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  • Season 3
    • Cromartie High School
      Takashi Kamiyama is enrolled at Cromartie High, where every student is a delinquent. Kamiyama apparently is the only non-delinquent in the school. Therefore, by some twisted logic, he must be the toughest in his class. He is joined by Hayashida, the King of Idiots, Maeda the comedian, Mechazawa the bad robot student, Takenouchi the one who's good at fighting but has motion sickness, Hokuto, who wound up at the wrong school, Freddie, the mysterious middle aged man, a Gorilla, Destrade High rival Yamanouchi, and much more!moreless
    • Colorful!
      Episode 3
      The adventures (and mis-adventures) of Men, staring, peeking, glancing, looking, glaring at women and their efforts to get that extra eyefull. Following at most, a few regular males and the outrageous consequences of their actions.
    • RaXephon
      Episode 2
      The city of Tokyo has been overthrown, taken over by the Mu, invaders who have devastated the rest of the planet. Within the domed walls of the city, however, time flows in a different path, and none of the citizens even know they've been conquered. Outside Tokyo, the remnants of the human race have fought a desperate 15-year war against the Mu, knowing only that the key to victory lies within the occupied city. But no one has been able to get into Tokyo—until Ayato Kamina, a young resident fleeing a horrifying attack on the city, unwittingly breaks out. An extraordinary mystery unfolds as Ayato confronts a world he has never known, and begins to learn the horrifying secrets of RahXephon, a humanoid super weapon which apparently only he can control.moreless
    • Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
      Try telling that to twelve-year-old Sasshi Imamiya. He's lost his home, lost the toy collection that defined his very geekdom, and he's about to lose his best friend, Arumi. Reality is closing in on him. That is, until they discover that their neighborhood shopping district is actually a portal to a series of parallel existences. Reality decides to take a vacation – an extended vacation – as Arumi and Sasshi suddenly find themselves in a world sort of like their own… only not. And as they try to fight their way back to the real world, they'll face menacing mushrooms, big-breasted space pirates, killer kung-fu fighters, a tripped-out transvestite, a sorcerer who seems to be in some sort of midlife crisis… and that's just the beginning! They say there's no place like home, but this ain't exactly Oz, and it sure as heck ain't Kansas! Put the kids to bed, leave Toto with the neighbors and get ready to dive into the madcap, whacked-out world of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi!

  • Season 2
  • Season 1