A.N.T. Farm

Season 1 Episode 5

studANT council

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 08, 2011 on Disney Channel
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Olive tells Chyna she should run for A.N.T. Representative and she does. However, Chyna soon learns that the A.N.T. Rep has to do lots of tedious work and that Olive tricked her into running for the position. In order to get even, Chyna throws Olive's name into the running as well. Meanwhile, Fletcher hangs out with Chyna's dad in order to get on his good side.


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  • One plot was OK, one plot was funny

    This episode was great. I think Chyna/Olive's plot was okay, but Fletcher/Cameron/Darryl plot was very funny. I laughed at most of the parts in that plot. In Chyna/Olive's plot, I laughed Liked the ANT Dance at very beginning, Angus' part, Chyna running for student council, and Olive rapping. That's pretty much it. The last part of this episode was funny when Cameron won the student council. Overall, this episode was great, but mainly at Fletcher/Cameron/Darryl plot. 8/10moreless
  • a good episode but it could've been better.

    a good episode but it could've been better. OK the reason why i lowered the score was because of the plot. I really didn't like the idea of China getting tricked into to running for Student Council. The only annoying person in this epiosde is Lexi obiously. Now to the posisitives. I thought it was funny and Angus was going through his flashback when he was Studant Coucil. That was pretty funny. I also laughed when everyone accidently saw Angus book Sammy Sucks His Thumb. I also thought that Cameron was pretty funny, but not at the end. Overall 7.5/10.moreless
  • The best episode yet!

    I think this was the best episode yet on A.N.T. Farm. I can see why people hate this show, but they should give a chance for at least six episodes. I like how Angus was in this episode, because he really helps with the comedy. Also, Olive was annoying in one or two points in the episode, unlike other times she's annoying throughout the whole episode. I like how the show isn't as girly as others. Lexi wasn't mean too, she actually behaved best in this episode. I loved it when Cameron's popcorn hat kept popping once he and his dad start saying nice things. Cameron winning A.N.T. Rep was funny, but it was predictable. I think this show will improve throughout the first season.moreless
  • "A.N.T. Farm" isn't getting anywhere close to being a good Disney Channel show so far

    Okay, this show only has only one episode so far that actually has a good plot, nothing annoying, and just plain funny and that episode is "ParticipANTs". So far, "A.N.T. Farm" is helping me out by enjoying it. I try my hardest to enjoy this show and it's impossible. You want a true Disney Channel show that is hilarious, watch "Good Luck Charlie"... that is a true Disney Channel show that is awesome and just plain hilarious at the same time. This episode wasn't great but it also wasn't terrible either. It definitely was better than that terrible and annoying episode "SciANTs Fair". It wasn't the Chyna/Olive plot that made me give this episode an okay score. In fact, Chyna/Olive plot wasn't the least enjoyable plot in this episode. It was Angus' part in this episode that made me laugh very hard. I also loved the Darryl/Fletcher/Cameron plot when Fletcher and Darryl start to hang out with each other and Cameron starts to get a little jealous. Cameron wearing that popcorn hat was pretty funny. I was also funny how Fletcher was just using Darryl so he can get close to Chyna. The ending was too predicable that Cameron would win class president but Cameron as the bunny at the end of the episode going with a girl was very funny. The Chyna/Olive plot. Do I really have to talk about their plot? it was just ridiculous, stupid, and all of the things that have been done on television before. The Chyna/Olive plot is the reason why this episode got a 6 and I'm being generous because I wanted to give it a 4 after seeing such stupidness but the Fletcher/Darryl/Cameron plot was pretty funny so it saved the score. Same thing with Angus' part in this episode. Overall, okay episode of "A.N.T. Farm" but it wasn't the best but surprisingly not the worst either BUT if you want to see an actual hilarious Disney Channel show, watch "Good Luck Charlie", that's a true Disney Channel comedy show. 6/10moreless
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