Anna Lee

ITV (ended 1994)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Requiem
      Episode 5
      Anna is given the job of investigating the suspicious death of pop singer Dawn Blake, which the police say was suicide. The agency finds some strong evidence against William Gilmore, the boss of Dawn's recording company - but Anna, who likes Gilmore, refuses to believe it. She rows with her boss, Brierly, and resigns from her job. Then the story leaks to a magazine called Street, and Gilmore sues for libel - it turns out that he has a cast-iron alibi. Meanwhile, Gilmore has asked Anna to marry him, but she turns him down. And then Gilmore admits that it was all a set-up: he wanted revenge on the editor of Street, which had largely caused Dawn to kill herself by its vitriolic attacks on her. However, all this still leaves Anna out of a job.moreless
    • The Cook's Tale
      The Cook's Tale
      Episode 4
      Anna's old school friend, Laura Jones, hires her to follow her philandering husband, Dominic, who is a chef at a gourmet restaurant. Anna soon finds that Dominic is having an affair with an actress called Mary Vincent - but so is Laura's father, David Lambert, the joint owner of the restaurant. Then Dominic announces he is taking a job in the Caribbean working for Mark Fletcher, a British member of parliament. Laura confronts Mary Vincent - and then Mary is found murdered at Laura's house, and Laura has vanished. Anna suspects Mark Fletcher of a complicated plot to entice Dominic away from London. Dominic accuses Mark of killing Mary - and then Mark is also murdered. In the end, Anna identifies the killer - and it is not Laura.moreless
    • Diversion
      Episode 3
      The Notting Hill Carnival Committee is threatened with violence unless the Carnival is cancelled. Then two days before the day of the Carnival a bomb goes off on the planned route, which causes so much damage that the route has to be changed. Local business man Adrian Wesley, a client of Brierly's, is suspected, as he has been trying to take over the Carnival. Then Beryl, Brierley's secretary, is kidnapped, and when Anna finds the kidnappers she is herself grabbed. What it's all about is that the kidnappers are planning a bank robbery during the Carnival. Anna and Beryl escape in the nick of time and manage to foil the robbers, with the help of a Carnival float driven by Selwyn, Anna's landlord.moreless
    • Stalker
      Episode 2
      Anna is working on two cases. In the first, she needs to find a man called Eddie Marsham, who is said to have something belonging to her client, Thurman. In the second, she is asked to prove that a convicted drunk driver who killed a child is still driving while banned. She discovers that what Thurman is really after is the proceeds of a train robbery. Meanwhile, Anna falls for Peter Wainwright, the father of the dead child, but it doesn't work out. For more, see Recap.moreless
    • Dupe
      Episode 1
      The Jacksons hire Brierly's to find their missing daughter, Deirdre (or Dee) , and Anna is put on the case. She finds Dee, who is now working for a video company, but Dee says she is happy and doesn't want to see her parents. Then Dee is found dead in her car, and the police say it was an accident, but her father doesn't believe it. Anna thinks Fred Slinger, the boss of Dee's firm, knows something, and she gets a job with him, pretending to be a camerawoman. She finds that Slinger is running a pirate video scam and that Dee was blackmailing him. Slinger is arrested and admits Dee fell to her death after a tussle on some stairs, and he tried to cover it up.moreless
    • Headcase
      Anna's first case as a private detective has her searching for the missing daughter of a high-ranking government official.