Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 6 Episode 14

Caribbean Island Hopping

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 05, 2010 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Anthony starts his journey with a brief description of St.Vincent which is made of 32 islands and here he meets guide Chef Norman Van Akin on the island of Petite. The two have breakfast enjoying the scenery and the fusion of traditional western ingredients and authentic Caribbean ones. Next the two take a boat to Happy Island while there Chef Owen O'Neil makes Barracuda Carpaccio and red snapper. The trio with a group of diners discuss fusion cuisine the highs and lows. Mayor of the island Johnny meets Tony and Akin and treats them to an island punch which comically is a Hawaiian Punch with spice on top. Johnny built Happy Island with concrete and conch shells at his own expense. The next day Anthony heads to Union Island to get supplies and meets the boatmen who are paid to bring yacht passengers whatever they want from the mainland. He enjoys local food and drinks from the islands most popular bartender Jeff. That night on the island of Beckway Anthony with guide Clement go Manico hunting. The Manico is a local rodent that the islanders hunt for food. Comically a producer almost vomits after eating a chuck of rodent tail. The next morning at Tante Pearl's restaurant for some more authentic island eating. Later that day Anthony comically recounts how fishing scenes always turn out so bad but to his surprise for the first time in six years of filming a fish is caught. Later that night Anthony heads to Earl's Rum shop to eat the fish Anthony caught. The next day Anthony heads to the main island of the chain St.Vincent and with guide Arosto they explore the jungle. With natural chocolate plants and crayfish hunting they along with a group of local enjoy a bush meal which is basically a jungle cookout. In the final segment of the show Kate Wilson a local dive master takes Anthony scuba diving. They explore the disappearing coral of the islands sea floor and marvel at the natural beauty. That night in Bottom Town despite being told how bad the area is. Tony meets a town of fans who treat him with the utmost hospitality and once again Tony enjoys local food fare this time cow's head soup.