Season 2 Episode 4

Changes (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 1999 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

The guy who videotaped Marco morphing is watching the tape. He sees a commercial for "World's Weirdest Videos," offering $10,000 for the weirdest video sent in. He picks his phone up and dials the number. The shot cuts to the boy on the stairs at school, writing a letter to "World's Weirdest Videos" stating that his video is sure to win first prize. He looks up to see Rachel and Cassie walking down the hallway, and is distracted by Rachel, "the most beautiful girl in the world." He is entranced by her but shaken out of the trance when someone bumps into him.

Rachel approaches her locker to find a red rose attached to it and smiles, thinking it is from Tobias, but the videotape boy arrives and tells her that it was a gift from him. She thanks him politely, calling him Howard, and he tells her his name is Harold. She apologizes and walks away, saying she'll see him later, and he asks her, "when?" She says, "what?" and he asks when she'll be seeing him later. He offers to take her out for a burger and she tells him she is a vegeterian and walks away.

Harold catches up with her, to Rachel's dismay, and he asks her if she wants to see something amazing that will make him a million dollars. He pulls out a videotape and says it's a "dog turning into a guy." Rachel realizes what this means and suddenly decides she wants to hang out with him, asking him to show her the tape.

Back in the barn, Rachel is explaining what the situation is, that Marco has been caught on tape morphing. Jake is unhappy. The group is discussing and Cassie says that when they clean it up for broadcast, Marco's face will be clearly visible and the Yeerks will get him immediately. Marco says they have to get the tape back and asks where the guy lives.

Back at Harold's house, Marco and Jake sneak in as rats, but they can't find the tape until they see Harold is holding it while he sleeps. Harold's cat shows up then and the two demorph to human. Marco falls on the floor and Jake shushes him, but Harold doesn't wake up. Marco sneaks to grab the tape from Harold, speaking to Harold in his Star Trek dreams, telling him to give up the "crystals," trying to get the tape out of his hands.

Marco plays the tape later for the other Animorphs, but it is just scenes from the sci-fi movie Harold is making. Rachel says that it isn't the tape she saw and that they got the wrong tape. After calling his house, Rachel says that he's on his way to drop off the tape, but that he's going to the mall first.

The Animorphs assemble at the mall, and Marco says that he can only be at the arcade, computer shop, or all day Star Wars marathon. Jake decides they have to cover the exits and work inward, and whoever finds him grabs the tape.

The Animorphs travel the mall, looking for Harold. Tobias is there and sees Rachel, but then sees a kid spray painting the hawk logo on a sign. Tobias chases him through the merry-go-round and into the locker room, but lose him. He goes back to look at the hawk sign, and takes a piece of newspaper from a man to make an imprint off the still-wet paint.

Meanwhile, Cassie is still searching and sees Ax coming out of a store. She calls his name but he walks away quickly. Rachel is standing in the mall and Harold sees her, so he comes up to say hi. She looks in his bag, saying she wants to see his tape again, but he says that he dropped it off at the TV station on his way to the mall. He asks her again to go get a burger, and she is not happy, but smiles politely.

Back at Cyberia, Cassie is telling Marco about Ax's weird behavior. Rachel and Jake arrive and tell them about the video being delivered. Jake is talking about Marco's cover being blown if they show the tape, but Marco is not allowed to go on the mission with them. Jake and Rachel head off to go to the station.

Jake and Rachel sneak into the station as lizards in a cardboard box being delivered. Rachel is talking about eating a fly, and Jake talks her out of it. They hear someone coming into the office they're in, so they hide, and in walks Martin Tessmacher/Visser Three and another man, talking about Mr. Tessmacher's new show.

Ax is in the woods in human morph carrying something, but Cassie is following him. He enters a small building in the woods, and Cassie is scared when Marco shows up, he had been following her just in case. Ax comes out with an empty bag and leaves again.

The man is watching Mr. Tessmacher's show, and Visser Three is up to something. The show is flashing lights, hypnotizing the man and then Visser Three infests him. Visser Three says he wants the show broadcast tonight at 8pm. The two leave the room, and Jake and Rachel realize that they have to stop it.

Marco and Cassie enter the building Ax was in. They walk through a tunnel and discover that Ax has been building something.

The show is being cued up to broadcast at 8, but Rachel scares the employees out of the room with a snake morph. Jake locks the door behind them and damages the electronic entry system.

Ax returns to the building, and Marco and Cassie hide, but Marco makes a noise and Ax hears them. They come out of hiding and talk to Ax. He confesses he has been building a ship to go home.

Jake and Rachel are trying to stop the show from being broadcast automatically, but they only have 4 minutes and the tape won't come out of the VCR. Visser Three is trying to get inside. Rachel finds the morphing tape in the meantime.

Ax is ready to test his ship, counting down the seconds at the same time the countdown to the show broadcast is reaching zero. Ax's ship shorts out the power in the whole city, and the tape pops out of the VCR and Jake grabs it. Visser Three gets the door open, but Jake is dog morph knocks him down and runs away with Rachel on his back as a snake and Harold's tape in his mouth.

Ax is disappointed that he couldn't go home, but Marco tells him that his friends are now his family.

Harold is yelling at the TV station over the phone that he wants to see his tape on TV and get his money, but they hang up on him. Back at Cyberia, a TV news show is talking about the power outage. Tobias is scanning the hawk image into a computer and uploading it to the web, searching for matches. He gets one message back, which says "Join us if you want to save the world."