Season 1 Episode 12

The Stranger

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1998 on Nickelodeon

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  • A Good Episode..With First Time seeing the Ellimist!!

    It Starts out When Rachel's Father asks her to move away with Him..She has a hard Time making this choice.But the Story gets going when AX is kidnapped and the Visser Traps the others in a Net. As by magic A blue ghost like man who is called the Ellimist Comes And there all out of the net(Also Tobias is Back to his Real form)He gives Them a choice Save a small group of there love ones And stop Fighting or Go back it the net .. Jake Soon becomes the only one Who says No.With Rachel wanting very badly to go with his plan for her Father and Tobias.But The Ellimist brings them to the Future With Earth looking like the Yeerk home world and Visser3 is now visser1 and his top fighter is All-grown up Rachel! After Finding out How they ate Tobias. She grabbed a knife and almost stabbed the Visser. But the Ellimist Stopped her And brought them back to the past. Jake now says Yes not wanting Rachel to become what He just saw.But Rachel Now dose not want to Go and Get's them all to Say No.Which brings them back in the net But! lucky for Rachel that She brought back the Knife from the Future and The Get out And Get Ax... A Fine Episode But Ax and the Ellimist were very Cheap looking But It was great to see the Animorphs make a very Hard choice!