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  • I got hooked on Another World in 1974. And for the next 25 years I watched it loyally. It was a great time to watch AW back in the 70s because the Headwriter, Harding LeMay did such a wonderful job with the stories and great casting with stage actors.

    In the early 80s the quality was still there but as I got older I couldn't watch it on a daily basis. In the mid eighties I saw the writing on the wall when NBC interfered with AW more and more. I knew the show would be dropped by the end of the century. After the great Doug Watson, who played MacKenzie Cory passed away, the Red Swan story kicked the show into a resurgence of quality into the early 1990s. In 1996 the character Frankie Frame was killed off maliciously in a one hour episode story of the killer stalking her. The show lost it's heart then and despite the efforts the show spiraled out of control during the Lumina storyline. I watched the show to the end. 25 years I watched the show loyally with the ups and downs of the Matthews, Frame, Cory, and Hudson families. The show will forever be in my heart. It is currently on the Soapnet Channel. The Soapnet channel picked up the AW story in 2003 with the 1987 year episodes. Despite an up and down ride in quality following the Harding LeMay years (1971-1979)the show had a core of both talent, solid production values and an honesty despite NBC's treatment of the show in the eighties and nineties.