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  • This series could make a comeback if...

    I've been a huge fan of the series in both book and . since day 1. I always had fond memories of watching it as a kid, and waiting for the next book to come out. It wasn't perfect, but it was a project ahead of its time and very ambitious for what it was given in both direction and budget. With that being said.. it could make a comeback. The series would need to be a remake. Everything new and fresh, not a reboot.. While I maintain the show was great, it needs to be a fresh take on it. The source material needs to stay somewhat true to the books. There needs to be a bigger budget, and more room and focus on the special affects. I want to hear the crunch of their bones while they morph. In today's market, this show and series can be a contender for another major franchise series. It needs to focus on the kids more. Meaning the characters, not the audience. It needs to have a more mature setting, like TV-14 and set on a channel like USA or CW. It needs either directors with experience in working with unknown actors, or it needs unknown directors with experienced actors. I would even have the teenagers be a little older so they could come off as more mature. Whenever I read the books, I always found myself surprised and having to re-check the fact that they were still in high school at the time of their powers and everything. This series is dark, with little blurbs of light every now and then. It needs to have a combined mix of Supernatural and Smallville for it to work. The battle scenes need to be more flushed out, and cared for just as much as the back and forth between the characters. I want more focus on the animal instincts as well, which I greatly enjoyed.. Tobias needs to be a major focus as well as Jake while not taking away from the other core members of the team. I personally think it either needs to go on Netflix, to be allowed to be made anyway it wants.. or it needs to be turned into a movie franchise. Those are the only two options I see in which this series could work again.