Season 2 Episode 3

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Aired Unknown Sep 17, 1999 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Jake and Marco morph and sneak into a museum after hours to take photos on a piece of space garbage that has writing similar to Elfangor's ship. When they accidently set off the alarms, they morph again and escape. The museum security guard is fired and reports seeing a dog run away with a camera in it's mouth and a rat on it's back.
Meanwhile, Visser Three has captured a television executive named Martin Tessbacher and acquired his DNA in order to continue the Yeerk invasion of Earth.
Back at school, Rachel is excited about the upcoming school dance and trying to convince Cassie to go, but Cassie doesn't think Jake will approve. Rachel tells her that he will agree once he knows he's going with Cassie, and Cassie gets flustered, and then claims she has nothing to wear, anyway. Rachel tells her to use the money she earned from cleaning her parents barn, and Cassie still resists, but Rachel insists and they head to the mall.
Tobias is a the mall and sees a spray painted image of a hawk. He is drawn to it, as it matches the image on the disk, and remembers being a hawk and when the Animorphs were first talking about the disk. He pulls the disk out from under his shirt and looks at it, then tucks it back in and walks away.
Jake and Marco are debating what function the "space garbage" is used for. Ax arrives and is shocked at the pictures, claiming that he knows what it is, but is reluctant to tell his friends. Jake and Marco urge him, and he tells them, but Marco doesn't understand at first. Finally, Marco realizes that it is an Andalite toilet, and is disgusted that he actually touched it. Rachel and Cassie arrive after being kicked out a store because Cassie was protesting the cosmetics being tested on animals. She claims that they should all go free the test animals, but Jake blows her off, telling her that that's not what they're supposed to do with their animals. Cassie leaves in anger, and Rachel tells Jake that he shouldn't be such a jerk to Cassie, especially since they were shopping for the dance. Jake doesn't understand what any of it had to do with the dance, and Rachel tells him she was planning on her and Tobias attending along with Jake and Cassie.
Back at Cassie's barn, Jake arrives and the two apologize to one another. Jake tells Cassie they should go free the animals, which makes her happy, but then tells her he has one condition. He moves closer to her and tells her that he still needs a date for the dance, if she's not busy, and she smiles.
Jake and Cassie have snuck into the testing facility as monkeys, and once they are alone, Cassie unlocks her cage and demorphs. She tells Jake to demorph but realizes he is under the control of the monkey instincts. Before she can snap him out of it, a man in a lab coat comes in and takes Jake's cage away into an Experimentation Room. Cassie follows as a roach. The scientists load Jake's cage onto a truck, with Cassie attached to the side. Jake is still controlled but the monkey instincts, and has less than an hour to demorph.
The truck arrives at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new January Rose building. One of the scientists who took the Jake-monkey takes over the microphone and starts protesting against January Rose for animal rights. Jake's cage is placed on stage in front of all the reporters. Cassie demorphs and watches from the crowd, still worrying about Jake's time-limit.
Rachel is in her room looking at her dress and with her hair in rollers when Tobias shows up as a hawk. He morphs to human, and Rachel asks if he got his tux for the dance. He tells her he can't go. She's upset, and he tells her that she can find someone else. She tells him that she doesn't care if they can't stay the whole time, she just wants to go with him. He says he's sorry and morphs back to hawk and flies away. Rachel's phone rings. It's Marco, and he tells her to turn on the TV to the broadcast of the January Rose protest. The two realize that Jake is in morph on the stage, and they both head to the protest.
Back at the January Rose building, Cassie takes a monkey cage off the stage and tells Jake to morph back, but gets stopped by a security guard. She realizes it's the wrong monkey, and yells that Jake only has two minutes left. A bear shows up and starts making everyone scream and run. Cassie heads to Jake's cage, and is stopped by the same guard, but he is scared off by Marco in dog morph.
The head of January Rose is running away and almost gets hit by a car, but Marco pushes her out of the way.
Cassie gets Jake to a safe place and gets him out of the cage and demorphed with seconds to spare. Jake, Rachel and Cassie are at the mall, and Cassie feels like they didn't even accomplish anything, but the TV shows the head of January Rose announcing that she is reconsidering all future animal testing.
Marco demorphs in the woods and walks away, but doesn't realize he has been videotaped.