A.N.T. Farm

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 12, 2011 on Disney Channel
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A new student comes to the "A.N.T Farm" from the England, but only as a screen. Chyna soon starts to crush on him and ends up asking him on a date, which makes Fletcher jealous.

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  • Not my fave

    In my opinion, I didn't like this episode that much. I only liked the song; that was funny. I also liked when Fletcher was trying to be Nigel. That was also funny. If it wasn't for that, I would have given this a 7.
  • One of the best ANT Farm episodes.

    After 3 poor episodes, one decent, one great, and a couple enjoyable, I got an interesting and funny ANT Farm episode. My nit-pick would have to be Chyna/Nigel/Fletcher plot. I hated that plot because of Fletcher (he was annoying in this one). I can ignore that and won't take off points. I don't get why the scores are so low. I thought the episode was gonna be perfect after seeing a promo for it a few months ago. I really laughed so hard at the plot with Cameron, Darryl, and Olive. Darryl, speaking of him, was very funny in this episode. I laughed when he was a ghost (a pun on Pac-Man) as well as being emotional over Chyna. Olive going on a Donkey Kong reference was funny as well. Also, Olive was really funny in this episode that it got to be one the funniest parts from her. Overall, I enjoyed this episode because it was going to be perfect due to the video game plot...a tad underrated. 10/10moreless
  • Okay episode.

    Chyna falls for a new student in the A.N.T. Program from England named Nigel. He's another artistic genius who goes to school as a robot. But when Chyna tries to ask him out, she asks for advice from Fletcher. Chyna tells Fletcher there's a artistic guy that she is secretly in love with, and if she should ask him out. But Fletcher thinks she is thinking about him and tells her to ask him out. When he finds out that Chyna and Nigel are going out, Fletcher gets help from Angus to sabotage the date. Meanwhile, Darryl challenges Olive and Cameron at the arcade to see who can get the highest score on the game Donkey King.

    Chyna/Nigel's Plot: This plot was alright, not much to say about it. I liked her song, I don't know why. Anyway, not much to say about this plot making it not memorable. I laughed when Chyna didn't ask Flether out. Fletcher is just so stupid and unlikeable. So haha Flether.

    Fletcher/Angus' Plot: Well, this plot was basically a part of Chyna/Nigel's plot, but I'll just count this as their own plot. I think it was mean to sabotage the date, I know Fletcher wouldn't like his date with Chyna being sabotaged. Fletcher needs to learn how to deal with things.

    Daryl/Olive/Cameron's Plot: This plot was alright, however, I don't really have much to say about it. I liked how Cameron made the mascot make Olive miss the game by having a human Donkey King.

    Overall an okay episode. I just really hate Fletcher.moreless
  • Finally an episode without Lexi but it still wasn't that good.

    Finally an episode without Lexi,but it still wasn't that good. I thought it was funny when nigel came and he was robot. i usally dont watch disney channel unless new episodes come so it was kind of a suprise when Nigeul was a robot. I thought it was funny when China as asking Flecther if she should ask out Nigel,but he thought he was talking about him and he was like. Ask him out! Ask him out! i laughed at that part. i didn't like Fletcher in this episode. this episode proves that Fletcher likes China a lot, because if he would go through that trouble just to get China. Overall an ok episode but it wasn't the worstmoreless
  • Good news was that this isn't A.N.T. Farm's worst episode and half of the episode was enjoyable and funny. Bad news is that Fletcher and Chyna ruined the other half of this episode which made it harder for me to enjoy this episode more.moreless

    I thought that this was just a mediocre episode of "A.N.T. Farm". Actually, it's not mediocre but Fletcher is the reason why I gave this episode a 5.5. Chyna's crush on that boy in the computer is also the reason why my score is a 5.5. If the writers took out those two things then this episode actually would have gotten a perfect 10 because I admit that this episode was actually funny. It was already announced that I hate this show but this episode was actually funny and would have been higher. Olive was also very likeable in this episode and she was actually funny. She also looked very pretty. As you all know, I never find Fletcher to be likable. My gosh, why can't Fletcher be like Olive where I think Olive is unlikable half of the time and the other time where I find her likable. Fletcher's crush on Chyna really annoyed the heck out of me. Gibson's part in this episode was very funny. I also loved Angus' part in this episode. Darrly getting inside a "Snac-Man" (parody of "Pac-Man") suit so he can check on Chyna also made me laugh very hard. Gibson putting change in Darryl's "Snac-Man" suit also made me laugh pretty hard. Olive going through those barrels as if it were a Donkey Kong game was also entertaining and it was also funny when Wolfy (school mascot) was the donkey. I surprisingly found all the following parts to be very funny and enjoyable. As for the other half of the episode that ruined my score. Chyna's crush on that boy in the computer was annoying. Fletcher's crush is annoying as always and I also hated when he is trying to break up Chyna and that boy in the computer. Chyna's fantasy with just her and the boy and the computer was also just ridiculous. So yeah, this actually isn't A.N.T.'s worst episode and I would have given it a higher score if weren't Chyna's crush on the boy in the computer and Fletcher (as usual... annoying). Overall, at least half of this episode made me laugh very hard and the good news was that Olive wasn't annoying (as she is half of the time) and she is very funny and likable in this episode. 5.5/10moreless
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