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We can't tell you who we are. Or where we live. It's too risky, and we've got to be careful. Really careful. So we don't trust anyone. Because if they find us ... well, we just won't let them find us. The things you should know is that everyone is in really big trouble. Yeah. Even You.

Animorphs was originally based on the book series created by K.A. Applegate. Most of the episodes that have appeared are based on one of the books, but some are totally created by one of the Television crew. In this battle against parasitic aliens, called Yeerks, five children, Jake played by Shawn Ashmore, Rachel played by Brooke Nevin, Marco played by Boris Cabrera, and Tobias who is played by Christopher Ralph; was given the power to morph into any creature by an Andalite named Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul (Diego Matamoros) to fight Visser Three (Eugene Lipinski) and his fellow Yeerks. An Andalite who is named Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill (Paulo Costanzo), the brother of Elfangor joins the battle along the Animorphs.

It has been over five years since the Animorphs joined up, and given the power to morph into creatures, to fight the evil Yeerks. It was an amazing battle; the Animorphs had some good times, and some bad times, but they were always together, trying to save the world.

It was June 1996, when the first Animorphs book was released by K.A. (Katherine) Applegate, and now, the last book written was in 2001. The count of 54 regular Animorph books, 4 Megamorphs, 4 Chronicles, and 2 Alternamorphs, and including 26 episodes of the Animorphs TV Series, and an incredible supply of merchandise (transformers, games, etc...) and a television show in 1998 due to the rising popularity of the books.

Now, that huge battle between good and evil, the human race fighting along side with the Andalites, and many other species, battling against the parasitic aliens, Yeerks, has ended.

However, due to ratings and the show's inability to outdo the ratings FOX's Goosebumps had achieved the previous year, Nickelodeon's executives abruptly ended the show in the fall of 1999; there was no "big finish" finale and the show never had its own version of the books' ending between the Animorphs and Visser Three. Since the books would outdo the show into early 2000, there had been no plan for an ending anyway. However, it would have been too costly to follow like the books' ending, since the series' conclusion involved a nuclear strike on the Yeerk pool and many other horrific (hard to do with Nickelodeon's budget) battles.moreless


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