Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 14, 2008 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Anthony starts his journey in Cartagena and with Jorje he enjoys some nuevo Colombian cuisine. Jorje specializes in adding exotic ingredients to traditional Colombian dishes. Next the duo explore the central market Asorto and see the abundance of seafood it has for sell. The market also host restaurants for convenient buying and cooking of food. One of the most popular places being Cecelia's and the two enjoy traditional Columbia dishes. Next Tony heads to the Boca Grande district and it's luxury surroundings. After a quick look at how the rich live Anthony and Jorje head to Terra Bomba. This is an island of mostly African decedents where the inhabitants live off fishing. Next Anthony heads to San Antonio and drives roads once controlled by drug lords and terrorist. While there Anthony dines on pig intestine and ear inspired street food with guide Juan Hose. Next Anthony heads to the infamous city of Medellín. In the former capital of drugs in Columbia he meets with business woman Camilla and the two discuss how far the city has come since the drug infested nineties. It's revealed that the efforts of Mayor Alonso Salazar Jaramillo and his emphasis on education and ending poverty that's brought the cities turnabout. Anthony and Camilla now joined by her husband head to a much loved out door restaurant Qué yo tienen que hacer para hacerle caída en amor conmigo. The name of the restaurant mean what do I have to do to make you fall in love with me. Next Anthony meets with Andreas and on the way to dine the two marvel at the custom city bus design's. The two enjoy a traditional breakfast of beans, rice, bread, cheese, and a meat. Tony marvels at the size of the portions being so large. Next Tony enjoys an equally large lunch with friend Paquito. With his lunch guest the touchy subject of Pablo Escobar is brought up. The murderous past of the city and the question of whether Escobar was good or bad for the city and how far the city has come is debated. In the final segment Anthony heads to Santo Domingo once the most dangerous ghetto in Medellín. The neighborhood rebounding back with it's own cable car system and urban development in the works. While there he enjoys a cook out of Boricio which is rice and blood sausage, tres encocho which is a soup of sorts, and Argenta the Colombian equivalent to moonshine.