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  • I only watch it when nothings on

    UPDATE: I lowered my score big time. I was hoping the third season would be better but it was even shittier. They're at a new school that's run by an obese billionare. Everyone tries to fucking hard to be funny. And they play that dumb laugh track after every sentence. Chyna is even more annoying than she usually trying to be funny. So is Olive. And that episode with Chris Rock on it was terrible. He only had like five mins of camera time and didn't say one funny thing. Chris Rock is amazing, which is why I don't see why he's wasting his time on this crap. I might as well stop watching this shitty show.

    This shows alright, I guess. But sometimes I think, Why am I even watching this? Here's how I feel about the characters:

    Chyna: Not really funny or a great actor. I liked her acting on Daddy's Little Girls. That's about it. And she sings wayyyy too much. Its a comedy, not a musical.

    Olive: Annoying. Her "interesting factoid" crap annoys me in ways I can't describe. Overall she's okay, I guess.

    Fletcher: Really wimpy kid who likes Chyna. I got a feeling the season will end with him dating Olive. Just a guess. He not that funny but better than Olive.

    Lexi: Really annoying blonde who brags nonstop about how pretty she is. Shes pretty but not a frickin goddess. In my opinion, that airhead paisley looks better than her.

    Paisley: ***ed.

    Cameron: Probably the only character I find decent on the show. He's funny at times and there really aren't many times where Id want to skin my eyes out watching him.

    Gibson:I seriously hate this guy. That's the nice way of saying it. He's not funny at all and says stupid crap that even my 7 yr old cousin didn't find funny. He's my least favorite character. The show already has one idiot (Paisley) so why make another one?

    The show isn't that funny but is enough to keep me entertained for 30 mins. The first two or three episodes were okay, but then it went downhill ever since. Im hoping Season 3 will be better because the season premiere was pretty decent. Just please don't put Gibson in the episodes as much as Season 1 and 2.

  • WTF!!

    . Farm is the worst damn show Disney ever came up with. It's not funny. The writers were simply grasping at straws. I feel sorry sorry Cameron who was made to look like a helpless dunce eclipsed by his ultra talented sister, and constantly abused and it was made to look funny Gibson does so much stupid shit that it is an embarrassment to any adult.. The principal made such heinous decisions that if this was reality, she would be fired, and probably in jail for misappropriation of funds. The plot is terrible. I would be a little less harsh is Lexi had've been continually taught that "Beauty fades over
  • A bad misrepresentation of many things

    Unless you academically gifted you would not be sent to a high school. Most likely you would be sent to special school or program that caters to you gift. Take it from me and others who went to high school, it's nothing like that and is a poor portrayal. Even more young preteens would feel very out of place and most likely very vulnerable. It's not that grand or exciting. If you are musically or artistically talented, you'll be given options elsewhere.

    The flaws of this show are many. The characters are so bland and lacking at best and at worst I can't describe. In fact other reviews have stated better than I could. The kids are overall annoying, self centered, dull, and pushy. The adults inept and no better. The setting is pointless and humor doesn't do any good for the show in any way. Doesn't the laugh track not go off for more than a minute? There are better things to watch and do. Once again Disney Channel made a stupid Hannah Montana clone in order to cash in on the popularity of youth progenies and displays bad acting too.

    My final word of advice is to enjoy your childhood while you still have it. It's a wonderful, magical, and carefree part of life that you really don't get back. So don't squander it by trying to grow up faster than you need to and seek good friends to hang out with. Don't worry about dating until you're about 16. It's acceptable for boys and girls to be interested in each other but don't get serious about romance until you're mature enough. You don't need to be a genius or gifted to know that.
  • This show is not worth my time

    I gave it five episodes. Which was five episodes to many. I kept thinking there has to be one thing I liked about it. NO ALL the jokes fall flat. It`s not funny the story ideas could have been written by five year olds and still have been better. The laugh track makes my ears bleed when it laughs to a joke that anyone with a brain bigger than a peanut would no is not funny. The chacracters are undeveloped. There problems are so stupid if they took a second to think about it before rushing into a stupid plan that doesn`t make any sense at all then maybe they would realize the logical thing to do. Also the worst part is the adults are so stupid and have no part in this what so ever. When you see them on screen doing nothing when there kid is about to do something so stupid. This show is a insult to kids thinking they could make a quick buck giving this to stupid kids who think it`s amazing. News for the producers this showw will tank at ratings be cancelled and you will never again get a job in TV.
  • Character Review

    Olive Doyle actually makes Sam Puckett look like a GREAT friend. She's a egotistical,know-it-all sl*tty b*tch. If i were Chyna,I'd stay the H*ll away from her.

    I kinda feel sorry for Fletcher. From what I've seen on the show,his Mom,Dad,AND Grandma (read: His ENTIRE family) are abusing him mentally. Yet everyone just LAUGHS at him.

    Lexi is,once again,an offshoot of Carlotta. Where London inherited Driver's look; Lexi is Galinda if she never met Elphie. i don't hate her TOO much,though...
  • It's better than other shows

    Sometimes this show can make be laugh, especially with Olive. I'd totally date her. She's so hot. Sometimes her "interesting factoids" are disturbing though, I remember one she had about hippos' milk having mucus in it, that's gross. Also, sometimes she's mean to Fletcher for no reason. I don't like that. I also don't like when Lexi obsesses over herself. I think Olive is hotter. But I don't think this is as bad as Shake It Up or Dog with a Blog, they're practically unwatchable.

    This show is an abomination, insulting to real-life prodigies around the globe, not funny, absolutely boring, and horrible characters. I'm happy this horrible show ended :)
  • ANT Farm, the awesome (shit) show (abomination) with naturally (not so) gifted students (idiots) (UPDATED REVIEW)

    ANT Farm (Advanced Natural Talents Farm) is a Disney show which revolves around Chyna Parks, a girl who is starting high school. She realises that she is enrolled in a program called ANT (which should really stand for Annoying and Not Talented Farm) and she meets Olive Doyle: the brainiac, Fletcher Quimby: the artist, Gibson: The wacky teacher and Angus Chestnut: the hacker. In this wonderful show full of chaos and laughs, Chyna also meets the 'popular' Lexi Reed and her best friend Paisley who is a ditz. She also has to stay away from Cameron who is afraid of being embarrased by his sister in Webster High!

    This sounds like a promising, original idea for a new show right? Well, you're wrong if you thought so!

    ANT Farm is not only shit, but it is so unoriginal it's unbelievable! The characters have little to no personality or development, the jokes are rubbish and to make things worse we've already had similar shows which have singers as main characters and here's a few notable examples of that:

    Victorious: Tori Vega (who is a singer)

    Hannah Montana: Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana (who is {you've guessed it} a singer!)

    How to Rock: Kacey Simon (who is yet again a SINGER!)

    Austin and Ally: (Yep, the two main characters in the title!)

    Basically most shows on Disney and Nick these days have singers and I'm not even going to continue that list since there's just too much characters to include! So to conclude, the 'main character is a singer' formula is overdone and I haven't even started this review of this abomination! Now, I will talk about the plot:


    The plot starts off with Chyna and her (idiotically ***ed) brother Cameron starting high school for the first time and Chyna finds out that she's skipping high school because she's gifted in the music department and she ends up in a program for talented people!

    OK, I haven't even mentioned the whole plot yet but you can already tell that it doesn't make any sense. First off, who skips 4-5 years of high school to be in a program for talented people? In reality there is a 0% chance of that happening and it seems like this program is teaching kids not to complete their education! Now, let's continue folks!

    So, Chyna is in the program and she meets all these people who are also in the program (Olive, Fletcher and Angus). She also meets the teacher Gibson (who may be on drugs) and she goes to Music class for the first time with Olive, Fletcher and Angus who end up being caught in a rush of senior students as if it's rush hour in Tokyo! So they end up in their class and Chyna sits down, only to be pushed out of her seat by the school's 'popular' (bitchy) girl Lexi! And after that, things go from there to the point where nothing makes any fucking sense anymore!


    Don't even get me started on this part of the review. These characters are one-dimensional idiots with no personality plus they're STEREO(fucking)TYPICAL! Disney was definitely lost for ideas when coming up with these abysmal characters, I bet the creators were thinking: 'Oh, it doesn't matter if the characters are crap, as long as preteen idiots view our shows then we can be more rich and famous through the amount of views we get!' OK, let's get this over with...

    Chyna Parks: I hate this character SO MUCH. Don't get me wrong, I like China Anne McClain in real life but the creators made her character in this show so bad that she almost qualifies as a Mary Sue. According to the ANT Farm wiki, Chyna is basically a musically gifted girl with the ability to play any instrument (except the triangle which is pretty stupid to be honest). First off, how on earth can you play every instrument. It takes at least two years just to learn the basics of playing ONE instrument let alone all of them! Also, Chyna can sing very well and her voice is supposed to be soulful and shit. (China Anne McClain's singing isn't bad but she could do much better on another show). Chyna (the character) is basically perfect and the creators obviously adore sweet little Chyna who's able to solve problems by singing. Overall, her character is shit.

    Olive Doyle: She is the brainiac of the gang with the ability to solve problems and she has a photographic memory. Her talent isn't that bad since people can have photographic memories but her character is either boring, annoying or downright abusive to the point where she could be a smarter version of Sam Puckett from iCarly. Olive also has the most annoying catchphrases such as 'INTERESTING FACTOID!'. In season 3 onwards, she had another annoying catchphrase which was 'ZAZOW!' Really, you couldn't think of anything better Olive? Also, she often abuses Fletcher which seriously pisses me off. I don't get why the creators think abuse is funny when it's serious!

    Fletcher Quimby: He is supposed to be the artist. The art he makes is absolutely rubbish and he is basically stupid aswell. He was also obsessed with Chyna in season 1 and he made her face out of bubblegum and painted several portraits of her too (stalker, much?) Also, he pretty much serves a purpose as a punching bag for the others.

    Lexi Reed: Here we go again! We've seen blonde girls being depicted as popular or completely stupid and Lexi falls under that category. She is the popular bitch who is obsessed with being better than Chyna at absolutely everything and she even tries to send her on a wild goose chase so she doesn't have to deal with her. She's also a narcissist because she keeps saying things like 'oh, I'm so pretty, oh I'm so pretty!' (Seriously, I want to punch her face in and yes I mean the character) and she's obsessed with looking pretty too! She also treats people like shit (especially Paisley) and acts like a stereotypical queen bee who's always wanting everything their way. She is also the blonde equivalent of Molly Garfunkel from Nick's 'How to Rock'.

    Cameron Parks: He is Chyna's older (idiotic) brother who is supposed to serve a purpose as the show's comic relief but he is basically a loser who is really desperate to become popular and he has no life. He is also trying to date girls who are way out of his league and he never suceeds in anything.

    Paisley: Here we go with the dumb blonde stereotypes! Paisley is another popular girl in the show but she serves a purpose as Lexi's ditzy, mentally ***ed and crazy sidekick. She is supposed to be Lexi's friend but she is more like Lexi's shadow because she tries to be like Lexi, she's always doing what Lexi tells her (some friend you are) and she is always following Lexi. She also has a very low IQ and she really needs to be put in a centre for dumbasses.

    Principal Skidmore: She is supposed to be the one running the school (as principal, obviously) but she is hardly doing a good job at it. Skidmore is also an old bitch, she's trying to get rid of all the kids (I can see why, the little shits) and she even tried to get rid of the ANT program (you may be a bitch but I thank you for trying there) aswell as Gibson. She's always being mean and rude but I do admit that she had a few nice moments.

    Gibson: He is supposed to be the teacher for the program but he doesn't look like a teacher at all. He looks like an escaped mental patient who is high on a lethal combination of drugs and he should be in prison with a probation officer watching him. I also don't understand why he's a teacher when he doesn't have any qualifications in teaching the little shits. He is almost on the same level as Jessie Prescott from 'Jessie', who can't even deal with one kid let alone four!

    Angus Chestnut: He is the gang's hacker. He is also another stalker character because he is obsessed with Olive, just like Luke Ross and his obsession for Jessie (who is at least 8+ years older than him!) Also, Angus wants Olive to be his wife which will NEVER happen and the boy eats like a pig.

    Mr Grundy: I don't have much to say about him other than the fact that he's the new teacher at Z-Tech. At least he's better than Gibson.


    Where do I even begin? The jokes are the same, reused pieces of crap from past shows and the annoying laugh track needs to be hit with a fucking mallet or something. I don't know what on earth Disney is coming up with but it's obvious that the creators were high when making this piece of shit known as Annoying and Not Talented Farm.

    Moral values:

    There are no moral values in this abysmal motherfucking piece of dog shit and vomit other than the fact that the show basically tells you that it's OK to skip school if you're a prodigy who's really a fucking talentless nobody.


    When I first reviewed this show, I gave a rating of 1.5 but now it's going down to a 1 because everything about this show is so stupid that it's making my poor eyes melt onto the floor. Walt Disney would definitely be turning his ass in his grave when he sees what kind of shit is showing on Disney (Crap)nnel on our TV's today.

    I thought this show would be pretty good when I first layed eyes on it but now I'm starting to think this show as a load of sh*t. I mean seriously their only children going to high school just because their prodigies? Is that the best you came up with Disney at least try to be reasonable here, what about the work that is WAY above their grade (apart from Olive's).

    Chyna - since when did this become a musical? Almost every episode singing singing SINGING!! why does Fletcher love her if I was him I would give up already (took him long enough but thankfully he did) and to make matters worse its all auto tuned but she is a really nice character still a bit annoying

    Fletcher - how they take advantage of him I feel so sorry for him he deserves China and right when he falls in love for Olive (a pretty stupid decision) they were closing the show. I really hate how they make fun of him especially Olive's lame jokes about him there not funny just MEAN!!

    Olive - She's just annoying someone please shut her up with her 'interesting more like boring factoids and to make matters worse round about in season 3 her ego starts to grow more with that annoying catch phrase "ZAZOW!"

    Paisley - why make her dumb why make her a tool of that sh*tty Lexi Reed? She's so nice yet they make her so dumb and a funny thing, almost every episode contains a dumb blonde it's just an insult to blonde's!! I like the episode when the children pick her as the princess over Lexi. Dan signer take a hint.

    Lexi - I hate her but like the real her a lot she has an ego more bigger than her stupidness which makes that ALOT she makes everyone feels bad about themselves and she is kind of pretty but she isn't a goddess and I have seen woman prettier than her, like for example Paisley. when I heard she was going to MR Grundy's school I felt sick to my throat. Lexi is an INSULT!

    Madam goo goo and the den mother- another channel where they couldn't be bothered to fit in one extra so they just duplicated the actress instead.

    Cameron - A character I CAN stand why make fun of him. make fun of the mean people who actually deserve it Olive, Lexi his acting isn't great but he seems like a nice guy just like fletcher what did they do to be teased.

    mother and father - they are funny and serve consistent morals but the one thing that im concerned about is how they bad mouth Cameron which shows they couldn't care less about him over Chyna are you trying to teach children that parents can have favourites?

    Mr Grundy - im just glad that the Americans didn't illustrate the British with an over acting posh attitude but still the accent is a bit exaggerating.

    The scenes are FAKE!! and the acting is disappointing hopefully Disney's shows get less or even better no dumb people in their episodes.
  • Annoying Not-to-mention Talentless.

    How is this the modern Disney sitcom with the highest ranking? I hate them all but this is the absolute worst. Now I know what you're going to say. "It's inspirational to kids! So shut up!" Quite frankly I agree. It is a good message to all kids out their to find out their special talents and bring them to the forefront as a gift. BUT, it doesn't help with the lack-luster comedy that keeps droning ON AND ON. They almost always take a break for the laugh track and have pauses between the joke and the previous line which leads them to get the timing wrong. Every. Single. Time. Not to mention the jokes weren't even funny to begin with. Every character is a god damn ASSHOLE. That's except for Chyna who seems to be the only sane person in this madness of a show. Not to mention she's the only one who can decently act. Same with the principal. Other than that, every other character has a HORRIBLE actor/actress. They seem to not get the difference between acting and creating random inflections to their voice because they can. The story . Nothing I haven't seen in many other shows. Same with the plots. Now, I know something else you might be thinking. "But it's a kids show! Stop complaining and just don't watch it if you don't like it!" and to that I say, Um, do you not get the point of this website? is strictly for reviewing different TV shows and giving them a ranking along with a review of whether you like it or not. If I don't like it, it's not like I'm keeping you from watching what you want to watch. Just go to Disney Channel and enjoy yourself if you want to. Sadly, I think of this show as utter garbage with terrible comedy, acting and effects. Oh yeah, that reminds me, this show, along with EVERY OTHER MODERN DISNEY SITCOM, has AWFUL green screen effects. It's blatant to tell whether or not they're using them. When the camera seems to be stuck in one simple position, often times with other characters frozen, then you know they're using it. Learn to film or cut it out of the script! What's my final verdict? Well, on a scale of Unbearable to Amazing, this show gets one notch above "Unbearable". It's nowhere near as bad as something like Breadwinners or Problem Solverz, but that doesn't excuse it. It's not as boring as Good Luck Charlie or Liv and Maddie, but it's DEFINITELY more aggravating than all of them put together. This has been the Regular Reviewer. Thank you for reading.

    Final Score: 1/10 (Slightly Above Unbearable)
  • wow...

    first great show , 2nd this show is for kids if u are not a kid and hate the show and are complaining , OMG Its not for u anyway its for say it with me (KIDS!) so grow up , and if u are kids like say ten then ur parents are horrible for letting a child rot there brains by having ur faces glued to a phone or tablet , laptop
  • "The China Show"

    This show wouldn't be as awful as it is if it didn't have China; she is the single worst part of the show (yes, worse than all of the other characters, and since they are all at least a little annoying, that is really saying something).

    I don't know what she did to convince the Disney executives to give her her own show (it certainly comes off as though it's her show and everybody else is just supporting cast), but she certainly doesn't deserve it. Her singing is not good and her acting is even worse. Everything that Chyna does is overdone, hokey, and contrived. She constantly hams it up and chews the scenery.

    It's too bad that they didn't cast Vanessa Morgan in the role instead of just in a bit part. In fact, if they had, it would have been a little more believable because instead of being about a bunch of little kids being several grades higher, it would have been about some high-school students only a couple of grades ahead (like in real life).

  • A good example of a bad Disney show

    This show can be good sometimes, and others it's just unbearably bad. The acting is weak, the jokes are dumb, running gags are way overused, and it's totally implausible.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2 (originally posted last year on July 16): Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.
  • Please kill me.

    No. Just no. Wow, Disney sure has gone downright BAD since all the good shows have been taken off! . Farm is a terrible show for children to watch. The plot is ridiculous, the characters are annoying, the humor, oh God help us, the humor, is extremely stupid, and kids can not relate to this; IT IS WAY TOO UNREALISTIC. Let me start off with the plot.

    PLOT: Okay, when I first saw the trailer of a young-looking girl in high-school, I knew that something was wrong. That's when I heard the foolish plot: A girl goes to high school for her talent. What the flip? Does that make ANY sense? No! What if a girl, probably in kindergarten, went to high-school just because of her dance skills? Education is not measured on talents, it's determined by freaking INTELLIGENCE. So, answer this, can Chyna skip three grades because of musical skills, and cut out important factors that high-schoolers learned and she didn't? They're way behind. No, I just can't handle this. Moving on . . .

    CHARACTERS: Another bad element of the show! Great! Irritating characters that make me want to rip my hair out. Let's start with the average Chyna. Haha, nope. Apparently, she isn't average, she is a musical genius who is beautiful and talented and smart and unique and so freaking majest - SHUTUP. We know that your little main character is so special! Don't believe me when I say that they treat Chyna better than others? In one episode (when Skidmore was going to shut down the ANT Farm), Chyna was wearing a purple dress with her hair curled while the others were wearing clothes from the gas station. Oh my Lord, my little princess is going to stand out! Not today, Dan, just stop. And that's not the only reason I hate Chyna. It's because she can't actually stop singing for two seconds without autotune, or sounding bad (in my opinion, I'm sorry). Look, we get that you're a goddess at singing and instruments, but can you please shut up for ten seconds? Oh no, you can't? Okay, well then. Let's skip over to Olive, one of the most annoying blondes in the history, although she actually has a reason for attending high-school. Even though she has a powerful mind of storing multiple memories, she can sometimes be stupid. Olive also brags too much, and it ticks me off every single time she tries too hard to make a joke. Then, there's Fletcher, the dumbest artist. Is it that funny to have tons of oaves in the show? Why does he even like Chyna? For the first few seconds of the show, he stalks her and loves her and wants to sleep with her. STOP IT. And then, there's the rest of the characters, who are DUMB, and STUPID, and COMPLETE MORONS.

    Humor (at least that's what I think they call it): No. Stop trying, Disney. It's not even funny. Copy a joke from a book or something, I don't care, just for God's sake, please stop!

    Thanks for taking your time to read this. Please just cancel the show, you're wasting money here.
  • Another bad Disney show

    It is another bad Disney show this is stupid, makes no sense, and is completely unrealistic. So in Seasons 1/2, the show was about a bunch of middle schoolers going to high school because of a talent. That makes no sense at all because certain talents don't make you smart so they shouldn't be skipping 4 grades. HOW CAN KIDS RELATE TO THIS?????

    When I thought the show couldn't get any worse, Season 3 came along. Now they go to this boarding school called Z Tech run by this crazy billionaire. It is obvious that the writers put them there because they ran out of ideas with the high school plot. The characters get more annoying with each new episode.


    China- the main character that has a music talent. She can sing and play every instrument except the triangle. (an example of a ridiculous joke) She sings WAY too much and she doesn't have a good voice. She brags about her music gift to everyone, but at least she is better than some characters.

    Olive- she is annoying and stuck up and she is supposed to be book smart. She yells at Fletcher all the time. For some reason, Angus has a crush on her and she bullies him too. In real life, she would have no friends.

    Fletcher- has an art talent and has a crush on China. They have ruined the old Fletcher- in Season 3 he is dumber than ever. They already have enough dumb characters, why try to make another one?

    Lexi- A stuck up brat who goes around telling everyone how pretty she is. She wants to win at EVERYTHING For some reason, she thinks China is going to steal the spotlight from her when she is 4 years younger than her. She makes fun of people not like her. Like Cameron. Just because he is short doesn't mean he should be made fun of.

    Paisley- Woo hoo, another dumb blonde from Disney. No one is as dumb and stupid as Paisley in reality so why is she in high school? In Season 3, she somehow got a job! How did that happen?

    Cameron- Chinas dumb brother. Not as dumb as Paisley. But ant farm has plenty of stupid people, why make him dumb? He is the only person I can stand!

    Gibson- I guess he is the supervisor of the ants. He is also dumb and not funny.

    Angus- a lazy fat slob who is obsessed with technology. Why on earth does he have a crush on Olive? What has Olive done to him?

    Mr. Grundie- the billionaire who runs Z Tech. Nothing to say about him.

    Overall, most of the characters are either dumb or stuck up. Cameron is my favorite character but they removed him.


    The jokes are nowhere close to funny. They try WAY too hard to make it funny and it seems like that they squeeze in jokes every other line. The laugh track is played way too much (a problem with lots of Disney shows but at least in certain shows, the jokes are better).


    The scenery is awful! Most of the time, you can tell it's a set more than a real life background.

    Example- In the episode about when they go to Australia, those fake backgrounds were used the whole show!


    Why is the word ANT in every title? That proves that the writers are too lazy to actually come up with an original title.

    Examples- SilANT night, ParticipANTs.......

    This show has no plot, no twists at all. It is WAY too predictable.

    I would never recommend this show to anyone. It is another stupid Disney channel show. The only shows I would consider worse than this is Shake it Up.

    Rating 0.5-10

    Update 2-5-14 At least this show is better than I didn't do it.

  • . Farm

    Why does this get a solid 7.0 rating on This show is terrible. The characters have no personalities, the humor is atrocious, and it's an overall awful show. Chyna is a personality-less Mary-Sue who is also a famewhore and constantly show off her voice. No one else on this fucking show knows how to act, especially Sierra McCormick and Jake Short.
  • This show is AMAZING!!

    i actually LOVE this show it's awesome, i don't know why everyone here is hating plus i think Dan knows what he's doing, so stop hating!!

    i mean it's:


    2-the actors and actresses are GREAT!!

    3-it's about EXCEPTIONAL kids, come on!! it inspires kids to grow their talents or even find one!

    4-it teaches alot of lessons if you look closely you'll see that. (standing up for your self, taking chances,

    5-i think it's a great show for anyone, EVERYONE.

    Some people REALLY love this show so PLEASE if you don't just don't keep saying that you hate it & please don't act like it's the WORST show on the planet -_-

    i would totally give it a 10 :) and if i would i would have gave it a 100 ;)

    and it's actually my favorite show EVER, it even inspired ME to love singing MUCH more (though shut up i never shut up :P)

    and as in takeera1993's review title, I AGREE #TeamANTFarm :D

  • Ant Farm?

    This show is I don't know how to put For instance... Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive are suppose to be 11 and 12 year olds? In the show they act so much older than they are. When the first season premiered I just turned 12 and it didn't make sense, because they act so much older than they actually are. I guess the show is kinda funny, and a little corny..
  • Walt Disney would be ashamed


    This show is about a girl named Chyna who is new in a high school but she gets in because she's in the program because she has an exceptional talent, which is called . farm. she meets two friends, whose names are Fletcher Quimby and Olive Doyle, has a brother named Cameron Parks and an arch nemeses named Lexi Reed.


    This show is not appealing at all and I have no condolences what so ever if this show does not come on Disney any more. Please bring the old Disney is in my mind right now, I just don't think that this show is a bad show, but that's just my opinion. Dan Singer you should have stopped at Mr. Young, it wasn't a good show, but it was better than this

    Chyna: ( loved you to death on house of pain, but go to this. usually people want to escalate in their career but you, went to a whole new low, come on) so this is a girl who doesn't have a bad voice, but she uses it to much, please everybody knows your a good singer, but you don't have to show it every ten seconds

    Lexi: here we go. Lexi you are a beautiful girl, but can you stop showing it to every one. you make a big deal everytime your not in the center of attention. remember that episode when Chyna and Lexi had to go on a . show and sing I think its called America Needs TalANT and Chyna sung tht beautiful song. I melted when she sung that song then Lexi thought the whole song was about her. I sat back up when I heard Lexi said that & changed the channel

    Flecter: hes the most appealing person in the show, but they didn't have to make him stupid, he would have been a good character if you take the dumb out

    Olive: remember on the first episode, I could have sworn that she was sweet, the forth episode came along, she was so mean, so rude to flecture. she is very smart, but I was in a room with her I would leave te room in an instant. oh my gosh, no one wants to hear your lame "factoids". just be like any average smart kid and brag about your test score.

    Angus: where do I begin, your lazy, he's supposed to be a computer technician, but he doesn't even do anything in the second season, he just lays on his butt and type. Hes not the worst character, but not the best, he's also upsesed with olive

    I only did the main characters

    This show is about a girl named Chyna who is new in a high school but she gets in because she's in the program because she has an exceptional talent, which is called . farm. she meets two friends, whose names are Fletcher Quimby and Olive Doyle, has a brother named Cameron Parks and an arch nemeses named Lexi Reed

    The show its self is an abomination and I wouldn't recommend whatching it. please note that that this is my opinion
  • Abomoination!!!!!

    is a show about a 11-year-old San Francisco girl named Chyna parks who get's into a high school with a gifted program called the farm stands for Advanced Natural Talents) there she meets a girl with an eidetic (photographic) memory named Olive Doyle and an art prodigy named Fletcher Quimby. Together they brave high school against 16 year old Lexi Reid who is jealous of Chyna. Chyna also receives support from her 16 year old brother Cameron.


    This show is awful. I have no idea why Dan signer (the creator) would be hired for anything. for starters, he is obsessed with prodigies (Mr. Young and this) He was probably a prodigy who fell out of fame. He is obsessed with randomness, I hate how random both shows are It also makes them very unrealistic I'm glad farm has toned down on the stupidity, unlike the worst show ever.

    CHARACTERS- I would hate to live in this world where everyone is either crazy, an asshole, an idiot or a combination of the three.

    Chyna- she is an annoying fame-whore who is always using auto-tune. (I love China Anne McClain in real life)

    Olive Doyle- Like the people below me. She would have zero friends in real life. She is an annoying know it all who is a bitch to any guy she meets

    Fletcher Quimby- the first "Idiot character" on the show. his character was absolutely ruined in Season 3. He currently serves no purpose on the show other than to be an idiot or get insulted.

    Angus Chestnut- Fat Gibby expy

    Lexi Reid- BITCH! why is she so mean. I know she is suppose to be a parody but seriously. A terrible role model to children everywhere. Also why is she so jealous of a girl half her age. She is also such a bitch to Paisley for no reason despite being he only friend (Her actor Stephanie Scott seems nice though)

    Cameron- The second "Idiot character" on the show. He's actually OK other than how stupid he is.

    Paisley- the third "Idiot Character" on the show. (Why are there so many idiots on this show) She is Lexi's only friend and is actually nice so she's okay.

    Gibson- Fourth Idiot Character (screw this show) I hate him so much i can't type

    Principal Skidmore- Demon. I kinda like her because she hates everyone at the school.

    During season 3, when the show was losing ratings they decided to jump the shark and change the setting from the Ant farm being moved to Z-tech institute when a billionaire named ( Z phone creator) takes them all in.

    Mr. Grundy- nothing so say

    Seth- useless guy added just to be the "Hanukkah" guy in the Christmas special

    Kennedy- she was an interesting character. I'm glad they added her during the Hashimoto arc (which was also an indirect crossover with the Suite life on

    I always hate how the show is saying "Everyone's exceptional despite being in a school allowed only for exceptional children

    Overall the show still sucks and will never get better
  • I Hate ANT Farm

    Seriously Man?, This Is Sooo Terrible

    The Jokes Are Very Bad And Stupid I Give It A 0/10

    The Acting Doesn't Has Talent And Is Sooo Bad I Give It A 0/10

    The Plots, Like The Others, Failed I Give It A 3/10

    Final Rating: 1/10

    "This Is The Worst Show Ever Made!"

    - DeathMetalWeavile201
  • why cANT this show be good

    This shows awful, it's just another stupid disney teen sitcom only this one is dumber than any other a middle schooler in high school. who came up with this crap. ANT farm is a cANT farm.

    0/10 ( can only rate it 1 due to the stupid scale)
  • is it annoying or not?

    I want to know... like or dislike!

    Likes- you hate the show.

    Dislikes- you like the show.
  • Decent and original, just the way I like my shows

    The quality of kids shows these days are not as high as they used to be. The shows just dont seem to have the quality or ambition but ANT farm really tries to be funny. As I watched the show I could see the writers actually tried to put effort into this show. It felt funny at a lot of moments and I actually felt like the characters clicked in development, though the younger kids at a high school feels wrong, as kids should be portrayed for thier original intelligance level. Still, this shows better than what you see on Nickelodeon.
  • Why is this a 7.7 it should be a 2.7

    This show is no way near good whoever voted that high your a freaking 2000's kid!
  • cANT stand this show!

    Most of the Disney shows that my daughter likes are actually tolerable to watch. We actually enjoy watching Good Luck Charlie and Dog with a Blog as a family, but Ant Farm is just plain annoying. The characters are terrible, they portray the parents and teachers as idiots, and the story lines are just plain dumb! There are so few good programs on that you can watch with your kids, Come on Disney Channel, step up to the plate!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that Girl Meets World is going to be cute and fun to since I grew up on the original Boy Meets World! :)
  • What the...

    This show had such potential, but every episode just seems like it has more misses than hits. It's not even that the jokes aren't funny. There are some that have the potential to be hilarious, but the execution is absolutely putrid. It's so poor that it completely deflates the enjoyment of the show. Sometimes I feel like they try too hard to squeeze in jokes and make them funny and in the end they turn out to be dreadful.

    The characters seem OK, but they are portrayed horribly. Chyna, especially, has really worn thin on me. She's either trying to make herself sound funny or loud, and rarely does it work. They made her father into a completely incompetent moron. Olive shouts sometimes when she says her lines and I find it completely unnecessary. Plus her entire persona on being completely book-smart-obssessed is quite pathetic. It's turned her into a completely unlikable character. Fletcher I could care less for. Sometimes I can't seem to tell whether his character is the result of terrible acting or terrible writing. They turned Angus into a fat slob who's obsessed with eating or technology. While his quirks aren't a bad thing, they get old fairly quickly. Lexi's the worst of them all, showing either a lust to destroy Chyna or put down Paisley, but once again, it's the show trying too hard to mold her character. Ironically, my two favorite characters are Cameron, who doesn't get much face time to begin with, and Paisley, and Paisley's supposed to be the dumb one, right? Gibson I started out liking but now I'm just indifferent about.

    Overall, . Farm is a show that had the potential for stardom and has instead fallen hard on its face. It has had its great moments and fun episodes that I have truly enjoyed, but as it's progressed the characters have become less and less tolerable and the writing has become more and more terrible. It's hard to tell what's worse: the acting or the writing, but both have dragged this show down. Season 1 was really good, season 2 was OK, but season 3 has been an absolute train wreck.

    In all my honesty, I can no longer tolerate this show.
  • More like Stupid Farm

    Gibbson and Cameron are dumber than Cat on Victorious or Dez from Austin and Ally. Lexi is such a bitchy, mean and unlikable character. Fletch deserves China. Olive will just put you to sleep. So here's what you should do China. Trick Gibbson into drinking poison and killing him. Take your fathers gun and shoot Cameron, your father and MANY others will be happy. Say to Lexi point this thing up to your head which is a pistol to do a movie then press this trigger and say to her it's empty I want to get a video for school. Then have her do it and really kill herself. Make Fletcher kiss Olive making her shoot herself. Then go on a date with Fletcher, PLEASE DO IT ALL, PLEEAAASE.
  • This show is just annoying.

    The plot of this show makes absolutely no sense. It's about a bunch of middle schoolers who go to high school and take high school classes because of one talent they have (not necessarily academic). It's one thing if they're academically gifted, but why are the artistically talented, athletically talented and musically talented taking high school classes when they're not necessarily smart? Anyway the episodes basically just revolve around these annoying kids and how they try to "survive" high school at 12 years old:

    Chyna: She basically goes around flaunting her musical gift to everyone. She sings too, which is stupid since she doesn't have a very good voice. She's not as stuck-up as some of the other kids, but she can still be an annoying show-off.

    Olive: Oh god. My least favorite character by far. She's this human encyclopedia who just goes around correcting people's errors and being a smart ass. She acts like she thinks she's the smartest girl on the planet or something.

    Fletcher: Lovestruck wimp. Not really much else to say about him.

    Angus: Obese computer geek who has a crush on Olive for some strange reason.

    Paisley: Stereotypical blonde bimbo. They've totally exaggerated her stupidity. Nobody in reality is actually as dumb as this girl is.

    Lexi: Stereotypical queen bee cheerleader who is mean to everyone and goes around talking about how pretty she is.

    Cameron: I actually don't mind him that much. He has some funny lines and isn't unlikeable like everyone else.

    This is basically just another stupid Disney Channel show. I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Great to Worst

    All of a sudden, they made Fletcher stupider and Chyna more stuck-up, along with Olive who thinks she's smarter than everyone. I miss Cameron and his witty comments, along with the Dad. Paisley, another dumb blonde. I know some blondes who are actually really smart and don't act like that, and I wish the dumb blonde thing would just end already. Lexi is also stuck-up, and why is she still in the farm and Cameron isn't? Sure, she's a math genius, but they only show Chyna and their cheesy little jokes and stunts. When it first started, it honestly wasn't that bad, I would probably give it seven, but as it changed, it now has a 3.5. Nice one, Disney.
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