Season 1 Episode 11

The Reaction

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1998 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • For the whole series, the morphs have included the clothing. So why is it that Cassie's reaction is happening under her shirt when she is talking to Tom?

    • Why would the other Animorphs stay around when the crocodile was loose? If it saw the Yeerk, it would definitely see them and go after them.

    • The crocodile would not be able to see the Yeerk from where it was. Crocodiles have poor eye vision. Even if it did see the Yeerk, it would not have been able to grab it at that angle.

    • Why did the Yeerk leave Jason? Why didn't he just run like everyone else? And once the Yeerk left him, why was he unconscious? None of the other Controllers were unconscious when their Yeerks left them.

    • How did the crocodile get out of the bathroom?

    • If burping was the way to get rid of the allergy, what did Andalites do? They don't have mouths.

    • Why would Ethan come back asking what's going on after he went for help? And why did he come back alone when there was a boy in the crocodile pit?

    • In the book, it is actually Rachel who has the crocodile allergy.

  • Quotes

    • (Rachel and Cassie are looking at the Larry and Linda Live website.)
      Rachel: Oh, wow, look.
      Cassie: That's Jason Jon McCole.
      Rachel: And he's gonna be on the same show.
      (The two look at each other and grab each other's arms.)

    • Jake: We have to consider the consequences before we go jumping into a snake pit.
      Marco: Crocodile.
      Jake: Whatever.

    • Marco: I mean, all people saw was Cassie looking like she was mind-melding with some reptile. How weird could that be?
      Cassie: Marco, stop trying to help, please.

    • Cassie: That was Larry and Linda Live. They heard of us saving the boy at the zoo, and they want us on the show tomorrow!
      Rachel: Ah! Our fifteen minutes of fame.
      Cassie: Exactly. There's two of us, that means we get half an hour.
      Rachel: Naturally.

    • Victor Trent: (flipping through a TV set) What do humans find so fascinating with this continual barrage of moving pictures?
      Tom: It's a primary source of information and entertainment.
      Victor Trent: Well, they crave it as if their very lives depended on it. Why haven't we made use of this weapon?!

    • Marco: So anytime now, Cassie's gonna burp up a crocodile?
      Ax: Yes.
      Marco: Great, save me a front row seat.

    • Marco: We're sorry. Laura and Linda Live will not be seen today so that we may bring you the following special program.
      Tobias: (in thought speak) The Yeerk Files!
      Marco: And the bird boy grabs a sense of humor!

    • Cassie: Cassie... I am... Cassie.
      Jason: (as a Controller) Wow. That's... really... nice!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jason McCole: So. You're the Crocodile Dundees, huh?

      Crocodile Dundee is a 1986 Australian film (followed by two sequels) centering around a man named Mick "Crocodile" Dundee who has survived a crocodile attack.

    • Marco: Houston, we have a problem.

      Originally, this line was used by astronauts to report life-threatening faults. It was also the tagline for the 1995 movie Apollo 13, a depiction of the moon flight on which this saying originated. It is now often used humorously to comment on any type of problem.

    • According to K.A. Applegate, the character Jason Jon McCole (named Jeremy Jason McCole in the book version) was a parody of the actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and The Larry and Linda Show (in the books The Barry and Cindy Sue Show) was modeled after the show Live with Regis and Kathy Lee.