Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 14, 2008 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Anthony starts the show with a brief history of Berlin and it's love of art and culture and what shaped it. Revealing that the Berlin wall that split the city provided an underground counter culture with some of the most provocative art and music. To drive this point home Tony stops by the Propeller Island City Lodge and it's art themed rooms and decor. The thirty rooms consist of the Blue Room which is totally blue, the confinement room which has prison cells for beds, and the relaxation room which is made to resemble a padded cell at a sanatorium to name a few. Next Anthony tries the local cuisine at the Prader Garden We see schnitzel which is a breaded veal cutlet and season asparagus. Next Tony talks to Nigel Dunkly about the cold war and Curry worst eating. Curry worst is composed of a wiener covered with curry powder. While talking to Nigel we see the Russian war memorial emblazoned with the soviet symbol despite the Soviets being gone for over twenty years. After the memorial Tony stops by Rogacki and it's miles of variety gourmet foods. From the market Tony talks with avant-garde artist Jonathan Miess. The two discuss the art scene and the madness of Miess's work. From there he heads to the Turkish community of Berlin displaying the diversity of the city. With his guide he play a domino like game called okey. Next Tony samples Kabobs at Hasir's and their revolutionary Kabob wrapped in Pita bread. In the final segment Anthony travels around town in a Trabant. Which was a cold war era communist car of choice. Unique due to it's compact size and non-metallic construction but being made of a wool poly fiber. Finally we see modern cabaret and it's fine line of conservative and provocative entertainment.