Season 2 Episode 5

Changes (3)

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1999 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

After researching the hawk image, Tobias is following a trail of the images to a building. He enters the building and goes upstairs, reaching a door with the image spray painted on it and a camera beside it. He knocks and it opens. He speaks to the boy who opens the door, asks why he's been spray painting hawks all over town. Tobias goes inside and it seems like he may get attacked, but a boy named Hugo scans him with some instrument. Girls are running around the school track, and one stops to talk to Marco about the bunny he's holding. Marco is trying to use the bunny to get a date for the dance, but it starts bouncing up and down, and Marco takes it away and it's really Ax in morph. Marco leaves him on the grass, and the rabbit's white fur begins to turn blue. Marco gets stopped in the school, saying he is not allowed past a certain point because of a gas leak. Marco leaves, but is clearly suspicious. Hugo was scanning Tobias for a Yeerk and declares him clean. Tobias plays dumb, but Hugo says that they all used to be Controllers. Tobias tries to leave, but the boy who opened the door says that they're the good guys. At school, Cassie comes up to Jake at his locker and tells him that she knows he probably hasn't had a chance to get something to wear for the dance yet, what with saving the world and all. Jake apologizes, but Cassie says it's okay and shows him her grandfather's tux that is Jake's size, saying she wants him to wear it. Jake is thrilled and says that they will be the best dressed couple at the dance, but then they both get flustered and Jake says, "Except, we're not a real couple," and they both say quickly that they're just friends. Jake then asks Cassie if "friends like us" go out for a cappuccino, and she says yes. Tobias is telling the other people that he doesn't know what they're talking about, and Hugo tells him about the Yeerks and the Yeerk pools, and how they all escaped and tried to go to the police. The ex-controllers banded together and put secret messages up, using the hawk as a symbol for hunting the Yeerks. They ask Tobias if he's ready to join. He bluffs that he saw the signs and thought it was some bird-watching club, telling them to have fun with their make-believe alien invasion game, and tries to leave. Hugo says he can't leave, and someone stops him, but they say he knows too much for them to let him risk being caught, but then he tries to escape and they grab him. The disk with the hawk image falls to the ground, and Hugo asks him where he got it.
They bring the disk to one of the girls who is a technicial genius, who determines it's Andalite. She asks Tobias what it does, and he tells them he doesn't know, that he found it in a construction site downtown. Hugo is suspicious, but Tobias says he figured maybe you needed it back. The girl realizes that it fits into the disk holder that it was originally in, and Tobias is shocked that she has it. She says it's an electronic signal, but if it's designed for alien brains, it could kill a human. Hugo doesn't know what to do, but Tobias says he'll try it if they promise to let him go. Hugo agrees to this deal. Marco is investigating at the school where the supposed gas leak is. He sees something upsetting, then has to morph to lizard quickly to avoid being seen. He is grabbed by a science teacher and brought back to the lizard tank, where he would be sliced up if he demorphed. At the dance, everyone is dressed up and having a good time. Chapman is telling people to be in the gym at 9pm sharp for the crowning of the King and Queen of Swing. Jake and Cassie shoe up and Rachel approves of his outfit, but Cassie notices that Tobias is a no-show. Rachel says it's okay because it gives her a chance to dance with Marco and Jake, and then Ax arrives and is thrilled because he wants to dance. Jake asks if anyone's heard from Marco. Marco realizes he only has 30 minutes left, and starts calling for help. Ax hears him while drinking from the punch bowl and heads off to search for him. He finds him in the lizard tank. Tobias is getting ready to hear the message through virtual reality type simulator. He appears to suddenly be the only person in the room, and then "falls" into a mental hologram, in which he encounters Elfangor. Elfangor tells him that the hologram is designed to deliver a message to his son, and Tobias asks where he is. Elfangor tells him that he, Tobias, is his son. Marco demorphs from lizard with all his friends in the science room. Ax is eager to get back to the dance, but Marco tells them that if they do, they'll fall headfirst into a Yeerk pool. Jake says, "It's a trap?" and Marco explains that the dance floor is rigged to collapse tonight. Rachel realizes that it's going to be a 9pm and that's why Chapman is so excited. Cassie says they have to close down the dance, and Marco suggests a dramatic attack with wild animals, but Jake says it will get too much attention and they need subtlety, giving Rachel a meaningful look. Tobias is still in the hologram, asking Elfangor how it is possible for him to be his father. Meanwhile, Visser Three in human morph is coming for the ex-controllers, and sets off an alarm that alerts them. Hugo says that Tobias isn't finished, but the girl wants to bring him out. Hugo says to give him a few more seconds. Tobias asks why he didn't tell him that night, and why he came to Earth if he knew he was going to die, for people he didn't know. Elfangor tells him that it wasn't for the people he didn't know, but for the one he did. Hugo brings him out and the group has to make a run for it. The disk gets stepped on, and Hugo and Tobias escape to a back room. Hugo tells Tobias to run, and he thanks Hugo and morphs and flies away. Visser Three captures Hugo and asks him what the messages says. Hugo doesn't know, and the controllers haul him away. Back at the dance, Rachel in skunk morph is quickly emptying out the gym, much to Chapman's dismay. The gang and the rest of the people from the dance are gathered at Cyberia. Rachel says they beat the Yeerks, but Jake isn't so sure, because they ruined their dance. Ax is unsure as to why everyone is sad, and they tell him they were excited for the dance. Ax points out that everyone from the dance is here and that there must be music-playing-capabilities at Cyberia, so why can't they have the dance right here? Cassie tells him he almost thinks like a human. A song is played on the jukebox and Rachel looks up to, happily, see Tobias. Cassie says there's something different about him, and Jake points out that he's smiling. Tobias apologizes for being late and invites Rachel to dance. Cassie and Jake soon follow. Ax sidles up to Marco, who tells him not to even think about it, but then agrees to dance with the Andalite, but only if Marco leads. Ax is thrilled. Rachel tells Tobias that they only have a few hours together because she has a curfew. Tobias quotes Elfanfor, saying "I'd gladly sacrifice forever with strangers for a single moment with someone I love." The scene fades out with the three pairs dancing and Tobias narrating about how his father risked everything to save him, and now it was his turn to help save the world.