A.N.T. Farm

Season 1 Episode 22

some enchANTed evening

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 24, 2012 on Disney Channel
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Fletcher asks Chyna out. Olive tells her to lie so she doesn't hurt Fletcher's feelings. Chyna says that she has a boyfriend so Fletcher lies and says he has a girlfriend. Olive suggests they should double date so the two must find fake dates. Meanwhile, Gibson coaches the cheerleading team because Coach Mandy died.

  • Chyna and Fletcher go on a double date together while Gibson takes over as cheerleading coach

    Chyna and Fletcher go on a double date together. Meanwhile, Gibson takes over as cheerleading coach. We're back to the weaker episode of ANT Farm. Main plot was pathetic and a waste of time. If I rewatch this episode again, I would probably just ignore it. Fletcher has to be annoying in this episode and still has a crush on Chyna. That trend has got to stop. I only laughed like three times. As the main plot, it was much better and hilarious. Although Paisley was in it, she was tolerable but mixed (still annoying, while funny in a few lines). Gibson's stuffs that he did were very funny. I cracked out when he has to put something for the letter E (and later he said: "Ugh another E?") Overall, the subplot was funny in all of the parts and the main plot was a waste of time. 5/10moreless
  • I found this episode medicore. I mean its not poor or not great.

    Ok this episode is about Chyna lying to Fletcher about her having a boyfriend and Fletcher does the same thing so they go on a double date together. the subplot was Gibson being the new cheerleading coach, I thought this episode was pretty funny. Well, I enjoyed the subplot a lot more. Now the main plot in my opinion wasn't that good and I really didn't like and why did that annoying Jared person had to come back. He was annoying enough in your the only one I wANT. And he was more annoying in this episode. He's another character who is all about himself and takes acting WAY too litteraly. Now Ella wasn't funny either, The only people that I at least got a laugh out of is Olive, (a little bit.) And Angus. And another thing out of all the stars why did that Shake it up girl had to be in this episode, I think it had to be a Shake it up star it could've been Bella Thorne of Zendaya but not Caroline sunshine. Well the subplot was absolutly hilarious, Gibson cracked me up at every line he said. So overall ,a medicore episode of A.N.T farm.moreless
  • Another Poor episode... why am I not surprised?

    Chyna and Fletcher go on a double date together. Meanwhile, Gibson takes over as cheerleading coach. I thought that this was a poor episode of "A.N.T. Farm". I'm not surprised since most of the episodes of this show just aren't very good. Sure almost every very weak offers at least couple or a few laughs but this show just isn't going anywhere and I don't see how some people can find this show funny. Anyways, I hated the main ploy to this episode but the subplot was hilarious and it's the reason why my score is a little higher. If they would've showed more of the subplot and less of the main plot then my score would've been much higher. Also, why the heck would the creator and writers have Caroline Sunshine (who plays the annoying Tinka in "Shake It Up") guest star in this episode. Seriously? why does it have to be a Disney Channel star guest starring in another Disney Channel show. Can't they get someone better at least... well, her part as Fletcher's babysitter was just horrendous. AND the way the main plot ended was just awfully done. Seriously? after the ending to the main plot, they go straight to the last scene with Gibson giving names to each of the cheerleaders and then the episode ends. I laughed or at least chuckled twice at the main plot but that's it. The subplot, was however, hilarious since it had the hilarious Gibson coaching the cheerleaders. Gibson telling his story cracked me up and his line "It was a tramadic experience" was so freakin' funny, Gibson doing his dance was hilarious, and everything else that happened in the subplot cracked me up. Overall, very very awful main plot but a very hilarious subplot so it ranges to a poor episode in my opinion. 4/10moreless
  • Funny Crazy Episode

    From the Happy Birthday Day opening (the Wet Floor sign bit was great!!) to the Gibson coaching the cheerleaders to the crazy date at the pizza place, this episode was soooooo funny. Not sure why they showed Jared in the GREASE/GREECE episode and then introduced him in this one, but either way - he is a very funny character - actor who is in love with himself!!!! Gibson's road rage scene with the car door had everyone laughing out loud (and the pyramid joke was smart too). I didn't care about the Shake It Up girl being on the show but she was fine. In fact when Fletcher got busted - that was funny and Olive doing the llama call was LOL too!!moreless

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