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Season 1 Episode 19

Meatballs or Consequences/A Moving Experience

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Oct 07, 1993 on FOX
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Episode Summary


Meatballs or Consequences: In Sweden, Wakko enters a meatball eating contest and eats too many meatballs and says he will die. He is declared dead by Death. Yakko and Dot must play checkers with Death to stop Wakko from being taken to the ever after.

A Moving Experience: Flavio and Marita head to New York in order to find a trendy new place to live.


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  • The cartoon that has the Warners pestering Death.

    Here is my review for a funny Animaniacs cartoon that I remember seeing for the first time on TV. It is called "Meatballs Or Consequences" and it is about the Warners (Yakko, Wakko, and Dot) at a meatball festival in Sweden, and Wakko is about to win in a meatball-eating contest. When he's about to, however, he claims that if he eats one more meatball, he'll die. And so, he eats it, and Death (AKA The Grim Reaper) comes to take him away. Yakko and Dot decide that they want to go with Wakko to the afterlife, so they beg to Death to bring them along. Death then decides to challenge them to a game of checkers as part of a deal: if Yakko and Dot win, they get to go with Wakko; but if they lose, Death takes away Wakko fair and square. Luckily, they win (mainly because they distract him in various ways). He takes them to the afterlife and they begin driving him crazy. Afterwards, he decides to make them mortal again, so that he doesn't have to see them again for a very long time. But when they tell him that they WANT to stay with him, he becomes so horrified that he leaps out of his cloak and runs away. The first time I saw this cartoon, every second was hilarious. Truly, an original cartoon starring The Warner Trio.moreless
Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

voice of Mindy

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

voice of Dot Warner / Marita Hippo / Hello Nurse

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

voice of Buttons / Ralph / Runt / Flavio Hippo / Chicken Boo

Tony Pope

Tony Pope

Additional Voices

Chick Vennera

Chick Vennera

voice of Pesto Pigeon

Bernadette Peters

Bernadette Peters

voice of Rita

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Death: I am Death. And I hereby declare you to be living-imparied. Hence you must go with me to a dark kingdom of no return.
      Wakko: Okay, that sounds fun. When do we leave? Do bears live there? Want some meatball grease? (Put some grease on Death's finger)
      Death: Don't do that. It attracts ants.

    • Death: (His head is now a flaming skull) Listen, you nasty little munchkins! I don't get paid extra for bringing tourists along, so bug off! (Yakko and Dot scream and run off) There, I said it. I feel better.

    • Yakko: (to Death) Look! It's Merv Griffin!

    • (Death has just declared all three Warners dead)
      Yakko: That means we'll all be like a family!
      Wakko: Can we call you "Dadoo"?
      Dot: Hey, pops, can we stay up past ten?
      Yakko: Can we watch the adult channel?
      Wakko/Yakko: HELLOOOO, NURSE!

    • Dot: We win! But you put up a heck of a fight for a literary personification of the state of non-being. (to audience) I read that in Cosmo.

    • Yakko: Guess who.
      Death: Uhh...Crispin Glover
      Yakko: Nope.
      Death: Kathy Lee Gifford?
      Yakko: Naw, you're way off.
      Death: That Urkel kid!
      Yakko: Hey ! You peeked!

    • (They are about to begin the game of checkers)
      Death: Feel free to move first. It really doesn't matter. I haven't lost at checkers since time began.
      Yakko: When was that?
      Death: I think it was a Tuesday. Very few people know that.

    • (Death is about to play a life-or-death game of checkers against Yakko and Dot)
      Death: I win, Wakko goes with me. YOU win, and the three of you stay together forever. Agreed?
      Yakko: We accept.
      Dot: To accept is to yeild.
      Yakko: To yeild is to allow oncoming traffic the right of way.
      Dot: Your breath is like the breeze off a landfill.
      Yakko: Food particles are wedged between your teeth.

    • Yakko and Dot: (hanging onto Death's cloak) But we wanna stay together! Waaaaahhh!
      Death: (trying to pry Yakko and Dot off) Stop acting like big babies!
      Yakko: Hey! We are NOT big babies!
      Dot: Yeah! THESE are big babies!
      (Yakko and Dot pull out two really huge babies that are at least 500 pounds; they wail loudly, which breaks Death's hourglass.)

      Death: I'm a bonded carrier. I can't bring unauthorized personnel.
      Yakko: Whyyy?
      Death: Our insurance won't cover you in case of an accident.
      Dot: Whyyy?
      Death: Because, we can't afford the insurance premiums!
      Yakko and Dot: Whyyy?
      Death: (irritated) It's not in the budget!
      Yakko and Dot: (smiling) Whyyy?

    • Yakko: Oh pleeese don't separate us mister Death! We love each other! We're a family! A set! Like Civil War chess pieces from the Franklin Mint!

    • (Yakko has just pleaded that the siblings not be separated)
      Death: (reading from Robert's Rules of Death) As you will clearly note in section five, subsection nine, paragraph two, first sentence...I quote:
      Dot: I love storytime!

    • Yakko: Hey, mister, are you about to drag our brother off to a bleak, neather realm of despair, where the future is nothing but a sea of anguish and horrible misery?
      Death: Ja.
      Yakko and Dot: WE WANNA GO, TOO!
      Dot: (to audience) Though I haven't a thing to wear.

    • Yakko: All is strange and vague.
      Dot: Are we dead?
      Yakko: Or is this Ohio?

    • Dot: So, what's death like?
      Wakko: Pretty boring. I've all ready hummed all of the songs I know.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Yakko: Look! Merv Griffith!

      Merv Griffith is the creator of many famous gameshows, including Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

    • The scene with Yakko and Dot's heads turned in profile in the foreground talking about random things is a reference to Persona one of Ingmar Bergman's films.

    • Death: ...we'll decide with a game of chess.

      In the Swedish film "The Seventh Seal" directed by Igmar Bergman a knight plays a game of chess with Death to decide the fate of himself and his comrades. The fact that this episode also takes place in Sweden is an homage to the film.

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