Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway

Saturday 7:00 PM on ITV Premiered Jun 08, 2002 In Season





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  • A reason for staying in on Saturdays.

    I love Ant and Dec and so a show that is dedicated to their talent is greatly appriciated. I love all the little skits that they do and I love "What's next?" because it is always funny. And then whoever came up with the idea of winning the adverts should win an award because it is such a novel idea. Little Ant and Dec are really cute and therefore when they ask celebrities embarrassing questions it is absolutly hilarious and I laugh my head off for ages and normally miss the next question but who cares? This show is brilliant.

    After graduating from Saturday morning TV and the first attempt of prime time television was Slap Bang, which completly flopped, Ant & Dec knew they could do better with their next attempt. Six years and 52 episodes later, enough can be said of it.

    Although the first series was edgy from series 2 in 2003, it started to come alive, moving out of its series 1 gameshow mood and into the light entertainment and action packed style show that we now know and love.

    After a dissapointing fifth series in 2005, it aimed bounced back the following year with the new Beat The Boys and Jiggy Bank features, along with Ant vs Dec, which have helped to recognise to show in its own way. Did its changes that year succeeded? I think it did. Though the only downside is some of the series' are too short, six weeks to be precist.

    Nonetheless, it's defenitely a prime time hit!
  • A fun, entertaining, light show.

    Ant and Dec and are two cheeky geordies who make this show what it is. There is a mix of everything. My favourite part of the show has to be between Little Ant and Dec who are mini versions of the two and are cute enough to get away with cheekily interviewing celberities and Undercover. This is the part of the show where Ant and Dec dress up pretend to be other people in order to fol a whole list of celberities (the american idol hoax was really really funny). Along with music and the weekly challanage that Ant and Dec undergo in Ant vs Dec makes this show what it is, really entertaining and worth staying in on a Saturday night.
  • A Saturday night entertainment show hosted by cheeky geordie boys Ant&Dec which mixes celebrity guests,jokes and prizes to be won by the viewers at home.

    I absolutely adore this show and am always glued to the tv when it's on.I really hate the fact there is only about 6 episodes made in a series and think they fly in and are over before you know it.I love Ant&Dec and think they are hilariously funny.They are just so effortlessly funny and I love their Geordie cheeky humour.I don't think it's possible not to enjoy anything Ant&Dec do because they are just so funny and have such magnetic personalities.
    There is so many funny things in this programme it's hard to pick a favourite but I do particularly enjoy the Ant Vs Dec challenges.It's pure gold television to watch them struggle to train and complete each task in the hope of beating their opponent.I love the way at the end of each show a person from the audience comes up to try and win 20 prizes in a quiz where they answer questions and at the end the either gamble or take what they've won and go home.
  • Best ITV Saturday evening show in years

    Everyone in Britain surely knows and loves Ant and Dec. Grannies love their cheeky banter, kids love their slapstick comedy, and everyone inbetween can get something out of them and their shows. Which I believe is why this show works so well. The variety of sketches, sections, games and interviews means there's something for everyone, and whilst it's hardly oustanding, it's raised the barrier for Saturday night TV and is certainly recommendable to have on whilst you're settling down to a Saturday night in or preparing to go out for the evening.

    Ant and Dec are very skilled comedians and the majority of the content in this show showcases their talent well. I'm looking forward to the next series.
  • Why dont more people like this show

    I just love this show. Its got great presenters, great guests and great competition. I'm suprised it's not one of the most popular UK shows on TV. I don't normally like this kind of show but i love this one. Ant and Dec are brilliant! I love grab the adds, little ant and little dec (where have they gone), the jiggy bank and beat the boys. The music is great just like everything else on this show. Ant and Decs saturday night take away is clearly the best game show on TV. I Dont see how can people not like this show.
  • One of little great Saturday night shows left.

    This show's great, Ant and Dec are always funny when doing the show with the show packed full of features such as Beat the boys, Ant vs Dec and Grab the ads! But i do miss some features the show used to have, which were such great viewing. Ant and Dec undercover needs to be brought back, aswell as What's Next! And where have Little Ant and Dec gone? are they too old now? They should bring more fun back instead more competing, but overall the show's still great and i hope it's on for many more years to come and keep Saturday nights alive!
  • Ant and Dec's Saturday night takeaway is the best.

    I love watching Ant and Dec's Saturday night takeaway. It's so funny. Ant and Dec are great and so are little Ant and Dec. I love Ant vs Dec. It's nice to see what challenge they have to do next week. The show is just great. Saturday's nights are boring without it.