Season 1 Episode 7

The Escape

Aired Unknown Oct 20, 1998 on Nickelodeon

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  • Good if you haven't read the books.

    This episode is a good Animorphs episode. The characters interact well with each other, the human-version of Ax is very funny, and the storyline is interesting. But in terms of being true to the books, this episode leaves any avid Animorph fan a little disappointed. The most interesting parts of the book, which involve a lot of morphing, are all watered down and done in human form. One of the most intense scenes in the book is entering the mental hospital through roach morph, but Marco and Rachel just disguise themselves as doctors? Come on. Then they just walk into the fast food restaurant instead of going through as flies...and they aren't even morphed into anything when they first go into the Yeerk Pool. One of the problems with this series is the lack of morphs and morphing that occurs in the episodes. Besides that, this episode is fairly decent.
  • Great episode one of the Best!!

    The best Episode All the whole TV show When Rachel.Marco and Ax were at a restaurant Ax was eating a shake Like a freak till they see this guy going nuts for oatmeal. He said He had a Yeerk in his head and the cops took him away. The Animorphs Find out his name is George Edelman and go to the hospital and He tells them that Yeerks HATE oatmeal and sometimes die from it. With this info they try to get in the yeerk pool when one way dose not work . They morph ferrets and dig in . They put Oatmeal in the pools killing yeerks. It was funny when they threw one at The Visser!! The one thing I don't get is Tobias (the Hawk) Got shot But In the next Episode they don't tell you how he was alive. But it was still a great Episode!