A.N.T. Farm

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 17, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Needs to be more practical

    The ants go to an extra carricular activities fair so they can get involved at school. Chyna and Olive come across the cheerleading stand where Paisley and Lexi convince the girls that they should join the cheerleading team. Meanwhile Fletcher joins the end world hunger club to find out that leader just uses the school's money to buy wings. He threatens to tell everyone the leader's scheme unless he lets Fletcher join the club. Back to Chyna and Olive, the girls go to tryouts. Olive is rejected, but Chyna makes the squad which leaves her with less time to spend with Olive. During this episode there is a running joke that one of the not as cool ANTS has a crush on Olive. Then, Chyna goes to the most unrealistic cheerleading practice I ever witnessed. Seriously how can two teenage girls throw another girls so high in the air that she lands in a basketball hoop? Also what cheerlading team practices with pom poms on fire? For the final part of practice Chyna is asked to do the final cheer where she loses her voice and it discovered that this was all part of Lexi's plan so that she can be in the school musical. In the sub plot, Fletcher and the other kid have a fundraiser so they can buy more wings that's "endorsed" by Oprah. Eventually, the principal catches on to their scheme and wants in even though it's illegal could be risking her job. (How did she get hired again?) Back to the main plot, Chyna tells Olive about Lexi's plan. Oh wait no she doesn't because she's too ridiculously injured to speak. So she licks the dorky ANT's iPad and uses the type to speak app so Olive can hear. Then at the auditions, Lexi sings a crappy song she wrote with equally mediocre singing skills. When it's Chyna's turn, the teacher looks at her in a strange way. You know instead of being concerned. Chyna begins to tell everyone to stop looking at her like the way they are and guess what? Because Chyna is so talented and "performed" her monolougue so well she gets the lead.


    This episode was just highly illogical. The faculty doesn't act like faculty, and parts of the scenario were unrealistic. While I was happy that Chyna beat Lexi, no school seriously runs like that.
  • This was good.


    This episode belongs to Chyna. She was great in it. I didn't let myself predict this one, although i did have my doubts. I was wondering what that blondie was up to. The best part: when she was auditioning for the musical.

    The story with the Food Drive was alright, It was pretty dumb. I do love Mindy Sterling though, although she plays these characters for a living..look at ICarly.

    P.S. I can't believe that toss of a chicken wing at a helpless little Olive! Cute last scene though.

  • Perfect ANT Farm episode


    This episode was way better than the first episode. There were probably no flaws at all, so I'll give a perfect score. I laughed at almost every parts in this episode. The parts that were funny are Chyna trying out (then bad thing kept happening), then break Paisley's (I forgot what she broke), Principal Skidmore joining the club, Angus' part (when he plays some music), Gibson's part, and a few others I forgot. Overall, this episode was hilarious. 10/10

  • better than the first episode but not by much.


    better than the first episode but not by much. The reason why this episode was better but not by much was Lexi. She was meaner than the first episode. I now offically hate Lexi. Gibson and Angus were funnier than the last episode so that's why it was better. The China/Olive plot was pretty funny. I laughed a lot at that plot. the Fletcher/Cameron plot was pointless but when Skidmore was in the plot it was funny. overall better than the last episode.

  • Funnier Than Pilot

    This was funnier than the pilot and the relationship and comic timing between Chyna and Olive was impressive. I also agree with the other review that said how funny Fletcher/Cameron story was. I laughed out loud! I think Disney Channel might have a hit on their hands. Usually a show has one or two strong funny kid actors to go to - bit this show seems to have five or six. Angus hitting on Olive was hilarious and Paisley and Lexi are great as the older girls. Lexi is the mean girl but the actress who plays her is really strong. I loved when Chyna auditioned for the play all beat up. Good funny show.
  • Better than the pilot episode of "A.N.T. Farm"

    Well... after seeing how the pilot turned out, I was having doubts about the next episode of "A.N.T. Farm" which is this episode but I was actually surprised. Now, this is barely the second episode of this show so I don't know if I think this show is good or not but my mind will be made up when I see more episodes of this show. Olive wasn't annoying like she was in the pilot so I was happy with that. As for Fletcher, he wasn't annoying either like in the pilot. I never realized until I saw this episode but Olive is a very pretty girl and I think if I look at her instead of looking at the annoyance then I think I'll be alright with this show. The fro dude (still don't know what his name is yet) was hilarious just like he was in the pilot. Chyna's plot was very good to see but not my favorite. I think I was most impressed with Cameron and Fletcher's plot because it actually made me laugh hard. Cameron and Fletcher starting "End World Hunger" club just to earn money to buy buffalo wings and eat them was hilarious. The principal (I forgot her name) finding out that Cameron and Fletcher were using the "End World Hunger" money to buy buffalo wings and eat them was hilarious especially because she eats the buffalo wings with them instead of busting them. The very ending with Olive coming in to join the "End World Hunger" club and the principal, Fletcher, and Cameron tell her that the club is full and throw buffalo wings at her was hilarious. Angus putting on music for himself and Olive was also hilarious. The only thing I didn't like was how Lexi convinced Chyna to join the cheerleading squad and makes Chyna lose her voice so Chyna won't have to audition for the school play. Lexi just made me mad but luckily, she isn't the worst mean girl such as Sam in "iCarly" or Jade in "Victorious". Overall, I was very impressed with this episode and surprisingly made me laugh hard especially Cameron and Fletcher's plot... definitely better than the pilot. 9/10
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