Anime Unleashed

Weekdays 1:00 AM on techtv Premiered Dec 30, 2002 Between Seasons


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Anime Unleashed

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In the true gamer spirit, "Anime Unleashed" focuses on the sci-fi elements of anime, titles that imagine what our near or far future will be like, probe the relationship between humans and machines, dream of what alien civilizations could be like, and more. A treat to the eyes and a feast for the mind, "Anime Unleashed" selects the best, most fascinating and funny pieces of Japanese Animation for your viewing pleasure. From giant robots to high school hijinks, look to Anime Unleashed to keep your anime appetite satisfied.
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  • I'd call it varied, showing several different animes, depending on time slots.

    I think this was TechTV trying to inform gamers of some of the very diverse animes out there. They played one of my two favorite animes, The Magical Shopping Arcade of Abenobashi. This and Fooly Cooly were both processed by studio Gainax and most people wouldn't give either of them a chance. Anther anime on anime unleashed is Last Exile which is set in a strange future seeming to draw a lot of influence from sci-fi shows. I never gave Colorful a chance because i could manage to see a whole episode of it. Another Sci-Fi influnced anime on this show is Rah-Zefan (sorry about the spelling)which seems to be set in an alternate universe with giant mech suit robots that only the main character can operate (sorry i did catch the whole series). I'm certain Anime unleashed had other animes, but i can't think of anymore names so sorry if i left out your favorite.moreless