Season 1 Episode 12

The Stranger

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1998 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • When the Controller runs up to Rachel in lion form, there is clearly a visor on his flashlight/Dracon beam, so why did he choose to run away rather than fire?

    • It's not possible for Rachel to have the knife. The Ellimist changed things back to the way they were. That means the knife could not have been there.

    • Goof: Visser3's host body is adult andalite. Ax is teenager andalite. From the books we know that the Animorphs already know the differences, and that means that the andalite that was trapped was Visser3, costumed as Ax. Andalite can't morph to another form without returning to himself first, so how Visser3 morphed suddenly to Victor Trent?

  • Quotes

    • Rachel: We faced a hard choice today. Save the ones you love, or risk losing them to the Yeerks. We learned that leaving here doesn't take care of your problems, because even if we leave with the people we love we'll always miss the place we live in: our planet, our home.

    • Rachel's Dad: You're one amazing kid.
      Rachel: Bent on saving the world.
      Rachel's Dad: Yeah, well, if anybody could do it, it would be you.

    • Rachel: We leave and it's game over. The Yeerks win. Everything we saw, it will be because we made it happened, not the Yeerks. Us. We can't sit back while they make the world like that. No. No way.

    • Jake: We can't give up.
      Marco: Whoa, whoa! Where's it say that, dude? We were almost out for the count till Obi-wan here shows up and gives us a freebie. I say we grab it.

    • Ellimist: I have an offer for you. We can save a few members of the human race. But we have a planet where we can relocate you, some members of your families, a few non-human Earth species.
      Tobias: You want to send us to some kind of alien zoo?
      Ellimist: Uh... sanctuary.

    • Ellimist: The Yeerks are technologically superior to you. They will continue to infest the human race. The Andalites will oppose them but they'll lose. The Yeerks will win. Soon, the only humans left will be those you call 'human controllers'. Shame... such a lovely world.

    • Rachel: Who...What are you?
      Ellimist: I am an Ellimist.
      Marco: You know, that's very informative.
      Ellimist: You cannot begin to understand who we are.
      Jake: You knew my name.
      Ellimist: We are a race of beings, all-powerful. We can cross millions of light years in an instant. We can make entire worlds disappear. We can stop time itself.
      Jake: You did all this? Why?
      Ellimist: Because you must decide.
      Rachel: Decide what?
      Ellimist: The fate of your race.

    • Jake: We can't give up.
      Rachel: I know. I just wish this was multiple choice.

    • Marco: I don't acquire anything that's acquiring my blood.

    • Rachel: I've always been into gymnastics. Because it's fun, and because it's just you and your body. You practice, you get better. It's controllable. Not like life, where slugs decide to invade Earth and your mom and dad split up.

    • Rachel's Dad: I think we're going hiking, kiddo. You don't have to be color coordinated. I mean, who's going to see you? Squirrels and birds?
      Rachel: You'd be surprised. Some of them might actually be close personal friends.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Star Wars

      Marco: We were almost out for the count till Obi-wan here shows up and gives us a freebie.

      Obi-Wan Kenobi is the famous Jedi Master from the Star Wars movies. After he dies, his Force ghost looks very similar to how the Ellimist looks.