Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 10, 2007 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Anthony starts his journey with a synopsis of Argentina's geography and more specifically the arctic parts of it at the southern tip of the country. We the flash back to Anthony in Buenos Aires and meets up with local band Los Perrecos and he and the rock group sample street food. Next the group demonstrates their cooking skills while rehearsing at their studio. Next Anthony meets avant garde artist Marta Manusia. Next Anthony heads to lower income areas of the city and samples some outdoor cooking. Next Anthony heads to the lake country region of the country and it's Swiss town. The town is a replica of an authentic old Swiss town. While there Anthony tries para-gliding and with great laughter makes his producer go for a ride as well. While in the company of the para-gliders Anthony eats their unique hot pot of meat and vegetables cooked on a disk. In the Patagonia section of Argentina Anthony meets Gaucho's which are Argentina's version of the cowboy. From there Anthony heads into town and partakes in a city wide bar-b-que and marvels at an almost football sized field of cooking meat. Next Anthony heads to a ranch and he and his crew are horrified at the castration of young cows and the fresh testicle meals on a stick they create. To add to the horror the young calves are forcibly separated from their mothers and the branding of the helpless young animals. In the final segment Anthony and the Gaucho's scale a glacier and enjoy Whiskey in the arctic.