A.N.T. Farm

Season 1 Episode 3

phANTom locker

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 24, 2011 on Disney Channel
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The A.N.T.s get their own lockers and Olive's is right next to Cameron's. Unfortunately, Olive begins to annoy Cameron and he forces her to switch to a locker next to Chyna. Meanwhile, Fletcher is put in charge of painting a portrait of Principal Skidmore.

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  • Hey A.N.T.s! What are we free falling Now!!

    This episode is alright. The ghost locker story to try to get Olive away from Cameron can be cute, but it's also just plain bland. Carlon Jeffries I'm sure you would be a better actor with better writing, but they just don't write your stories to well. I'm sure you don't care since you are being paid. But anyway, the best parts of this episode belong to the predictable stylin's of Fletcher and the principal. Although Olive has her moments.

    P.S. For future reviews, I might as well be a cave dweller. The more further I go with this show, the more it may get worse or possibly better.moreless
  • One of the worst ANT Farm episodes I've ever seen.

    This episode was bad imo. IMO, first ever episode I hated on ANT Farm. The only I liked/laughed at were Chyna putting something on Angus, the montage where Oliver said "Hi locker neighbor," and Fletcher's plot (which got me a few laughs). Other than these, it was just bad. The running gag where someone call Fletcher was annoying and not funny at all. Olive was really bugging me in this episode. I mean, she annoys me in this and a couple more. Also, why is she scared of almost everything I liked? Overall, the episode was just bad (due to Olive's annoying attidue). 3.5/10moreless
  • a good episode of ANT farm.

    a good episode of ANT farm. i liked it. I wasn't was good as the last two episodes but it was still pretty good. After the Wizards of Waverly place episode i was kind of zoned out but this episode brightened it. Usally i don't like Camereon but i thought he was funny. The best Cameron part was when Olive said the stuff was ketchup but he said that it wasn't over and over again. I laughed at that part. Overall a good episode of ANT farm.moreless
  • Even more disappointing than tonight's new "Wizards of Waverly Place" episode "Beast Tamer"

    After tonight's disappointing new "Wizards of Waverly Place" episode "Beast Tamer", I wasn't so sure about this episode of "ANT Farm". I mean, so far, I get an okay series premiere (transplANTed) and one hilarious episode (participANTs) but this episode was worse than pilot and not even close to being as hilarious as "participANTS". I still don't know if I like this show or not but I still have to see more to know if I actually enjoy this show. This episode was just stupid and disappointing. Right when I thought tonight's new "Wizards of Waverly Place" episode was disappointing, this episode is a little more disappointing. Angus was the one who mainly made me laugh very hard. It was very funny when Chyna accidentally put a note in Angus' locker and Angus wrote on the note "no". Angus' saying "Who's the hottie" in the beginning of the episode was hilarious. Olive saying "Hi, Locker Neighbor" for everytime she sees Cameron was pretty funny as well. Flethcer's plot was kinda funny as well. Besides those things, this episode was just stupid and not even funny at all. Olive was super annoying in this episode and she wasn't funny at all except for the "Hi, Locker Neighbor" part. Chyna and Olive coming to school late at night to prove that the locker isn't haunted was stupid and it was too predictable that Cameron was the leprechaun ghost.. come on, Disney shows are too predictable. Overall, a disappointing episode of "ANT Farm" and it was a little worse than tonight's new "Wizards of Waverly Place" in my opinion. 4.5/10moreless
  • Funny, Weird and Clever Episode

    My friends and me are really digging this show. Tonight's was really funny and Cameron shined as he tried to get Olive to move away from his locker area (Hi, Locker Neighbor!). The girl who plays Olive is hysterical and Chyna plays off of her great. We also really laughed at Principal Skidmore using Fletcher to paint her portrait for her boyfriend. The Pin The Tail On the Donkey joke was hysterical - I hope the future episodes are as silly as this one was. Disney Channel should keep making funny shows like this one - go Ant Farm! You Rock.moreless

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