A.N.T. Farm

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 06, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Stefanie Scott Was Very Mean In This Episode

    I do not like the way when Lexi told Paisley to shut up when she wants Chyna to take her spot in a school play. Can someone tell me about that?
  • Decent show for a decent Disney Channel show


    Eleven year-old Chyna starts her first day at High School as part of the A.N.T. (Advanced Natural Talents) Program. There she meets the exceptionally smart Olive and gifted artist Fletcher. Chyna's two new friends help her learn the ropes of her new school. Feeling like she doesn't fit in, Chyna decides to sneak into a party and show the High Schoolers what she's got. Unfortunately, Olive, Fletcher and Chyna's brother Cameron might ruin her chances to shine.It was a decent premire of ANT Farm. While the episode is not perfect, I liked the episode. Some parts were really boring which lowered my score by 30 points. The parts that made me laugh were Olive's part (drinking red viper and using an apple as a breast...weird though), Gibson's role, the body wax of Chyna was melting and the part where she sang the songDynamite. Overall, the episode could have been better. 7/10

  • I must say when I watched this, I thought their was potential Disney channel wise.


    Lets just say, this is my favorite episode of A.N.T. Farm. Chyna Ann McClain is the most worthy one of this bunch of weirdos. But anyway, this episode was pretty funny. I'm not much for words on it because the channel has not shown it to me since first watching it in June. I love the scene where her father goes into her room and the dummys are melting. That is one of the funniest scenes for me I've seen in a Disney Channel show. Olive is an adorable character, Fletcher is poorly written in most of these episodes.

    It may be predictable (the pilot) but I loved it.

    As for most of the rest....UGH!...except for Chyna.

    P.S. Gibson........I absolutely would not care if they threw him in the fire place to write him off the show. Annoying and repetitive.

  • a great way to start a show.


    a great way to start a show. this show looks like it's going to be pretty good. i thought i wasn't going to like this show but i like it. The funniest part of the episode was when China was meeting Angus and she thought Angus was playing a game on the computer and she pressed some buttons and it started counting down. and Angus said "yes it;s a game". That part was hillarious. At the beginning when Fletcher said that China was beatuiful the he backed out and said that her music was beatuiful was funny. Olive was funny in this episode i liked her. olive's funniest part was when She splashed yogurt on Levi was hillarious. Olive is now my favorite character.I didn't like Lexi. She was annoying and mean to the ants. Lexi was the reason why this show wasn't perfect. Overall 8/10

  • Funny Show!

    I didn't think I'd like this show, but I do! The beginning with that boy appearantly attempting to bomb the Earth was hilarious. Fletcher's crush on Chyna makes for some great comedy. I like Olivia and Fletcher. Olivia was funny at the end splashing all that yogurt on Lexi! She looked like a big blueberry!Chyna's brother is sort of pointless, but I kinda like how he stood up for his sister to Lexi. Lexi is very funny. The typical snob character :P . The buttcheek joke was funny. Overall, A.N.T Farm really impressed me. The show is way better than Shake It Up.
  • Okay series premiere of "ANT Farm"

    So... while "The Suite Life On Deck" has officially ended on Disney Channel... this new show called "ANT Farm" comes to Disney Channel and is replacing "The Suite Life On Deck" now that "The Suite Life On Deck" has ended. This was an okay series premiere of "ANT Farm". I really hope that this show isn't close to being as bad as "Shake It Up"... I think "Shake It Up" will still be mediocre to air on Disney Channel and it's bad enough that "Shake It Up" is mediocre, I don't need a second mediocre show or possibly less on Disney Channel. The main reason I watched this show was because China Anne McClain was in this show. I love her as the role of Jazmine Payne in "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" and now she has her own Disney Channel show called "ANT Farm". This series premiere was just most of the time boring and unfunny. I only laughed when the wax body of Chyna was melting and then Chyna's father and that fro dude was screaming and freaking out. I also thought that the fro dude was hilarious and I hope that he is in this show more often because I think that he can save this show if there ever is a bad episode of "ANT Farm". I did like the part when Chyna was playing the guitar and singing "Dynamite". I also thought that girl who remembers everything named Olive was so annoying and totally unfunny. Fletcher is just ridiculously pointless to this show. Overall, I really hope that this show isn't next to "Shake It Up" as one of the worst Disney Channel shows to air and I really hope that this improves more in the future episodes because I love China Anne McClain. 6/10
  • Actually not as bad as people and I would think about this show. It was actually good.

    So Chyna enters her new high school and is part of the ANT program. I liked this episode because some of the randomness was actually funny and Olive's "yogurt" balls were funny.

    I also liked Fletcher's beeswax bodies in Chyna's room that melted. Chyna's body looked scary!

    The only thing I don't like about this show is that Disney/show producers/casting chose shorter people, and they're all almost the same height.

    Overall a way better episode than I thought it'd be. I hope/think this show will turn out to be good. In my opinion, this show should turn out better than Shake It Up.
  • Funny Pilot!

    I enjoyed this pilot - I thought Olive and China and Fletcher were hysterical - I also like how many of the jokes were for older kids and not just tweens. Putting these "gifted" little kids in High School is a funny idea and I also thought the curly haired guy who oversees the "Farm" was really quirky and nutty. LOL. I recognized the mean girl from some movies and she was perfect as Lexi. I hope she battles China a lot. (I also liked her air head friend - lots of good characters)
    Funny - keep more epsidoes coming!!