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  • Now that's comedy!

    Extremely funny and awesome show! I love it so much! I love all the characters in the show, even those cute and zany Warner Siblings!
  • Awesomeness

  • They just don't make shows like this anymore, this one rocked

    Sure you have your standard wacky and super humorous Looney Tune like characters, but add in some fun songs,wit, charm, poems, other running themes/stories, and lessons on science, history, nature, government, and other stuff and you've got yourself a real winner. Truly timeless because young kids can watch and enjoy this wacky, fun, clever, and educational cartoon that is so much better than most of the cartoons today. Heck even adults and teens can enjoy this. It even spawned a successful spin off: Pinky and the Brain. Not too many cartoons can boast of that. For those who are seeking a good/great parody, I highly recommend this. Way too many cartoons these days are pure garbage due to dullness, repetition, excessive stupidity or just flat inappropriate.
  • Animaniacs

    i got all the episodes on dvd and the movie on vhs and dvd. its the best cartoon ever.
  • Animaniacs was my favorite cartoon all the times!

    Man, Animaniacs was amazing and better than Dora.

    Theme song and all song from this cartoon- Animaniacs theme and all Animaniacs songs was amazing and better than Dora.

    Character- I think all character were all funnier on this cartoon.

    ANIMANIACS ROCKS! I like Animaniacs better than Dora!
  • One of Steven Spielberg's best work! Let's all join the Warner Brothers... and sister! LOL

    Okay let's be honest, "Animaniacs" is by far one of the greatest cartoons for everyone to watch. Unlike several animated cartoons (that are now being sour in this current generation), this is one of the best classics. I hope this will inspire those who want to be animators, unlike a few of those disgusting current cartoons. My favorite characters on the show are: The Warner Siblings, Pinky, the pigeons, Mindy and Skippy Squirrel. In "Wakko's Wish", I literally nearly cried when Dot was hit, but she survived. This show is funny, sweet and entertaining that I am gonna give this series a 10 out of 10, and an A++++++.
  • Animaniacs

    Hi. I am six years old and I think it is a great show for all ages.
  • Top Shows - Thanks Spielberg!

    Various ep (98)
  • A very creative show

    Animaniacs was a very creative show from it's time.

    Despite some often compare them with Bugs Bunny, the Warner Siblings went in adventures which none of those who had preceded them gone before.

    The series does parodies of several media related from movie, live action, tv shows and even rival cartoons.
  • A very creative show

    Animaniacs was a very creative show from it's time.

    Despite some often compare them with Bugs Bunny, the Warner Siblings went in adventures which none of those who had preceded them gone before.

    The series does parodies of several media related from movie, live action, tv shows and even rival cartoons.
  • Quite possibly the BEST cartoon in the 90s

    Every single character in the show is well done. I love every different sketch from the Warner Brothers and Warner Sister, Katie Kaboom, Pinky and the Brain, Goodfeathers, Slappy Squirrel, Chicken Boo, Rita and Runt, and the short lived Minerva Mink who only got 2 shorts. I've watched this when I was a little kid, and to this day, the show can still make me laugh. That was great writing.
  • Coolness

    This was a very forgotten cartoon and people need to watch this instead of FOX's super overrated show, Family Guy or what I like to call it , Racist White Induced Acid Trip With A Moron Running It.
  • They Should Bring This Back

    This show is creative and funny, why they got rid of this was beyond me.

    Characters: 95% (A)

    The characters are funny, unique and original

    Plot: 95% (A)

    The plots vary between parodies of kiddie shows and Disney films to Dr. Scratchnsniff (appologies if I spelt it wrong) trying to get the Warners stop being zany in therapy sessions.

    Humor 97% (A+)

    Humor can range from literal jokes to pop culture refrences and I also love how they make fun of the over protective parents who think putting violence in cartoons is bad for their kids and how they hate having morals in them.

    Voice Acting: 95% (A)

    The voice acting is great, and not generic crap we get today.

    Average: 95.5% (A+)
  • Great Cartoon

    I love this one. The Hub airs it every day. They're the Animaniacs!
  • Love it!

    I love how all the reviews on this page have "ten" next to just how great this show is! I grew up with Pinky and the Brain and it wasn't until a few months ago that I discovered Animaniacs! This show has such an awesome concept, characters, and amazing drawings. I love the "goooood night everybody!" joke and I LOVE buttons and mindy, although Slappy is without a doubt my favorite. :D

    PS- This is one of the shows that made me want to become a cartoonist/ storyboard illustrator someday!
  • Animaniacs Best Show Ever

    I am so happy the hub has aired this show i just got introduced to it but i think it's the best show ever. If you have ever seen Wakko's Wish it is funny but sad too. With one hay penny your practicly rich. I also read these reviews futher down and there not cats there dogs trust me i do my research. Wakko Is my favorite because he is just like my goofy and funny. I am so giving this show 100% because it deserves it. ANIMANIACS YOU ROCK I WISH I CAN MEET YOU IN PERSON. TOO BAD I CAN'T. BOO HOO. My birthday just past and only need $74 more and then i can get all 4 volumes of Animaniacs ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't wait.
  • A clever show that should have lasted longer.

    This show is hilarious. I am so glad the Hub is airing it again. This is better than most shows on CERTAINICK networks. Unlike other shows that doISNEY lame and stale jokes, this show was amazingly funny.
  • A great show that everybody can enjoy

    I love this show soooo much! Dot is my favorite character
  • One of the best 90s shows

    This is a very good show in my opinion. I really liked "look it the little fuzzy heads" because they got elmyra from "tiny toon adventures" which is another good show, anyways about animaniacs my fave chars are the siblings and I like how they make parodies on this show like that power rangers parody and I really like the good night everybody adult jokes like when this happened: Yakko: and that's our solar system everybody Wakko: You forgot uranus( your anus) Yakko: good night everybody! Man that's one of the best parts of animaniacs and I'll say that when they say hello nurse it cracks me up sometimes and if you haven't already joined, please join the animaniacs revival project on Facebook
  • A great show from the 90's

    This show was amazing it had great humor, writing, animation, love-able characters and the music the songs fro the show had me trying to sing along as a kid (but failed occasionally). The show was also very original with it's plots, and so it was easy for it to not go bland or boring. Alas, it ended but if it kept going it would end up like Spongebob or The Fairy Odd Parents over-staying it's welcome.
  • Wrong way Minerva

    The show itself was Great.They did,However take Minerva Mink in the Wrong Direction.She woul have been perfect to do Anti-Fur Plots.Her Nemisis,From Tiny Toons,Gotcha Grabbmore! Maybe She would have learned Humility and Seen Somthing iside Walter Wolf that she Liked.Anti-Fur,Humility and Not Judging Others By looks,All would have been good Plotlines for her .Oh Well.
  • Perfect for kids!

    Your kids will have a blast going on adventures with this bunch! These characters are very well played and hard to keep up because they're so lively. The graphics were really good for the 90's.
  • I remember this.


    This show is about three cats who go on adventures with people, and they do smart stuff like go teach us some stuff or anything, like the short when one of the cats taught us the names of the states. This is the coolest show I've ever seen in my entire life!

  • Perfect

    I love this show so much. It's about 3 animal (mouse or rat) siblings and their wacky adventures. To me this is as good as Rocko or Spongebob, or any of the best cartoons often mentioned. It uses all the normally mentioned cartoon antics (extremely crude violence, silly humor, loveable characters) and makes them seem new all over again. The show was also very original with it's plots, and so it was easy for it to not go stale. This show is definitly one of the biggest enjoyments of my young childhood, and I reccomend it to you. 10/10 A+
  • This is what a cartoon should be like, have humor for all ages, have awesome characters, and be well written

    What is there to say about Animaniacs that hasn't already been already said? Nothing at all. In short, everything in this show is perfect, the characters, the humor, and the plots. The show is about Wacko, Dot, and Yakko, three Warner Brothers creations that were sealed away after being dubbed failures but escape. All three of them get into trouble at the Warner Studio and make life hectic for those who try to catch them. Yakko is the one who makes plenty of smart remarks to everyone. Wacko is a glutton and makes plenty of crude humor. Dot is the female and the one who flirts with men and is funny as well. All three of them have their own style of humor that is combined and executed perfectly. The stories with the Warner Bros and the sister are usually unique and revolve around the studio and driving everyone insane, but sometimes there are episodes that are satires like Star Trek and are well done. There are also other characters in the show who have their own funny segments. Slappy Squirrel and Skippy's episodes contain plenty of slapstick humor. Rita and Runt is about a cat and a dog who has no idea Rita's a cat who look for a new home and is a musical segment and combines humor and music together that is done very well. The three pigeons. can't remember names sorry, feels like watching the Three Stooges and is as funny as every other segment. Then there is Good Idea and Bad Idea witch has normal ideas that could work and exaggerated ones that don't. I could go on, but there are so many segments that I would probably be writing this review for a good hour. The humor itself may at first be for kids, but there are also adult jokes that are hidden well and some caught me by surprise when I saw this show again, so it appeals to kids and adults. The artwork and animation is perfectly well done and the characters are drawn with different and creative styles. There are really no other words to describe this show and I could go on for hours. The bottom line is, Animaniacs is truly a show that must be seen. The plots are original, the characters are funny and unique, and the humor appeals to everyone. I highly recommend this show for everyone, so go to a movie store and get the DVD season sets, or go to the internet and find episodes online. It's a masterpiece that must be seen by everyone and is a golden cartoon.
  • One of the main reasons cartoon shows were so great in the 90's.

    "Animaniacs" is an animated variety show that succeded in doing what it's predecessor "Tiny Toon Adventures" tried to do. Bring back the style of the classic Looney Tunes shorts from the 1930's, 40's, 50's, and 60's. It premiered in 1993 on Fox as part of their Fox Kids line-up (wich doesn't exist nowadays). But in 1995 when Warner Bros. launched their own network (The WB) "Animaniacs" aired on their Kids WB! line-up (wich like Fox Kids sadly no longer exists). "Animaniacs" was just amazing. It was not only a funny kids show, but it was enjoyable for adults too. To this day, this show makes me laugh so hard that I can hardly breathe. The Warner siblings Yakko, Wakko, and Dot always have some kind of hilarious, witty comeback to anything someone else has to say. This show was full of adult innuendo, and pop-culture references, along with old-fashioned slapstick, and the classic wit of the Looney Tunes shorts. The Warner Siblings were the funniest cartoon characters since Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck. The show ran until 1998, ending with 99 episodes, 5 seasons, and in 1999 they released a direct-to-video movie titled "Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish". This show was always funny, and clever. And the back-up segments like Pinky and the Brain (wich got it's own spin-off show), The Goodfeathers, and Slappy Squirrel were funny as well, but the Warners were the best. I don't see how anyone couldn't enjoy this show, anyone who hates it clearly has no sense of humor. Everyone should watch it. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, they did start to release this show on DVD, but sadly they stopped after only a few volumes, and never released the whole show. I say people who like "The Ren & Stimpy Show", "The Simpsons", "Rocko's Modern Life", "SpongeBob SquarePants", and classic cartoons like "Looney Tunes", "Tom & Jerry", "Popeye", "Droopy" and "Mickey Mouse" will most likely love this show. Not only is "Animaniacs" one of the best 90's cartoons, but it could possibly be the greatest cartoon of all time.

    Rating: 100% "Amazing"

    -Cartoon King
  • I liked Tiny Toons better but this is still a solid show.

    "Animaniacs" is quite a memorable cartoon. Maybe it wasn't the most plot-heavy of cartoons, but it's character-driven nature made up for it.

    The best part of "Animaniacs" was its multi-tier level of humor. Like the Looney Tunes of the 1940s and 1950s, the slapstick could appeal to children while the satire and spoofing could appeal the more mature audience.

    The worst part of "Animaniacs", beyond maybe the ocassional 'fluffiness' is the uneven nature of the skits. I will run down the major skits on the show:

    The Warner Siblings: arguably the main skit of the show. The Warner Brothers, brainy, talkative Yakko and Liverpool-accented Wakko (and their sister, Dot, just plain cute) basically annoyed the hell out of a jerk/moron/creep (who just had it coming) and they often provided frequently funny moments (They're not supposed to be any species of animal, really just old 'inkblot' characters remembered from cartoons of the 1920s/1930s).

    Pinky and the Brain: probably the most recognizable skit on the series. It was about two lab mice who, each night, would concoct a new scheme to rule Earth. Also reccommended, along with their spin-off show (but don't bother with "Pinky, Elymra and the Brain").

    Goodfeathers: A pigeon spoof of movies like "The Godfather" and "Goodfellas", three pigeons, Bobby, Squit and Pesto, were always on a quest to be the best in their mob. It was an uneven skit, mainly due to the large amount of songs. Some were good, others were okay, others just stunk. Also, there are lots of "Godfather" spoofs out there.

    Slappy Squirrel: my personal favorite skit. It is about a retired Looney Tune actress named Slappy and her nephew Skippy. The generation gap offered very funny moments and Slappy's acid sarcasm always made me laugh. I always thought Slappy was just plain cool.

    Buttons and Mindy: A baby girl would go off wandering into potentially dangerous areas and her dog would often take the bullet for her. Extremely repetitive and formulaic, with the only difference being the cosmetics (whatever Mindy goes after and the location of danger, geographic location, superhero). When you see one of these skits, that's basically it. There's not really any reason to see the rest.

    Rita and Runt: A streetwise cat and a dimbulb dog escape the pound and search for a new home. Rita does have a nice singing voice, but this wasn't a very good skit. Mainly because it wasn't especially funny, Rita's singing could be a bit excessive and there wasn't any real chemistry between Rita and Runt.

    Minerva Mink: A shapely mink obsessed with her looks and boys. It almost acted like a send-up of old Tex Avery cartoons and typical Disney cliches. It did work, however, maybe beyond 4 episodes and guest spots, Warner Brothers didn't use Minerva very much mainly because her cartoons were a little too risque for a child-friendly cartoon (where the other skits depended on slapstick, hers often used the concept of sex).

    Chicken Boo: A giant chicken disguises himself as a person and tries to fit in with people. This was a joke that followed a set formula, but it worked.

    Katie Ka-Boom: A teenage girl becomes a horrible beast when under stress/rage/irritation. Not exactly deep and the characters never evolved.

    The Hip Hippos: A pair of pampered endangered hippos indulge in the finer things in life. I don't reccommend these cartoons. They were never funny. Arguably the worst Animaniacs skit.

    So yes, while not every skit is worth its weight in gold, it is still worth watching.

    "Good night, everybody!"
  • My avatar may not be an Animaniacs character, but I yearn to watch the show.

    I'm adding on to the globs of wonderful reviews Animaniacs has gotten by begging to be born earlier, in the time this show was set in; for this show had been canned in my time. By 1996, WB! had possibly jumped ship, with shows like the dreaded Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain I've heard so much about, leaving room for Cartoon Network and other networks to kingpin its spot. It was too bad this show was brutally moidered (perfect, Bugs Bunny accent...mwahaha...) and we were ushered into a century where we didn't know whether to sit back and enjoy the remaining shows on, go outside and play in the backyard to fly kites, or test the new and glittery invention called the Internet (I tried to do the first, ended up doing the second and third). It's just sad how these days fly by...
  • The most Faboo series ever made!

    Think of the classic age of animation, cartoon violence and just flat out clever and remarkable humor. Think of Bugs Bunny, Dafft Duck, Tom and Jerry, Screwy Squirrel (or Screwball Squirrel) and just about EVERY Tex Avery cartoon. They were masterpeices. Well animation, well written and well captured. When you even THINK of something that relates to these classic, you think of the zanist, crazist and goofist cartoon from our childhood: Animaniacs. Animaniacs is about the Warner Brothers and the Warner sister, Dot. Just for fun, they'd run around the Warner movie lot. They'd lock them in the tower, whenever they'd get caught. But, they brake loose and vama-moose and now, you know the plot. But, it doesn't stop there. Animaniacs was a varity series. It had rememberable and favoritable characters like Slappy Squirrel, Buttons and Mindy and not to forget Hello Nurse and Dr. Scratchnsniff. This show had it all. Great animation (with a pass for Freelance), great written and even a couple hidden innuendos! Such as Lake Tititcaca, The Infamous Prince Joke, "Give me the bird" and others. The series held up well, untill it's cancelation back in 1998 with 99 episodes. The movie was OK but a major disappointment. But, what I like about this series is, no matter how old you get, the jokes and quaity will remain the same. What children shows can do that? Not many. They may have had some off episode but, hey. Nothings perfect. But, Animaniacs came as close to perfect as possible.

    What else is there to say? I'm the Milkman and I'm going to do exactly what my name implies. G'night everybody!
  • Perfectly awesome

    This show is the best. It is about 3 animals that escape from the warner brothers studios water tower and do wacky stuff. It is one of my favorite shows its very funny and very original. It has cartoons about different things and people. MY favorite was pinky and the brain and that got its own series spinoff which is also great. My least favorite is probably buttons and mindy one it got boring after 3 episodes. Animanics was the best cartoon during the 90s an is still the best. I would recomend to anyone who likes looney tunes 10 perfect.
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