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  • Great premise, not done very well...

    I've been a huge Animorph book fan since day one, they were simply the best. When the television series came out, you can imagine my excitement. I watched every episode, but the show definately needed improvement, and did not nearly live up to my expectations. There were many problems, not necessarily any one made the show go downhill.

    First of all, the show was targetted wrong. It should have been targetted to a more teenage/young adult audience then children.

    The show was not given the treatment it deserved from the getgo. The budget wasn't very high, and the special effects were pretty bad, the exception being the morphing, which looked amazing.

    The actors were.....not great. Once again, exceptions being Shawn Ashmore and Brooke Nevil, they were wonderful but I found the others really lacked substance. Especially Tobais, the show terribly underplayed how bad his life was before becoming an Animorph.

    In fact, in general the show underplayed the general darkness of the situation. Heh, when I read about Marco's Mom being Vissor One in the books, I probably cried for a week...this didn't really play it.

    The series strayed from the books way too much, and many of the episodes seemed choppy, and definately too short.

    Still, the show had its good points, and was interesting enough to keep me watching. Ax's scenes were totally outrageous, and some episodes were real gems. I seriously hope it's revived someday, which these changes. If the show was given a greater budget, a real time slot, and hour long episodes, it could easily achieve the status of other "Teens-With-Powers" sagas like Roswell, or even Smallville.