A.N.T. Farm

Season 1 Episode 14

mutANT farm

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 07, 2011 on Disney Channel
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In this Halloween version of the pilot episode "transplANTed", It's Chyna's first day in the "MUTANT Program", where the ANTs and Gibson are monsters and the older kids are regular humans. Chyna is Medusa so she fits right in with her new Mutant Program friends: Olive, a mad scientist, Fletcher, a vampire and Angus, a zombie. The social hierarchy roles have been reversed and the older kids are actually scared of the ANTs, so Gibson (who's a mummy) pairs everybody off to help prepare for the "mutants only" Halloween dance.


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  • Worst Episode

    I don't know why, but I didn't like this episode. I didn't even laugh once. For the 2nd time in an Ant Farm episode, I only liked the song. Please, no more episodes like this!
  • Worst episode in my opinion

    A.N.T Farm is one of my favorite shows right now, but If I had to pick my worst episode of the show, it would be this one. In my opinion, I just don't see any real reason for making this episode other than trying to make a Halloween special. It's pretty much just a Halloween version of TransplANTed. It did have a few funny parts, like everyone mentioning Daryll at the endmoreless
  • Halloween Review #6

    In an Alternate universe, Chyna who is a monster starts her first day at the M.U.T.A.N.T Farm. Chyna learns humans can't go to the Halloween dance but they worked so hard to get it ready. So, she tries to unite humans and monsters. Okay, this was such as bad Halloween episode of "A.N.T. Farm". I'm sorry fans but the storyline to this episode was just so dreadful, stupid, and pathetic to even look at. Seriously, an alternate universe where the A.N.T. Farm kids are monsters was just so stupid and Chyna coming in the school with snakes on her head was so lame, dreadful, and cheap to even look at. I just almost everything about this episode. While there were a few funny parts, there weren't enough to save this episode though. Also, why would they remix the theme song with Halloween and spooky sounds? they just made the theme song 10 times more worse and horrible to even listen. The theme song is already good enough being original. Writers, don't ever so that again. I never want to watch this Halloween episode ever again. The only parts that made me laugh was Gibson being turned into a skunk, Angus' part (although, not his funniest part ever), Paisley switching brains with a duck (although, that was a little stupid and lame), Darryl watching a scary movie thinking that Cameron, Lexi, and Paisley are watching it with him, and the very ending with Darryl saying "Man Cameron, when you said that she was an airhead... you weren't kidding". Overall, other than a few funny parts, this was just such a bad Halloween episode of "A.N.T. Farm" or as they call it "MutA.N.T. Farm" (dumb title by the way... no offense fans). 3.5/10moreless
  • Meh...

    In an alternate universe, Chyna, who is a monster, starts her first day at the M.U.T.A.N.T Farm. Chyna learns humans can't go to the Halloween dance. Since the humans worked so hard to get it ready, she tries to unite humans and monsters. This Halloween episode of ANT Farm was just poor. I kinda hate it, but I still got huge laughs. The only parts that made me laughs were pretty much what the other reviewers had put. I liked the song in this episode as well. It was very catchy. Darryl, once again, gave me laughs so he save the episode a little. The bad parts are the lack of humor in the episode, the costumes were lame, and the parts were mainly boring. Overall, a poor (but not awful) episode of ANT Farm. 4/10moreless
  • the catogory this episode is in is Halloween.

    the catorgory this episode is in is Halloween. OK this episode was just like the first episode but much, much worse. OK first the possitives was the song Callin all the Monsters. I love that song and it's a good song to dance to. And the other possivitve was Darrel at the end and that's it. Now moving on to the negivitives ANgus was the biggest one. HE was so annoying as a zombie.Olive was pretty annoying. Fletcher was annoying and the part when FLetcher and Camereon were working together was just a waste o ftimei think i even dozed off for a couple seconds. Well that about it. overall 4/10moreless

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