Season 2 Episode 2

My Name Is Erek

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 1999 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

After Jake and Marco witnessed a kid their own age perform a feat of super-human strength, they are stunned. The kid just ran in front of a car to save a dog, and he did not even get a scratch, and the car was destroyed. Ax has become a television-obsessed alien who can not stop watching television and imitating everything that is produced from the stations.

They are even more surprised when the kid follows them back to Cassie's barn and reveals his secret after Jake and Marco morphed dogs to find out that he had no human scent: he is part of an android race called the Chee, which was created by the Pemalites for non-violent creatures.

Now the android, Erek, needs their help. The Yeerks have stolen the Chee hologram crystal and plan to use it to hide Yeerk pools from human eyes; so all the humans can only see a hologram. Erek can't touch the crystal himself; it would destroy his hologram, which is why he needs help from the Animorphs.

Jake, Rachel, and Erek try to find the crystal and steal it while Cassie and Marco wait in the forest for Ax to go with a machine that will produce holograms. Erek uses his garbage can hologram to fool the Controllers, and lock them up with a large piece of wire, and ties it up using his super-human powers, while Jake and Marco steal the crystal and they try to escape. The Controllers release themselves, and chase after them. Ax was late because he was watching a cooking show while he was following the instructions on how to cook. When he arrived, they used the crystal to surround a holographic around them to fool the Controllers.