Anna Pihl

SBS One (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Under anklage del 2 - Nedtælling
      After the killing of Bjørn the government conciders making a case against Anna, wich in worst case could put her in jail for 10 years. While Anna is still suspended from her job, she and Martin investigates the case on their own. They also does a reconstruction at the crime scene. Some things points to the fact that the police might have overlooked some things. This makes the police able to arrest a drug dealer, but the police does not agree that the cases are linked. This is when Anna proves herself as a police officer. Anna's famuily and friends gathers for a picnic. Maybe the future is bright for her afterall ?moreless
    • Under anklage del 1 - Skuddet
      Anna and Martin is investing a simple burglary, but when they are about to arrest 2 simple thiefesthings get out of hand and Anna has to fire her gun. This has huge consequences, not only for the investigation, but also for Anna as a police officer and human being. Henning supports her as much as he can, but he cant prevent Anna's life to be turned upside down. Martins relationship to Anna is also affected. Samira invites Kim on a family trip, and after thinking about it for a long time he agrees. Not everybody likes that idea.moreless
    • Mikala's valg
      Mikala's valg
      Episode 8
      To catch a narco network at Vestre Prison facility, Anna goes undercover as a prison officer. Drugs are smuggled into the prison, where Mikala is doing her time. So this is were their lives meets once again. Mikala agrees to help her old colleagues to catch the smuglers, but she soon discovers that its dangerous to tell on those kind of people. Kim and Samira plan to move in together and has invited Kim's mom for dinner. The dinner does not end up how they had hoped. Therese has got a new boyfriend, this makes Jan nervous, thinking about the joint parent custody of Molly. Martin is suddenly taking a new job in Århus.moreless
    • Altanpigen del 2 - Opgøret
      Jamila couldnt handle the preasure from the family and has returned. The preperations for her wedding with the son of a Pakistani mafiaboss has already started. At the same time, somebody shoots towards her boyfriend, Mahmood, who is doing everything to get her back. When Anna and Martin turns up at the wedding, things starts happening very quickly. Back home Anna tries to explain to Mikkel, why he cant go snowboarding with Daniel. Kim gets too much good advice on how he should treat Samira.moreless
    • Altanpigen del 1 - Springet
      A young girl with Pakisani background tries to commit suicide, and at first the police thinks its about forced marriage. But when Anna and her fellow officers look into the case, its about a whole lot more at stake. Karim is istill not comfortable that Kim and his sister are in an affair, but the relationship causes trouble on other fronts too. Jan and Therese's relationship is not going as well as it should either. Daniel and Anna decides to let their families meet at a restaurant, but the dinner does not go as planned. Mads also gets into more trouble.moreless
    • En gang skyldig
      En gang skyldig
      Episode 5
      A 9 year old boy goes missing at the zoo in Copenhagen, and one of his shoes is found in the polarbear cave. Everything points that a pedophile is the person who commited this, and when a suspect is brought in for questioning, Eva is extremely hard on him. Anna tries to talk to Eva about her reaction, but Eve does not want to talk about it, until Henning interfeers. Karim finds out that Kim and Sammira are lovvers. This has consequnces for the 2 officers elsewise good relationship at work. This makea Ole react. Anna has a glass of redwine with Mik and Martin, when Daniel comes to pick her up. Daniel is not at all happy about what he sees.moreless
    • Happy slapping
      Happy slapping
      Episode 4
      On their way home from the movies, Anna and Daniel are attacked by 4 juveniles. At first the police thinks its a so called "happy slapping, where youths attack strangers and record it on their cell phones. Daniel's reaction is pretty violent, this injures Sune the most, who claims Daniel head butted him. In the middle of this, Sune mother turns up. Both Anna and Daniel are questioned about the attack, and the questioning affects Anna's relationship to Daniel, cause all of a sudden she is not sure she can trust him. Kim is about to make dinner for Samina, and needs help from Jan. The dinner does not go as planned, and what happens when Karim finds out that Kim has been dating his sister ?moreless
    • Hus forbi
      Hus forbi
      Episode 3
      A homeless man is found seriously injured under a bridge. At first it looks like a suicicde attemp, but when Anna investigates the case, a witness turns up with a different version of what happened. When the witness offers to help on the case, it has violent consequnces. The homeless is in hospital and is in a coma, and Kim voulenteers to keep guard, because he has a plan. At first things does not go according to plan. Daniel takes Anna out to Søllerød to look at a house, and he has a surprise for her, that she is not very happy about. This causes problems at home where Jan is disappointed and angry. On the other side, Henning comes up with good news.moreless
    • Sandt eller Falsk
      After surgery Martin is ready to return to the police squad. Eva hires him in the crime squad, and he and Anna is again colleagues. This apperently is ok for everybody including Anna, himself or Daniel. A big sailboat is in the harbour of Copenhagen, and suitcases worth lots of money is stolen from the rich American owners. A young couple that is working on the sailboat, gets the police attention, Anna and Martin is heading the investigation. The case that first appears to be about a few small scale burglaries, turns into something else. Kim has to go back to the hospital again, but this time its not only because of his chin.moreless
    • Manden i mosen
      Manden i mosen
      Episode 1
      Anne has started her new job as a crime squad member and her first job is to identify a man who has been shot and dumped in a swamp area, The man has a police badge on him, but is he who he pretended to be ? When Anna talks to one of the suspects, she gets into a life threatening situation. During the investigation of the murder, Karim experiences a very violent thing. Kim has to go to the hospital where he is treated by a very nice and cute nurse, with minority background. Daniel invites Anne to dinner, to tell her something omportant. At Bellahøy, Martin unexpectedly turns up after a job interview.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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