me and throw me in the basement.
      Dr. Scratchansniff: A clown is not a big schpider.
      Mr. Plotz: A clown is not a big spider.

    • Mr.Plotz: Now, I--I'm well aware that Wakko can be extremely difficult at times; nevertheless, it is his birthday today, so I want you to go on up to the water tower and surprise him. Do your little birthday show-skit thing.
      Mr. Clown: Oh! For the boy? Make a surprise? I just love makin' a surprise!
      Mr. Plotz: I-I-I-ah-I want you to go away now. You frighten me!
      Mr. Clown: You shouldn't be frightened of me, Mr. Man. I'm just a clown. Freungoldenlevenscheuld!
      Mr. Plotz: Yaaaaaagh!! Please, please, I'm begging you! Get out, go!
      Mr. Clown: Oh, poor Mr. Man. (singing) When you want to scream / Put away that frown / And never be scared of a clown! / Laugh on, laugh on, laugh on and on and on, / You'll never laugh alone!
      Mr. Plotz: OUT, CLOWN!

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