Another World

NBC (ended 1999)





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  • A show brimming with lots of drama.

    Another World. What can I say about this soap opera? First, even though it first came on before I was born and I didn't start to watch it on a regular basis until its last few years on the air, I found it to be pretty entertaining.

    Another thing that I like about the drama is how, even though the storylines revolve around the wealthy inhabitants of the fictional town of Bay City, the situations that they get involved with are, at times, similar to the lives of real people, not those just on the television screen.

    And lastly, another thing that I like about Another World is how in the older episodes of the series, there are several actors that I have familiar with their acting now that I didn't know they were apart of the show, with Anne Heche coming to mind.

    In all, I find this show to be entertaining, and I am glad that SOAPnet is airing the repeats of the show, so I can see what the show was like before I started watching on a regular basis in its final years.