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  • this show was really great!!! i loved all the people of bay city the cast was so alive and i wish the show could repeat again from the beinning.

    why was the soap another world taking off the air and/or moved and most recently from the soapnet channel. i recently started watching the show and i try never to miss a day and the one day that i did it was no longer there they should get rid of dynasty one tree hill ex... and bring back all the shows that are worth watching prime time and daytime. if anyone knows what happen to the show and why it was taken off or move please let me know so that i can catch up on my fix again
  • "We do not live in this world alone, but in a thousand other worlds."

    Premiering on NBC in 1964, "Another World" followed the Matthews, Cory, Hudson, and Frame families as they deal with love, life, and loss in the fictional town of Bay City. In 1975, AW became the first daytime drama to expand into a hour. Four years later, it became the first and, to date, only soap to expand into 90 minutes. The show was also the first to spawn two spin-offs, "Somerset" and "Texas." Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Anne Heche all got their starts on the show. But in 1999, after 35 years on the air, NBC abruptly cancelled "Another World." And even though the show has been off the air for almost a decade, AW's legacy will live on.
  • A show brimming with lots of drama.

    Another World. What can I say about this soap opera? First, even though it first came on before I was born and I didn't start to watch it on a regular basis until its last few years on the air, I found it to be pretty entertaining.

    Another thing that I like about the drama is how, even though the storylines revolve around the wealthy inhabitants of the fictional town of Bay City, the situations that they get involved with are, at times, similar to the lives of real people, not those just on the television screen.

    And lastly, another thing that I like about Another World is how in the older episodes of the series, there are several actors that I have familiar with their acting now that I didn't know they were apart of the show, with Anne Heche coming to mind.

    In all, I find this show to be entertaining, and I am glad that SOAPnet is airing the repeats of the show, so I can see what the show was like before I started watching on a regular basis in its final years.
  • Another World was a soap opera that touched alot lives when it came to end. the Corey's, The Hudsons, The Loves ect. The show was the best I miss you all...

    I still love this show... I go to my friends house in the usa to watch Soap Net. It suck no Soap Net In Canada yet... But I watch everyday.... I rate show still 10 Stars... I wish it is still on the air was a big mistake to take show off the air. I watched Another World for alot of years and still watch the reruns... I love it aplaude...
  • Another World was the greatest soap of all time. I watched it growing up and the best characters were Vicky/Marley, Jake, Amanda and Sam, MJ and Frankie and Cass of course. They had the best storyline with the who shot Jake story.

    I would rate AW at a 10. It had all the elements needed for a great soap: storylines, acting, characters you could really root for and care about. Passions is OK but AW was better. Anne Heche as Vicky/Marley was brilliant. When she was replaced by Jensen Buchanan it took awhile for me to accept her as my fave character(s), but she did a good enough job to keep me watching. When this show was cancelled it was like an losing an old friend. Days and Passions could learn alot from AW: don't bore your viewers with same old stories..
  • Good show, great cast, wonderful story lines!!!!!!!!!


    I loved watching this show when I was growing up and after I became an adult. The loss of this classic show was very saddening to me. I wish some how there was a way to live those days by it being released once again on DVD.

    Silly maybe, but what a pleasure it would be to see the cast of one of my faviorte shows doing what they did best. Entertaining!!!
  • Daytime drama set in a fictional midwestern town, where we follow the lives of the wealthy Cory and Matthews families and their friends. The show ran until 1999, when it more or less sailed off into its own proverbial sunset.

    I started watching Another World in the mid 1980s, when my grandmother moved in with us. I more or less grew up on soap operas. I think one of the things that I loved so much about that show is that there was an underlying humor in a lot of the plot lines. When the show lost some of their actors, they lovingly wrote it into the show. I cried along with the people on the show when they grieved for patriarch Mac Cory (played by Douglas Watson). I think my all time favorite couple of the 15+ years I watched the show was Cass Winthrop and Frankie Frame Wintrop, and it was a bittersweet ending of the show to have Frankie looking down on the remarriage of Cass to Lila. I was so excited when Soapnet picked up Another World, and even more excited when it picked it up from a few years afer I first started watching, right in the height of the Cory/Hudson/Frame/Winthrop excitement. I think Another World was definitely underrated in its day, and was a fun soap to watch!
  • The intoxicating story of the wealthy, the powerful, the everyman, the stars, and their shadows. 35 of taste and trash.

    I grew up watching this show and was sorely disappointed when it was cancelled. I remember taping the last episode, hoping one day for a reunion, and vowing NEVER to watch anything which replaced it! I still watch the reruns on SoapNet, I still hope for a reunion, but I did break the vow and after a few years, started watching "Passions." I still believe this could have fit in the schedule, but alas, I am not the television powers-that-be. This show covered it all, from the location shots, to the will-they-won't-they weddings, to even a dead wife coming back as a ghost on her husband's wedding day to give him and their daughter her blessing. If you didn't catch it the first time, hit the reruns, other than those clothes we wore in the 80's, you'll love may even still love those clothes, too.
  • A soap opera involving the families of Frame, Hudson, & the Corys in a town called Bay City.

    I used to love this soap & everything about it. Of course there were times when the storylines would get on my nerves & then I would stop watching it for a while...BUT I always came back. I used to love characters like Jake & Paulina, Evan & Amanda & Joise & Matt. Thank goodness for SoapNet because now I can go back & watch one of my favorite soaps.
  • A soap surrounding the lives of the people of Bay City.

    I would watch this on & off through the years when I was a teenager. I would love most of the storylines & hate some of the others. I even got to meet a few of the actors & actresses from the soap, but only because their studio was based in Brooklyn. It's funny to watch it now & see how we used to dress LOL Most of the storylines I remember but a lot of it I forgot, so it's like watching it for the first time all over again. I have to admitt I am enjoying it as much as I did the first time 'round.
  • Classic Soap featuring the Cory's,Matthews and Frames.Starring some of Daytimes finest including Robin Strasser,Robert Kelker Kelly, Linda Dano, Ellen Wheeler,Laurence Lau,and of course Douglas Watson as the late great Mac Cory

    I miss Another World. While the show wasn't quite the same after Douglas Watson's death. It was a great show.... Probably considered old fashioned by todays standards,this show was all about people and everyday comings and goings.... Of course it had its soap inconsistancies Such as Rachel giving birth to twins in the latter part of the shows run....Grant you the actress was still somewhat young enough however considering her character had a son 30+ years old. I found it quite hard to swallow.If you missed it the first go round you can catch it on Soapnet however they are already up to 1989.
  • I got hooked on Another World in 1974. And for the next 25 years I watched it loyally. It was a great time to watch AW back in the 70s because the Headwriter, Harding LeMay did such a wonderful job with the stories and great casting with stage actors.

    In the early 80s the quality was still there but as I got older I couldn't watch it on a daily basis. In the mid eighties I saw the writing on the wall when NBC interfered with AW more and more. I knew the show would be dropped by the end of the century. After the great Doug Watson, who played MacKenzie Cory passed away, the Red Swan story kicked the show into a resurgence of quality into the early 1990s. In 1996 the character Frankie Frame was killed off maliciously in a one hour episode story of the killer stalking her. The show lost it's heart then and despite the efforts the show spiraled out of control during the Lumina storyline. I watched the show to the end. 25 years I watched the show loyally with the ups and downs of the Matthews, Frame, Cory, and Hudson families. The show will forever be in my heart. It is currently on the Soapnet Channel. The Soapnet channel picked up the AW story in 2003 with the 1987 year episodes. Despite an up and down ride in quality following the Harding LeMay years (1971-1979)the show had a core of both talent, solid production values and an honesty despite NBC's treatment of the show in the eighties and nineties.
  • Another World simply the best!!!

    Another World simly was the best soap ever!!! No one did it the way Another World did it!! It ought to still be on television. I'm loving the re-runs on Soapnet!! Being able to re-live Another World has been great! My thanks to Soapnet for that!!! I still wish that someone would give it a chance and bring it back to the current line up of Soaps!!
  • The best soap that has ever aired.

    I love Another World. I am now watching it on SOAPnet and I have fallen in love with it. I love the characters Vicky, Donna, Michael, Rachel, heck I like all of them! This show is way better then any other soap on today.

    I can't believe this show was cancelled for Passions. I know it went downhill when it was in it's last year, but they still could have gotten new writters and changed the show to what it was.

    I love Another World and always will. The only regret that I have is not watching this show sooner so I could see more of Mac. He and the actor Douglas Watson were the best!
  • Another World aired on NBC for over 35 years and was set in Bay City. Central characters on the show included Rachel Cory-Hutchins, Felicia Gallant and Cass Winthrop. Another World was also shown in the United Kingdom being the longest running american da

    Another World was a classic American daytime drama set in Bay City and aired on NBC for over 35 years. Apart from the United States Another World also aired in the United Kingdom where it was the longest running American soap in the countries history. The central character on the show was Rachel Cory-Hutchins, who ended up married to her families arch enemy Carl Hutchins. Other central characters have included Victoria Hudson, Donna Love and Cass Winthrop. Actors to have appeared on the show to have gone on and had successful Hollywood careers include Anne Heche and Julian McMahon. The central familes on the show were the Hudsons, Corys and Frames. Another World has had two spin off shows called Somerset and Texas. When Another World was cancelled in 1999 several characters transfered over to As The World Turns on CBS. Another World might be gone but it will never be forgotten.