Season 2 Episode 5

Changes (3)

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1999 on Nickelodeon

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  • This episode is really cool because it finally clarifies Tobias' life and his thoughts about Rachel. Finding who his father really is changes Tobias' mind about a lot of things.

    I've seen this episode before, but am having trouble finding it. Can anybody direct me to where I can watch it? This episode was really moving and opens your mind to a lot of things. Tobias, the lost and unloved boy who never had a family who cared about him, gets the disk (correct me if I'm wrong) and finds out Elfangor is his father. This is where the viewers really get a sense of the Ellimist's team that he created and he, as the Drode pointed out in Megamorphs 4: Back To Before, "stacked the deck". The Drode said, "...Elfangor's brother, his time-shifted son, Visser One's host body's son!..." of course, including Cassie, the classified "anomaly", and is "sub-temporarily grounded". Tobias learns that it was no fault of him or his parents that he grew up shifted between aunts and uncles who didn't want him. He was, at the time, refusing to go to the spring dance, but shows up at the last minute, and quotes to Rachel(roughly speaking),

    Tobias: I would gladly sacrifice an eternity with strangers to spend a moment with the person I love.

    Rachel: That's nice...Shakespeare?

    Tobias: No, my father.

    His thoughts about Rachel are also revealed in this episode, hinted with the quote above.