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  • Just. Plain. Horrid.

    An insult to what was once my fave. book series to read. It's inconsitent, it doesn't even follow the book, the rules of the orignal don't all apply...
    Need I go on? Seriously. It made my eyes bleed with all the cut out rules and sloppy add-ons. The characters to me sounded forced, and some of the best moments never even showed up.
    Ugg. I'm never watching any of this again.
  • Based on the book by K.A Applegate.

    I hated the book which gives me a reason to hate the show.All it is about is a bunch of idiots morphing into animals to save the world.What is so interesting about that?What is this show supposed to be about anyway?I knew that this show was not going to last long.What makes this a good show.This is sad since i like sci-fi stuff and this is what that is.What was K.A Applegate thinking when they thought of a book about this stuff and worst a show.I am glad they finally cancelled it.Whoever cancelled it has a brain and made a great choice.
  • i was a big fan of the books and wasted my allowance on nearly everything about animorphs. when i heard from a fellow fan that they done the series, we were really excited.

    i was reading the books and imagining that im watching it on my tube. philippines is late 3yrs than america so i logged on to youtube and i watched my first animorph tv series and i was really diappointed. the books are much more better that watching it. i understand that they changed some of the details but they also changed the important ones. like, in the books, they can't morph with their street clothes. when they go back to their original body, they'll be naked. i was really hoping to see them in tights and Ax talking into that kin of babble!
  • This was a very interesting twist on the books, that I was instantly hooked on (Being a huge Animorph fan myself)

    Despite the odd effects and ugly aliens (Not to mention the odd casting, and strange dialogue) it was actually a fun show. I enjoyed watching how they interpreted each book, and seeing what changes they made (Yes, I enjoyed that part!)
    Some people didn't like this for the same reason people don't like movies made from books: because it'll never be as good as the original. Yeah, well, fine. That's true, but it's also true that you've got to learn to find the humour (And subsequent entertainment value) within your fandom.
    May fav character was, and always will be Ax!
  • i thought it was a pretty good show well i was like 12 then. a bunch of kids find a blue horse looking thing from sapce and it tells them 2 touch this glowing thing then they turn into animals weird huh i guess

    it was a pretty good show the story lines where ok and im sure it had a bunch of kids wishing they could turn into animals retarded kids that is but it was an ok show 4 kids i never really cought any adults watching it but the reason why i gave it a six because they had a blue horse but not just any blue horse a blue horse with arms
  • Great premise, not done very well...

    I've been a huge Animorph book fan since day one, they were simply the best. When the television series came out, you can imagine my excitement. I watched every episode, but the show definately needed improvement, and did not nearly live up to my expectations. There were many problems, not necessarily any one made the show go downhill.

    First of all, the show was targetted wrong. It should have been targetted to a more teenage/young adult audience then children.

    The show was not given the treatment it deserved from the getgo. The budget wasn't very high, and the special effects were pretty bad, the exception being the morphing, which looked amazing.

    The actors were.....not great. Once again, exceptions being Shawn Ashmore and Brooke Nevil, they were wonderful but I found the others really lacked substance. Especially Tobais, the show terribly underplayed how bad his life was before becoming an Animorph.

    In fact, in general the show underplayed the general darkness of the situation. Heh, when I read about Marco's Mom being Vissor One in the books, I probably cried for a week...this didn't really play it.

    The series strayed from the books way too much, and many of the episodes seemed choppy, and definately too short.

    Still, the show had its good points, and was interesting enough to keep me watching. Ax's scenes were totally outrageous, and some episodes were real gems. I seriously hope it's revived someday, which these changes. If the show was given a greater budget, a real time slot, and hour long episodes, it could easily achieve the status of other "Teens-With-Powers" sagas like Roswell, or even Smallville.
  • this was a great show!

    I enjoyed watched the animorphs when I was a little boy. I also enjoyed reading the books. I feel like a total geek. Sometimes ill go on the animorphs website and look at all the bookcover photos and study them to see how each portion of the morph is different from the other. lol. Im not sure what my favorite episode was, but I really loved the show. There is something ill never understand though. In the episode "The Reaction" Cassie is allergic to the crocodile morph. However, in the book, Rachel is the one who is allergic to the crocodile morph. All in all its a great show to fall back on.
  • this is based on the books.

    I was dissapointed and kinda frustarated with this show. The show itself wasn't bad, but I was { and still am} a huge fan of the books. I have read every single one, some I actually memorized passages from the books. I just kept watching the show and thinking; that's wrong, that's wrong, Did these people even read the book? I still think they should've given it a better shot though.
  • As a already fan of the book series I was excited az hell to learn they were making a televison show off of it. The bad side is the shows episodes really didnt really stay tru to the books and alot of changes to the charectors

    As a already fan of the book series I was excited az hell to learn they were making a televison show off of it. The bad side is the shows episodes really didnt really stay tru to the books and alot of changes to the charectors(even somes main morphs in the story ie rachel)where swtiched in the show. They kinda of tried to stuff several books stories into one show which wasnt cool. Overall if u were a huge animorphs fan az i was u was just glad to see the charectors come to life(even if only for a short lived 2 seasons)i believed it should of lasted longer
  • for this to be a kids show they sure get into interesting situations

    i have read the books and now i wanna watch the series....plz ruin it for me! my friend told me about the books when i was playing the PlayStation game Bloody Roar 2.....and basically it's Tekken and Animorphs put together. I think i've seen the series a couple of time but if i remember i think it's a really big spin off of power rangers .... only without the mighty morphin and the cool ninja suits. i also think for a kids show they get into some "interesting" situations. and tom is woman crazy from all the other reviews that i've read. peace.
  • not bad

    personally the books were alot better than the show. But the show was still good. But it just had some really corny effects that were really lame if you look at them now. I think they could have done a much betterjob on this show. but oh well. every show on tv cant be perfect
  • The book-turned-tv show has its moments, but is a slight disappointment to old fans

    Animorphs is based on a highly popular book series from the 90s by KA Applegate, and Nick turned it into a TV show. When I heard about the project I hoped they'd be faithful to the books and for the most part they were. But most of the series is a disappointment: the characters were older and more 2d. Battle scenes were downplayed. wait where were the battle scenes? They created an entire new storyline for most of the series, but there were some good moments that would keep me watching. The shows based on the books are satisfying
  • Animorphs was originally based on the book series created by K.A. Applegate. In this battle against parasitic aliens, called Yeerks, Jake, Rachel, Marco, and Tobias was given the power to morph into any creature to fight Visser Three and other Yeerks.

    This series was one of my favorite series when I was a pre-teen. I use to love watching all the episodes with the different story lines. I always love science fictions movies, books, and television series. My favorite parts of the series was when people could turn into animals, there was good and bad aliens, and the romance within the series. If they ever make a movie out of it, I think it would be a great movie if they have the right writer and director. If you never seen this series then try to see it because it great for pre-teens or anyone interest watching this kind of show.
  • please please bring it back

    Please please please bring this awesome show back. I don't care where you put it just brx it back. It's anawesome book series and a great show so why cancel it. I meani think the plot is great and everything. pretty much the plot is the yarks are evil and andilights are arigant fools who can't controll there tastebuds when in human morph. Wait go back whaq is morphing x'swhere you go from one shape to another. Like from a human or an andilite too a bird or a tiger. Now that would be awesome. Anyway Jake Marco Casie Ratchail tobius and the andilight accsimili. This is my review I loved this show please bring it back.
  • I loved this show!

    I loved this show! me and my two sisters would watch it so much we had are own fanclub and were addicted to the books i was so sad when the series ended and i can't find videos anywere i wish the played reruns! i sure hope season one and 2 come out on DVD soon.
  • Animorphs: Why Did Nick Cancel It?

    On the surface, the series chronicled the lives of five average human teenagers and an alien (from a race called Andalites) who, with powers of shapeshifting ("morphing") granted them by alien technology, attempt to prevent the takeover of Earth by a race of parasitic aliens called Yeerks. However, the series as a whole focuses on how the war affects and changes the characters, rather than on the superficial elements of the plot.
    The books throughout the series discuss underlying themes questioning the morality, judgment and idea of what is good and evil facing the central characters.

    One such theme is the control of creatures and sentient beings.
  • An awesome TV version of the books by K.A. Applegate, that most certainly did not deserve to be left hanging like it is. BRING IT BACK!!

    When I first started reading the Animorphs series, I got stuck to it right away, and went through all 54 books, as well as all of the side series. I'd sometimes even go through 5 of the books in one day! So when I heard that there was a TV series based off these fantastic books by Applegate, I made sure to watch every episode there is. The TV series was also fantastic, not as good as the books, granted, but still an excellent show that made everything in it seem so real! So I was very disappointed when I heard that the show was axed. If only this show was returned to TV, I'd make sure to watch every episode that aired! This is all I have left to say: Bring this show back!!!!
  • It's all in your hands!!

    I always loved animorphs while growing up and I think for a show that was made way back when, the effects were not so bad though you could see that they were made with a low budget. Even though I often thought the show broke the rules of the book with morphing and all, it was still entertaining and fun to watch animorphs live instead of daydreaming with pages. I wish this show would be put back on the air or at least have lasted longer so we could continue to see the relationship between rachel and tobias last longer.
  • This series could make a comeback if...

    I've been a huge fan of the series in both book and . since day 1. I always had fond memories of watching it as a kid, and waiting for the next book to come out. It wasn't perfect, but it was a project ahead of its time and very ambitious for what it was given in both direction and budget. With that being said.. it could make a comeback. The series would need to be a remake. Everything new and fresh, not a reboot.. While I maintain the show was great, it needs to be a fresh take on it. The source material needs to stay somewhat true to the books. There needs to be a bigger budget, and more room and focus on the special affects. I want to hear the crunch of their bones while they morph. In today's market, this show and series can be a contender for another major franchise series. It needs to focus on the kids more. Meaning the characters, not the audience. It needs to have a more mature setting, like TV-14 and set on a channel like USA or CW. It needs either directors with experience in working with unknown actors, or it needs unknown directors with experienced actors. I would even have the teenagers be a little older so they could come off as more mature. Whenever I read the books, I always found myself surprised and having to re-check the fact that they were still in high school at the time of their powers and everything. This series is dark, with little blurbs of light every now and then. It needs to have a combined mix of Supernatural and Smallville for it to work. The battle scenes need to be more flushed out, and cared for just as much as the back and forth between the characters. I want more focus on the animal instincts as well, which I greatly enjoyed.. Tobias needs to be a major focus as well as Jake while not taking away from the other core members of the team. I personally think it either needs to go on Netflix, to be allowed to be made anyway it wants.. or it needs to be turned into a movie franchise. Those are the only two options I see in which this series could work again.
  • I never got to see the show on TV, but I managed to catch a few of the episodes on, and from what I could see, Animorphs was, like the books, amazing.

    I never got to see the show on TV, but I managed to catch a few of the episodes on, and from what I could see, Animorphs was, like the books, amazing. It wasn't the best, as the books were incredibly detailed, but how much detail can you fit into a low budget half hour show? All in all, it's great! So maybe the thoughtspeak sounded more like a gurgling stomach at some points (and the morphing sounds were partially made by stirring chicken livers in a bowl) but all in all... I wish this show would come back on TV and I really wish that they would redo them with a bigger budget and make them one hour long each, at the very least. But Animorphs rocks!


    I wish they would start that show again. I really liked it. so, alot of words left. so so so so so what do you think? so so so so i hate the 100 word min. anyway some words. word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word words stink
  • Animorphs is about 5 kids who meet an andalite prince and gain the power to morph. They use their morphing powers to fight against the yeerks; parasites that enter through their hosts ear. The yeerls think they are andalite bandits until way later on.

    Animorphs is an amazing series. It is a book and a show. I have only actually seen the first 13 episodes but oh well. I have read up to 38 but I decided since I have had to skip some of the books I am restarting the book series so I can read all of them. Animorphs is a true series and all of the charechters seem so real. I only wish they hadn`t cancelled it or shown in a couple of years later. Tobias is my favorite and I feel close to the Animorphs. Please bring it back! ANIMORPHS 4EVA!
  • this is classic

    This show is a show based off the books series animorphs. Its about five kids who find a crashed alien ship and a centaur like creature called an andialite named elfangor. elfangor gives the kids the ability to morph into any creture they come in contact with. he also tells them of the yeerks a parisitic race of slugs who can control any creature by only entering its head and there plan to invade earth. now jake there not so fearless leader cassie an animal lover marco your typical joker rachel the brute warrior and tobias the loner who accidentally becomes trapped in hawk morph. this show is epic
  • When five kids, Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Tobias, and Marco, are walking home from the mall one night, they meet Prince Elfangor who gives them the power to morph. But, along with that they retrieve the burden of saving the world.

    They really shouldn't have canceled this show. I know alot of people tought it was bad, but you gotta admit, everyone knew that show would be hard to make and I think it did a good job. If they had let it progress a bit, it might have been a bit better. I mean, the book series lasted five years, think about how long it would've lasted if Nick had let it go on. The episodes may not have completely fit the books, but they did the best they could. I really think this was a great show no matter what anyone else says.
  • OMG!!!!!

    I used to love this show and i would watch it everu day and i had all the action figures and all of the stuff and it was awsome!!! I read the books too and it was hecka awesome! I cant believe its over!noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!why did you have to go why??