Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1998 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • When Marco comes home, the monster movie his father is watching actually contains scenes from the Goosebumps episode 'The Werewolf of Fever Swamp', which is another TV series produced by Scholastic.

    • Red-Tailed Hawks are not native to the town the Animorphs are in, yet the hawk that follows the Animorphs home is not Tobias. Tobias acquired his morph from a injured hawk at Cassie's barn, how could this hawk be following them?

    • We find out that Tobias has a rougher life than the other Animorphs thought. He gets passed around between his uncle and aunt, and does not have any other family.

  • Quotes

    • Cassie: Jake, I'm really sorry about your brother.
      Jake: I'm gonna set him free no matter what it takes. When we do, I'm gonna take that Yeerk inside of his head and squash it like a bug.
      Tobias: At least now we know that the Yeerks need some sort of booster treatment every three days.
      Rachel: And we know a way into this pool, whatever that is.
      Marco: Yeah, you'd think that Elfangor would've given us an instruction manual or something.
      Rachel: You mean before or after he went toe-to-toe with Visser Three?

    • Rachel: Tobias?
      Jake: That's not him.
      Marco: What? You mean I've been talking to a bird all the way back?

    • Marco: Yeah, I'd give anything to be just a regular kid again. But, no, now I get to change my shape more often than I change my underwear. But when I saw Jake's brother and all the others trapped, taken over, controlled, I realized I was one of the lucky ones.

    • Cassie: Remember, when you acquire it's DNA, it'll go into a trance.
      Marco: How about that moment before the trance when it rips his arm off?

    • Tom: Jake has a very strong will. He may be a problem for us. If he doesn't cooperate, we may have to correct the problem.

    • Marco: I mean, we're dealing with some serious stuff here. It's a little more drastic than finding a zit. We were bound to go ballistic sooner or later, you know? You know?

    • Tobias: Do you ever wish you could just... fly away?

    • Jake: Wait a second, you quit the basketball team?
      Tom: Jake, there's more to life than throwing a ball at a stupid hoop.
      Jake: What? Basketball's like your whole life.
      Tom: Not anymore. Anyway, we do cooler things at The Sharing.

    • Marco: My name is Marco. I'd give anything to be on the other side again, just a normal kid in a regular world. But then I remember that the world isn't regular anymore. And I remember that at any minute a controller could be sneaking up on me. About to shove a slimy slug in my ear.

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