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China McClain plays Chyna Parks, a girl in middle school who has some serious singing talent and gets into a gifted program called Advanced Natural Talent at the local high school. She and her fellow "ANT's" must deal with being at high school with much older kids and trying to fit in.


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    Fan Reviews (128)

    • I only watch it when nothings on

      UPDATE: I lowered my score big time. I was hoping the third season would be better but it was even shittier. They're at a new school that's run by an obese billionare. Everyone tries to fucking hard to be funny. And they play that dumb laugh track after every sentence. Chyna is even more annoying than she usually trying to be funny. So is Olive. And that episode with Chris Rock on it was terrible. He only had like five mins of camera time and didn't say one funny thing. Chris Rock is amazing, which is why I don't see why he's wasting his time on this crap. I might as well stop watching this shitty show.

      This shows alright, I guess. But sometimes I think, Why am I even watching this? Here's how I feel about the characters:

      Chyna: Not really funny or a great actor. I liked her acting on Daddy's Little Girls. That's about it. And she sings wayyyy too much. Its a comedy, not a musical.

      Olive: Annoying. Her "interesting factoid" crap annoys me in ways I can't describe. Overall she's okay, I guess.

      Fletcher: Really wimpy kid who likes Chyna. I got a feeling the season will end with him dating Olive. Just a guess. He not that funny but better than Olive.

      Lexi: Really annoying blonde who brags nonstop about how pretty she is. Shes pretty but not a frickin goddess. In my opinion, that airhead paisley looks better than her.

      Paisley: ***ed.

      Cameron: Probably the only character I find decent on the show. He's funny at times and there really aren't many times where Id want to skin my eyes out watching him.

      Gibson:I seriously hate this guy. That's the nice way of saying it. He's not funny at all and says stupid crap that even my 7 yr old cousin didn't find funny. He's my least favorite character. The show already has one idiot (Paisley) so why make another one?

      The show isn't that funny but is enough to keep me entertained for 30 mins. The first two or three episodes were okay, but then it went downhill ever since. Im hoping Season 3 will be better because the season premiere was pretty decent. Just please don't put Gibson in the episodes as much as Season 1 and 2.

    • WTF!!

      . Farm is the worst damn show Disney ever came up with. It's not funny. The writers were simply grasping at straws. I feel sorry sorry Cameron who was made to look like a helpless dunce eclipsed by his ultra talented sister, and constantly abused and it was made to look funny Gibson does so much stupid shit that it is an embarrassment to any adult.. The principal made such heinous decisions that if this was reality, she would be fired, and probably in jail for misappropriation of funds. The plot is terrible. I would be a little less harsh is Lexi had've been continually taught that "Beauty fades overmoreless
    • A bad misrepresentation of many things

      Unless you academically gifted you would not be sent to a high school. Most likely you would be sent to special school or program that caters to you gift. Take it from me and others who went to high school, it's nothing like that and is a poor portrayal. Even more young preteens would feel very out of place and most likely very vulnerable. It's not that grand or exciting. If you are musically or artistically talented, you'll be given options elsewhere.

      The flaws of this show are many. The characters are so bland and lacking at best and at worst I can't describe. In fact other reviews have stated better than I could. The kids are overall annoying, self centered, dull, and pushy. The adults inept and no better. The setting is pointless and humor doesn't do any good for the show in any way. Doesn't the laugh track not go off for more than a minute? There are better things to watch and do. Once again Disney Channel made a stupid Hannah Montana clone in order to cash in on the popularity of youth progenies and displays bad acting too.

      My final word of advice is to enjoy your childhood while you still have it. It's a wonderful, magical, and carefree part of life that you really don't get back. So don't squander it by trying to grow up faster than you need to and seek good friends to hang out with. Don't worry about dating until you're about 16. It's acceptable for boys and girls to be interested in each other but don't get serious about romance until you're mature enough. You don't need to be a genius or gifted to know that.moreless
    • This show is not worth my time

      I gave it five episodes. Which was five episodes to many. I kept thinking there has to be one thing I liked about it. NO ALL the jokes fall flat. It`s not funny the story ideas could have been written by five year olds and still have been better. The laugh track makes my ears bleed when it laughs to a joke that anyone with a brain bigger than a peanut would no is not funny. The chacracters are undeveloped. There problems are so stupid if they took a second to think about it before rushing into a stupid plan that doesn`t make any sense at all then maybe they would realize the logical thing to do. Also the worst part is the adults are so stupid and have no part in this what so ever. When you see them on screen doing nothing when there kid is about to do something so stupid. This show is a insult to kids thinking they could make a quick buck giving this to stupid kids who think it`s amazing. News for the producers this showw will tank at ratings be cancelled and you will never again get a job in TV.moreless
    • Character Review

      Olive Doyle actually makes Sam Puckett look like a GREAT friend. She's a egotistical,know-it-all sl*tty b*tch. If i were Chyna,I'd stay the H*ll away from her.

      I kinda feel sorry for Fletcher. From what I've seen on the show,his Mom,Dad,AND Grandma (read: His ENTIRE family) are abusing him mentally. Yet everyone just LAUGHS at him.

      Lexi is,once again,an offshoot of Carlotta. Where London inherited Driver's look; Lexi is Galinda if she never met Elphie. i don't hate her TOO much,though...moreless

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