Season 1 Episode 17

Not My Problem

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 1999 on Nickelodeon

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  • The episode was about Jake lets fighting the yeerks get to his head.He wishes he had never met Elfangor witch affects all the Animorphs.Jake soon figuires out how life would be when the Ellimist grants his wish.The only fre Animorph is Tobias.Is he next?

    A great episode! It showed how even strong leaders can get kicked down in the dumps which just proves Nobody`s prefect. I liked seeing Tobias back in human form, a guilty pleasure of mine. It was suspenseful and exiting. It showed that be careful what you wish for because you might get it. It had a great begining a scary middle and a funny ending. Jake was gushing over a bird (Tobias), he was going hysterical (we aren`t controllers!!) and there was Marco VS. Jake in wrestling. Another great installment! Somehow Animorphs has managed to make me say it again: Animorphs is the best series ever!
  • Thanks to the Ellimist, Jake can see what would have happened if he didn't cross the way of Elfangor.

    A great episode, quite sad of course, but the end is great, when Jake comes back to his friends and to his "destiny", that's great to see the Ellimist again, even though his appearance isn't translated as well as in the books, stille, it remains a great episode which hasn't been tyaken from any animorphs book.