Season 1 Episode 20

Face Off (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1999 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Rachel's Yeerk morph comes from #29, The Sickness, even though the plot of that book and this episode are entirely unrelated.

      Also, in The Sickness, it was Cassie, not Rachel, who morphed a Yeerk.

    • Jake morphed into Tom, perfectly imitating his clothes. I might not have done well in High School science class - but I don't think clothes are included with human DNA.

    • In response to the previous note on a goof, Marco could not morph into the security guard because he usually had trouble morphing into morphs he had not practiced (see "My Name is Jake, Part 2" to see him only partially morph into a rat.

    • Goof: Tom realizes that the Andalite (Jake) is in human form, However when Jake acquired Tom's DNA to morph into him he must have felt something, and when the lights come on Tom finds himself standing next to ... himself (because Jake acquired and morphed into Tom). At this point Tom would realized that his prisoner is not an Andalite, but a human with the morphing powers, since the possessor of the morphing power needs to be in his original form first in order to transform into another creature.

    • Goof: Jake morphed into Tom, but when Marco attempted to morph into a security guard in the episode On the Run he failed, seeming to indicate that a human animorph can't morph into another human.

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