Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 5 Episode 18

Burning Questions

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 31, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Anthony first speaks about his fans obsession about whether he gets sick while traveling and he reveals that only in Namibia where he infamously at lightly cooked hog lower intestine did he become ill. Next Anthony talks about how due to whether he was unable to film an aerial shot from a helicopter. Comically during this time a producer was having a hard time with his bosses in New York for losing the scene but thankfully for him the whether cleared up. Next in Tuscany Anthony's shoot is once again disrupted this time by an airport workers strike which resulted in the loss of all film equipment and clean under wear. Next the issue of injuries on the show is covered. In Las Vegas Anthony hurt his wrist while skydiving with a group of flying Elvis's. In Los Angeles Anthony fell due to a roller skating mishap after telling a producer he couldn't roller skate. Then the most infamous bit of pain on the show Anthony's Uzbekistan massage and the sexual and physical humiliation is revisited. Next Anthony talks about his life with the crew and his fashion sense. It's revealed that Anthony wears his own clothes and avoids high dollar clothing endorsements. Next the fixers of the show are discussed with the fixation being on Zamir. The fixer being the person responsible for showing Anthony around the country he's visiting. The disastrous Romania show is revisited from corrupt officials wanting a kickback, the purchase of Castle Dracula, a cheesy Halloween costume party, and Zamir getting falling down drunk after his back injury. The comical rise of Zamirs stardom which is proven during the rust belt episode. Next Anthony talks about the weirdest food moments he's had. First the Uruguay armadillo eating scene in which Anthony wanted to let the clearly frightened creature go. In Ghana Tony had to eat a Grass cutter which is a rodent the size of a small cat. Next Anthony talks about doing his own stunts. He enjoys horse back riding, guns, and sand surfing but water surfing, hockey and wrestling he has been terrible at and we see a montage of some of his failures at those sports. Next Anthony talks about the different celebrities he's had on the show. He claims that after stealing Alice Coopers golf clubs to blackmail him into coming on the show. He revisits his day with Mario Batali and that episodes funny ode to the Godfather film. In Texas Ted Nugent and his opposing views and personality is revisited. Although being total opposites they find common ground in guns and food. The Connecticut episode posing a mystery for Tony and why the rock band Queens of the Stone Age agreed to do the show. In the last segment of the show the special effects improvements and how they are made is discussed.