A.N.T. Farm

Season 1 Episode 7

the informANT

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 29, 2011 on Disney Channel
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Chyna's dad gives her an old bag he found in the evidence locker instead of a new one she wanted. So, she gets Pudding points to get the bag she wanted against her father's wishes, but her dad finds the bag anyways and sends a cop undercover to her school thinking she stole it.


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  • Really funny

    This episode was one of the funniest Ant Farm episodes. I loved it! I don't understand why everyone hates it. The funniest bits were the 'old new bag' thing and when the police officer was in the house. CLASSIC!
  • Worst ANT Farm episode (so far)

    There's had been like 5 ANT Farm episodes I hated, and out of those, this episode was just the worst. I couldn't stand almost everything in this episode. To be honest, I was bored throughout it. The storyline may sounds good on paper, but the plot was just bad. The only parts that were funny are the spy named Charlie Brown, flashbacks of the spy kicking other people's butts, the ANTs eating pudding, and one scene I couldn't remember. Other than those, this episode just sucked. This, overall, is the worst ANT Farm episode I've ever seen (so far, just in case if there's an episode worse than this). Go see the good episodes. 3/10moreless
  • A mess of an episode

    This was just a bad episode of "A.N.T. Farm" in my opinion. I don't see how some people actually enjoy this show. Yeah, there have only been a couple of episodes I like so far but that's just it. This show has been a complete mess for me. I really don't see how some people can possibly find this show to be funny. Anyways, on to my review, the plot is basically about Chyna wanting to get this designer bag but Darryl (her dad) gives her an old bag from the police station instead, Chyna finds out that if you get whatever the amount of empty pudding cups, you can use it to get the new designer bag for free. Apparently, Darryl thinks that Chyna has been shoplifting when he found out about Chyna's new designer bad so she gets one of his police officer friends to go uncover and see what Chyna is up to. The entire episode was pretty much stupid and just pathetic. The reason my score was a little high was because the undercover police's name being "Charlie Brown" was funny. The scene with the undercover cop breaking in Darryl's house and then Darryl and that undercover cop taze each other, that was actually pretty funny. The ending of the episode with Cameron trying to get in the house was also kinda funny but mostly pointless. The rest of the episode was just a mess and I hated pretty much most of it. Overall, this was just a bad episode of "A.N.T. Farm". 3/10moreless
  • this episode sucked.

    this episode sucked. OK i thought that this episode was going to be really good, but BOY was i wrong it sucked like crap. Sorry for my language but Ant farm is a good show i expect more from this. I don't get how people liked this episode i watched it with my brother when it premired and he liked it. This is so far the worst ant farm ever. Overall 3/10.moreless

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    • This episode has a new ending. The original ending is when Cameron got a ski mask, a crowbar, and a flashlight. He forgot his keys and enters the house through the doggie door. Darryl and Officer 3-9 thinks its a burglar. When Cameron enters the house, Darryl and Officer 3-9 taser him.The new ending is when Cameron comes home and tells his dad that he got something from the evidence locker. He said that he got something for Darryl. Darrly thought he was going to get a convertible, but it was only the steering wheel.

    • Goof:Chyna says that she is the only girl in school who doesn't have a Free-Village bag, but Olive doesn't have one either.

    • Goof:When Olive is talking to Chyna at lunch, she calls the "Free-Village" bags "Free Nation" bags.

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